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8 Tips for your next Job Interview!

Over 40 applicants applied for a job I posted and these are 8 BIG mistakes people made during the interview plus tips on how to turn them around! It doesn’t matter what job you are applying for, the following tips will help you land it! 1) Do NOT make stuff up! One of the questions […]

Easy Way to Tell if Your Egg is Good or Bad

Before I eat an egg, I always fill up a glass with water and gently place an egg in it. If the egg is really fresh it will sink to the bottom and lay on it’s side – perfect! If the egg sinks to the bottom, but only the tip touches, then it’s still good […]

How to Fix Dead Spots in Lawn

Pictures of the Dead Spots in my Lawn and sod webworms that had me thinking I was not watering long enough. and my solution to a lawn free of brown spots.

Consumers Energy Leaves Squirrel

I heard a loud explosion this morning, power went out and I was pretty sure Consumer’s Energy popped a fuse. This happens often and they simply use a large insulated extendable pole to pop the fuse back in place. I’ve included a picture of the Consumers Energy truck, fuse and dead squirrel that caused the […]

Internet Protocol (VoIP) Right for Your Business?

Thinking about Voice over IP? If so, you should seriously consider talking with Dan Aylward at Abilita (517) 853-8130. A few years back, Dan analyzed my phone service to see if I was missing out on savings; turned out, I was (I have hundreds of phones) and without spending a cent, Dan made the changes; […]