While driving around a bend in the road this morning the passenger side door flew open - needless to say, it was a shocker! We stopped and tried to fix the problem, but the car door won't close or stay shut.

The first thing that came to mind was a child safely lock, but those are only in the back doors, not the front. I thought perhaps the door had froze, but after thawing the car out in the garage I was still left with the same problem.

I then called the dealer and was told that people calls regularly complaining that their car door won't close and that there is a very easy solution.

The Solution

Car Door won't close or stay shut
The solution is: Unlock the door, pull on the door handle and while pulling, move the latch to it's original position; you'll see a hole - simply stick a screwdriver or pen in there and pull forward.

That's it - simple and easy solution to fixing a door that won't shut.