While driving around a bend in the road this morning the passenger side door flew open – needless to say, it was a shocker! We stopped and tried to fix the problem, but the car door won’t close or stay shut.

The first thing that came to mind was a child safely lock, but those are only in the back doors, not the front. I thought perhaps the door had froze, but after thawing the car out in the garage I was still left with the same problem.

I then called the dealer and was told that people calls regularly complaining that their car door won’t close and that there is a very easy solution.

The Solution

Car Door won't close or stay shut
The solution is: Unlock the door, pull on the door handle and while pulling, move the latch to it’s original position; you’ll see a hole – simply stick a screwdriver or pen in there and pull forward.

That’s it – simple and easy solution to fixing a door that won’t shut.

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  1. Jim says:

    That is great news Donna, glad it helped you! As for why the door sticks like this – I have no idea.

  2. Donna Wyse says:

    After hours, several calls, people helping, googling and booking into dealership tmrw , I did not give in and found your video. Weirdly it was my 2 doors on left side of my 2015 Yukon Denali that would not latch and running board would not come out so thought was a wiring issue??? Anyhow, your instructions did the trick so thanks very much.

    Why does it even happen in the first place so randomly??

  3. yejide uthman says:

    Hi..thank you so much my car door wouldn’t shut tonight and I had been at it for close to 30 mins already getting frustrated I resorted to Google and your post came up and it worked. thank you so much God bless you greatly.
    Lots of love from nigeria

  4. dave mackay says:

    Thanks a thousand times .Using your method I was able to get the door lock move to the correct position to close the driver’s door . Before I started working on the driver’s door I took a close look at the position of the lock on the passenger’s door known to be working correctly.
    I felt so good with that problem off my shoulders I went out and cut the lawn October 12 , 2017.

  5. Verdean says:

    December 15 2016 , 2:pm
    I have this problem every winter with the drivers door on my 06 Ford Taurus not closing when its very cold, but usually when the car warms up it works, well yesterday it didn’t and today either and I let the car warm up 10 minutes. I came in house and looked on internet and saw your site, it looked simple that, so I thought I would give it a try and it worked. Opened the door couple more times and it worked, so I will keep a screw driver in my car, cheaper than going to auto repair shop. Thank you so much for this easy solution.

  6. Funky Swadling says:

    Yes, this worked perfectly on a frozen-open 1991 Toyota MR’s power locks in subzero temperatures.

    100% correct solution, well explained.

    I had not thought to hold the door handle open while fiddling with the latch. Doing so instantly fixed the problem as you described.

    Thank you very very much!

  7. Isabella says:

    Thank you million times.. was stuck on a shopping centre with a 10 month old because I did something with the child lock. Called road side assistance and they said it will take 70 mins.. I tried this and it worked! You are amazing!

  8. Lani says:

    Omg, thank you so much, just happened this morning, I was about to drop off my kids to school and my toyota sienna passenger door won’t close. Luckily my friend’s house is just close by so we have to walk so fast to her house so my kids can ve drop off with her kids too. As soon as I got back home I tried to close the doors again but still not closing. I was about to call my insurance to send somebody to fix my doors but I was not sure. So I searched on the internet and that is when i got to read your solution. I tried to do it vouple of times before it work. Thank you so much, it saves.me some headache.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you so much, instead of my hubby breaking the vehicle I jumped on the internet and found this information and it worked like a charm.

  10. Bobbie Clarke says:

    OMG I think you are a lifesaver I had a budget rental car and both back doors or to where they couldn’t shut I looked you up around you and Falls comments did what you said the first time and both doors are unlocked amen and praise the Lord to you LOL

  11. Deborah says:

    Thank you. My driver side rear sliding door on 2001 Ford Windstar was shutting but would pop open when you shut the driver door, went over a bump, etc. It just came open enough to make the dash light come on and sometimes the interior light. I tried to flip the latch in case it was what was not letting it close but got it stuck then door would almost close then reopen all the way again . I thought I was going to have to drive it to the dealer with the door open. Now I can just go and get the original problem fixed. Don’t know what started it. There are some marks around the latch hole where it might not be lining up right, but I can’t figure out what would have caused it to do that. Thank you. Now I can drive to the dealer with only the mirror open door flasher going, maybe the interior light and not the entire door open.

  12. S. Banks says:

    Well you are the only one on the internet or in physical person that knew the solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I drove in a place that works on cars!!??? Both my Tahoe DRIVER AND PASSENGER doors would not shut *&^% This was my nightmare, a 60 year old lady with a bad right hand:

    • I come out of grocery store in 105 degree heat wave with refrigerator needed items!!
    • I unlock the passenger and driver doors separately and they both do the lock up latch retarded thing???
    • I get a screwdriver out of the back tool kit and try for 1 hour to release I am like what is going on??
    • It is 8:00 pm in the evening everything car repair is closed.
    • It is almost the JULY 4TH HOLIDAY NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR the problem&**^^%%
    • I have to get home with the melting groceries
    • I have to drive over a long span bridge with two doors barely shut with bungee cords holding the heavy Tahoe doors to shut position
    • I have my flashers on all the way home with two car doors open slightly drivers are like WTH? Looking at me
    • I get home and almost have a heat stroke still trying to fix the blasted things.
    • I am planning to make appointment at the car dealership in the morning and I then tell myself this can’t be that hard ??????
    • I am a fix it female 60 year old by myself I have to do things…
    • I go to the computer 3 times and finally describe the right search words and you are the KIng Of My Dayyyyy!! James Mauer
    • YOU ARE MY HERO AND THE SMARTEST MAN ALIVE Thank you it worked and you saved me at least $500!!

    I locked in your web site for the future auto nightmares You are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Khan says:

    Yoo thanks man you are superb I was worried that how I will drive like that open door but I got solution from you awesome man

  14. Adam says:

    Thanks, my sibling came home from and the fusions driver door wouldn’t close. Saved a headache and helped me learn something new, thanks.

  15. Myranda says:

    Alright having an issue. I’m looking at this on a 2012 Ford Focus. The striker is in an open position and I’m having trouble locating the whole to push with a pen. Update: found it… Thank you!

  16. Riaz BK says:

    Thanks for sharing easy method.. 4 a.m early morning i faced this problem… More than one hour struggled to close the door.. Atlast googled n found your help..!!

  17. Netrista says:

    Thank God for this blog post!!! This was a sanity saver. I went through a drive through to get my early morning coffee. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. I then pulled back in the driveway only to find the door wouldn’t shut. OMG. Knowing my husband, he’d accuse me of doing all sorts of radically horrible things to the car. I’d also have to wake him up, and he’d probably hit the car with a hammer or kick it, and then there’d still likely be a several hundred dollar repair. So, I hunted around, found your post and saved the day myself. Thanks!

  18. Cindy says:

    So I had this problem on the driver’s door….went to the passenger door to see what was out of place and guess what….I messed the passenger door up, too!! Thank goodness I found this site, was able to fix both doors!! Thank you for sharing this information!!!

  19. Raymond Davis says:

    Thank you for the helpful advice. Tried exactly what you said to do and fixed both my doors on my van immediately.
    also thoroughly lubricated the lock areas with wd-40 and worked the latches back and forth several times and have been good to go ever since.

  20. Salimost says:

    You Saved me for the harsh night!!!
    I came home from a safari with my Opel Vita 3D, after unpacking some bags the back door didn’t lock.
    Asante sana 4 the post, it really worked and saved me.

  21. Amber says:

    My mother and I were trying to fix the door for half an hour then I looked this up and worked like a charm!!!! Thanks so much!!!

  22. Billabo says:

    Wow… I sat outside my office for 20 minutes after 2 am warming up my car before I searched and found this article. Then I waited another 15 or so before I realized I DID have a pen on me. >.<

    I opened the door, stuck it in the latch and tried to move it. It didn't seem to give, but when I tried to close the door again, it worked! Thank you!

  23. Empress says:

    Wow this is great information I was driving and all of a sudden my door jammed and my car wouldn’t turn off after I took the key out because of the sensor so I was almost lost and was about to cry and I searched and you saved my life I even went to a repair shop they couldn’t help me

  24. Ange says:

    Thank-you! Was stuck home all day after I drove home last night holding the door shut – while driving a standard at that! Was dreading taking it to a garage and was able to fix it in 15 seconds with your help.

  25. Holley says:

    What!!!! I drive for my job, have been driving all day holding the door shut (even on freeway). Why didn’t I look this up about 9 hours ago..
    Thanks so much for the post..

  26. Matthew and Brittney Bower says:

    Omg Im just looking at all the replies and ty’s this has gotten. +1 Thank you so much!

  27. Teo says:

    Just some extra bit that might work in case what’s described here doesn’t: for me it didn’t work because that main latch wasn’t stuck, it was some other latch which was more inside and i didn’t have access (Peugeout 308). Then i went to the gas station and in desperation bought a lock unfreezer & lubricant.. I didn’t know exactly how these work but apparently they’re pretty optimized, they have a small thingie which simulates a key and you can stick it into the keyhole and this will release that spray inside.. Then what i did stuck it into the latch, so really on the side of the door (although it probably wasn’t meant for that, so somehow blindly) and squeezed in there too. Then it simply worked. Good luck!

  28. Molly says:

    Thank you so much for this post! We had an ice storm last night and I was defrosting my car so I’d be good to go for work in am. Imagine my supririse to not be able to shut drivers side door! You saved me and hundreds of people with this post! Thanks so much!!

  29. MK says:

    Awesome! Simple, clear direction. Icy, snowy, cold in mid-MI over night. Opened the driver side door – no close! All good now after reading/following your guidance – thanks!

  30. andi says:

    I have not been harmed by this issue – but was totally amazed. I was watching ‘ 3 on your side ‘ with Gary Harper and saw this story …I could not believe that Ford would not jump at the chance of fixing a door rather than worry about a lawsuit from a horrible injury or death. verify your vehicles are not covered under recall
    Here is a new article on door lawsuit: azfamily.com/story/29244126/ford-closes-door-on-casa-grande-woman

  31. Happy in Damascus says:

    Yes, “thank you”! Caught in the rain today trying to figure out what-the-snip-snap happened that the back seat door would not close. What?! Saw you post, tried it without using pen or screwdriver and it worked! My birthday is looking better today! Happy holidays and many blessings to you.

  32. vincent caputo says:

    my door will not close. My handle on the outside is broken. I read about lifting the handle up and putting a screw driver in the hole. I did that. It did’t work. When I put the screw driver in the hole there was nothing to loosen the lock. Is there any thing else I could do. I would to just close my door. and find out what is wrong. Thank you

  33. jessica says:

    I have no idea how everyone is having such luck, I cannot get it to work…or figure out what the heck you’re talking about! I have a 2002 cavalier and I do not see a hole when the latch is in the original position…and I can’t “pull forward” on anything…there’s nothing to pull forward on. but i’m having the same problem, the door flies open when I drive and it won’t stay shut! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?!? PLEASEEEEE HELP ME.

  34. Donnie / Wisconsin says:

    your advice was right on and the perfect solution to my problem Thank you Be sure and mention that the door lock itself must be in the unlock position before the actual door latch itself will be able to be moved or put back in its proper position to except the door pin and latch when closing the door. Thanks again 11/20/15

  35. Donnie says:

    your solution worked grate but be sure and mention that the door lock itself must be in the unlocked position before anything can be done with releasing the latch itself. Thanx greatly for the advice…

  36. Alicia says:

    Did not work for me…I have a ’98 Ford Windstar, the latch is in its proper position, but it still will not stay shut…

  37. CAROLINA says:

    Wow! Amazing! Thank you, Mr. Maurer! I have never seen such an odd and irritating thing with car-door latch. I called for help; no one was able to assist me. I don’t know what came over me, but I decided to Google this aggravation-situation. For time, I found a post that was not clear to me. Did another search and found your post! It was super clear! I’m so glad for your post. I know had I taken my vehicle into repair shop, I would have gotten totally ripped off and given a line of bull and a $300 bill! You’re fantastic, James Maurer! I followed your directions, and voila! Worked like magic!

  38. Venkata says:

    Thanks so much for your suggestion. After struggling for about 15 min. your suggestion worked like a charm. God bless you. :)

  39. Marie says:

    After trying for a good half hour finially decided to look it up and see why I couldn’t fix it, I had forgotten the most important part, holding the door open, yea it was a blond moment, but anyway blessings to you and a sincere thank you

  40. DS says:

    Thank you, this was amazing advice worked in less than 5 minutes! and sorted …Open the door handle and worked like a charm.

  41. Daniela says:

    Thank you so much! I was on the road and this had happened and we couldn’t find any solution, holding the door on the way but this worked , such an easy solution

  42. Steven says:

    Hi there… Just a quick note to say thank you VERY much! Took less than 10 seconds, Much appreciated!

  43. selina says:

    Ahhhh This just worked for me too. In a few secs what a relief thanks soo mucha lolzz..I have a chevy trailblazer and I am glad I found this page.

  44. Jim says:

    It’s a great day when you can prove to your child your not as old as they think you are :)

    Glad it worked for you!

  45. Jay says:

    My son and four friends tried for an hour today to fix this. Took me just seconds with this help. Thank you!

  46. Srinivas says:

    Thanks dude! Driver door mechanism got stuck the day before my vacation! Was worried would have to leave the door open in my building parking or at the mechanics. Saved me trip to the mechanics and can now go on a worry free vacation! Thanks again!

  47. Matt says:

    You’re a savior. What a simple fix to a very complicated problem. Checked the web on the way to the dealer while holding the door. Stopped on the side for 30 sec and problem solved. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  48. Andrew says:

    Thanks a heap, this did the trick. Can’t believe how easy the fix was. Saved me a lot of frustration!

  49. Skunk says:

    Thank You so much dude! It raining outside im i was anticiping alot of water in my door. Thx again!

  50. Raquel Pecero says:

    WOW:) you are AMAZING, THANK YOU SO MUCH IT IS SO FUNNY THAT THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE WITH THIS PROBLEM; ) WHEN I READ YOU’RE POST AND Tried it I LAUGHED. I thought it was so funny on how easy it was to fix. If it wasn’t for you, I would had been holding the door shut as I drove down the interstate to my car dealership :) you are AWESOME I can’t say THANK YOU ENOUGH…….GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

  51. abu says:

    thank you so much its -10 here in buffalo and was trying all sort of things but you showed me thanks very much

  52. james m says:

    Does not appear to work on my Corsa Club. I have two issues same tie, same day.

    Car will not start. Suspect flat battery and the passenger door at the back would not close with central locking so thought I would try child lock but I I ended up pulling the lever down rather than the child lock (thinking this was the mechanism but read manual afterwards and this was not the case) and now it is locked. Tried what you suggested to no avail. The latch is locked and will not budge. It’s 3am on Friday. The rain is going to come down hard in the next few minutes. My day just could not get any better! The only good news is that it happened on my street so I am legally parked otherwise I would end up getting a ticket as well. The bad news is even if I get the car to start, I have no idea how I am going to drive this car to get it repaired. What an absolutely stupid design. Put me of the Corsa club forever.

  53. Sherri says:

    Thank you so much!!!! I did exactly what you said and it worked! I was wondering how I was going to hold my driver door closed and drive at the same time. You were a life saver!

  54. Marva says:

    AWESOME! Held the door all the way to work, good thing I’m only 5 minutes away. Googled after I got here, God is good & I went right to this sight. And wahlaaaa. Thank you!!!

  55. bianca says:


  56. AmyC says:

    Echoing other commenters here: Thank you! This quick tip solved the problem this morning and got my husband on the road. Super happy to have quickly found your post when searching, it was great.

  57. Anthony says:

    My friend is having a similar problem, except that the latch is in the correct position. The wire from the handle to the latch is still there. Can shut the door, but it simply won’t hang on. Opened the passenger door, and now that one is doing the same thing. Decided it was best to not mess with the rear doors.. I was able to rig the passenger door closed using the seat belt. Only thing I could tell him was to take it to a shop.

  58. Nikki says:

    Such a life savor!!!! Thank you for posting this! I thought I was messing with the child lock and it wasn’t. Was going to have to waste time and money having my car towed to the shop.

  59. Tom says:

    I locked my keys in my car, after road side assistance left I realized my door wouldn’t close! After messing with this in freezing temperatures I did a Google search…fast forward a few minutes and I’m in the house drinking a glass of wine and my Door is shut

  60. Carlos Zavala says:

    Thanks so much!!! I swear I been riding in the cold for hours holding the drivers door everywhere and not being able to shut it

  61. Pete says:

    THANK YOU!! You are a godsend. Borrowed my sister’s old 2007 Venture to move, and the rear door wouldn’t close. Thank the Lord the door is heavy enough to keep “closed” down while driving on the freeway. It’s freezing out. Thought it might be a mechanical or electrical lock failure. Tried pushing and pulling the latch with keys and screwdrivers, but almost broke it by “manhandling” it. Decided to web search the issue, clicked on here as my first random link, fixed the issue in 10 seconds, did a backflip, didn’t cost me a red cent, and saved me a potential argument with big sis. Such a great blessing & Christmas help that I just had to scroll down this bazillion long thread to be the next to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I now live in the van for the next month or so, but you truly made my week. God bless & happy holidays to all!

  62. Jennie says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. You saved me headache, potential hazard, and a trip to the mechanic, at least for the time being. You were so kind to take the time to share, and the photo was super helpful. Thank you!

  63. Noodle81 says:

    Thank you so much! Went to Panera Bread this morning and before I went to the restaurant I stupidly decided to deactivate the child lock. Tired of complaints from friends. Don’t have kids but somehow the childs lock is on. I don’t know what I did but the latch got suck. Had to drive back home holding the passenger door handle. Texted my sis to ask her bf to come to my house to fix it but she got smart with me so I decided to google how to fix it. Watched to 2 Youtudes and didn’t work. Then I found your site and it worked it. Thanks so much. You saved me a trip to the mechanic and money! You rock!

  64. Angela says:

    Thanks so much! I’ve been up for 18 hours, through a full busy day at work, two optometrist appointments for the kids, cold rainy day, went the wrong way on the highway and then just as we picked up my daughter’s friend for a sleepover the rear passenger door wouldn’t shut. Then while trying to figure it out the front passenger door became jammed. Then on top of it my flashlight broke so I couldn’t even see the stupid door in the dark! :O My daughter’s friend’s father ended up riding in the back holding both passenger doors shut so I could get it in my dry garage and then I sprayed the heck out of it with WD-40 and googled the problem. It worked and didn’t even need the screwdriver – both doors are good now. Whew – now the girls are playing happily and I can finally relax!

  65. Stephanie says:

    THANK YOU!! Was beyond frustrated at being unable to close the car doors. If not for your article we would have called AAA and waited in the cold.

  66. Kathryn Kutschenreuter says:

    Thank you!!!! You saved the day! Winters in Wisconsin suck! My door was frozen open, de icer wasn’t fixing anything, found this helpful hint, took a screwdriver from the office, door closes shut. PHEW!!!!!

  67. Alan says:

    A dark Friday November evening in Lyme Regis car door will not close and latch will not budge. Three and five year old grandchildren getting restless. Telephone the AA but line engaged. Telephone the AA again – still engaged. And again … assuming the door problem could be fixed and not sure if it would be classified as an emergency. Still engaged. So tried ‘googling’ and find this solution which worked. What a relief – wonderful – thank you for posting this advice.

  68. Terster says:

    If you have a door that does this frequently but ONLY when the temps fall below 20’ish, is there a recommended solution to degrease the latch and then lubricate it up again?

    I use WD40 but its not reliable when the temps fall below 20.

    The door hing is good. The pin is good. The door is not loose. There is nothing wrong with the door, just the latch when very cold.

    I don’t see a need to replace the latch because again, when the temps are over 20, there’s no problem. That leads me to think, this is some kind of lubrication issue. That or water is getting in somewhere and freezing things up.

    Any advise would be welcome. Thanks!

  69. Janey says:

    For the umpteenth time over the four years of ownership, this morning my Kia drivers door unlocked (great), opened (always good) and then….wouldn’t close (ARHHHH). Only ever happens in cold and freezing weather. I’m left with the car door flapping in the breeze. The only thing that makes if start closing again is if I get my hair drier on the extension lead from the garage and stand on my drive like a twonk, blow drying up the orifice in my car door!!!!! This seems to ‘un-freeze’ it and I can proceed to work. In desperation I typed that my car door wont close and found your helpful hint. NOW, I’m armed with a screwdriver in the car door and will try this the next time it freezes.
    WATCH THIS SPACE…….I’ll report back.

    Didn’t work. I’m depressed now :o(
    The latch was as free as a bird, not stuck at all and door still wouldn’t latch shut. After a blast from my hairdryer, it shut fine.
    Any suggestions anyone? I’m off to buy a hairdryer that plugs into the cigarette lighter!!!!!

  70. Gaz says:

    Absolute ledgend!!!
    Problem solved after following this guide.

    Got to say a massive ‘thank you’..
    We was left stranded in the car park, in the rain.
    Had to ring the break down service.

    Whilst they were on their way, I looked the problem up on google and it brought me to this page.

    Followed the guide and it worked.

    Definitely dead grateful for you posting this. Saved my bacon big time!!

  71. Khristi says:

    Thank you so much! It’s cold and dark and I was so relieved to find this and resolve the problem so quickly!

  72. Heather says:

    It happened to me on my 97 honda accord when I shut the door. And it bounced back on me. I said you’ve got to be kidding me. I googled it and this was the first solution to pop up. Thank you sooooo much!!’ This was a life-saver! Espec. when i had the kids in the car and being a single mom. Saved me a pretty penny I’m sure.

  73. Ashley Green Richerson says:

    mine looks different, 2011 Fiesta. Tried all kinds of push/pull door handle screw driver latch combos and still won’t latch shut

  74. Dee b says:

    Beside the easy solution above, if you are having this problem and your car is under warranty, demand they replace the door latch! We had this problem several times, fixed it, and now ( a month after the warranty ran out) it is completely broken. They said $300 – $400 bucks for just the PARTS! Are you kidding me!

  75. Ebony says:

    I just encountered this problem with my ford focus. Thought i was putting the child safety lock on, i ended up pushing in something else that made my car door not close and swing back open. I called roadside assistance and they couldn’t get a hold of the service department. Well, needless to say, it started thundering and then the rain came. I went in the house (good thing i hadn’t left my house when this happened) and googled the problem and James Maurer popped up. I was able to get out in the drizzle and fix my car. Thank you so much for posting this on line. It truly is a life saver!

  76. Claudia says:

    Thank you!! I googled this problem which occurred to me yesterday hoping but not sure I would find the solution.. And voila just like you said :) Thank you!!!!! Saved me money (tow) and time!!

  77. Kristen says:

    YOU.ARE.AN.ANGEL! After working 55hours this week, i got in my truck to go home and then this happened! After 30minutes i asked a coworker to help me and he ended up jamming the other door and couldn’t figure out how to fix it. A quick Google search and i came across this, THANKS, all the way from Texas!

  78. James Briggs says:

    Your information on doors that wont shut is great, and thank you, but what do you suggest if the hasp that holds the door shut is jammed and you cant get it free with a screw driver

  79. Jason says:

    You are the bomb. It’s pouring outside and my rear passenger door latch messed up. I stand out in the rain for five minutes and was resigned to having to leave my car door open in the rain all night. A quick google later and I stumble across your site. Thanks to you my door is closed and I’m warm and cozy inside. Big thanks from Wilmington, NC.

  80. yasin ramazan says:

    Thank you very much! This tip saved at least a day of mine. Also a great deal of money for mechanics to check things out.

  81. Julie says:

    When I got out of my car today my car door would not shut. So I went to check my other door and that did the same so both doors would not shut. I had to tie the doors using a dogs lead to get back home. When I got back I checked the locks but still would not do anything till I found your tip. Just like to say thank you it worked :;)

  82. mangulaks says:

    Thank you!!! a gazillion times…on my way out to an emergency dental fix up for my child, door latch on rented yukon got stuck…child in pain..wasted 20 mins..then googled and found this fantastic link with awesome 5 sec solution…works like a charm…God bless you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  83. Sheila says:

    I was dreading the 2 hours I’d spend at the dealer in the morning when I Googled upon your site. You are AMAZING and I am a doofus! (lol) I kept opening and closing the door in disbelief! Thank you for saving me sleep, time and probably money!

  84. Nancy says:

    THANK YOU! The dog tripped the latch with her leash while getting out of the truck. I was dropping her off at the kennel so I could go out of town. I was totally frustrated that I could not get it to pop back into place. Drove home with an unlatched door to check computer. So glad I found your how-to-fix! It saved the day!

  85. Sylvia Lamas says:

    After my husband spent an hour in the dark trying to get door closed using various tools and removing part of the door panel we had to “tie down” door for the night.
    I then spent a couple of minutes ” Googling” and came across your page. Two minutes later, door closed! Thanks.

  86. Kahalia says:

    I have no idea who you are and have no familiarity with your blog. But you popped up when I googled that my car door won’t shut. James Maurer, you saved me so much frustration right now! I was having a bear of a day and this was gonna be the straw, but tragedy averted. Pat yourself on the back,sir.

  87. Nancy says:

    OMG!!!! Thank you so much. I spent at least an hour trying to figure this out. My grandson flipped the latch on my mothers car. I thought for sure it would have to go to the dealer. It was so quick to fix once I read this. You should charge $. But so glad that you don’t. THANK YOU!!!!!

  88. Allan says:

    My girlfriends car died on her last night so she took my car to work while took her alternator to be tested and it was fine so then i towed her car to the shop they said the timing belt broke and they wanted 350 but the pistons and valves could have collided and caused more damage so its a gamble that just changing the belt will make the car run so i had to call the tow truck back and get it towed back home. When we got home she opened the passenger door and went to shut it but it flew back at her. She thought it was the seat belt in the way but no. I looked and noticed the latch was stuck down i said u got to be kidding me today can’t get any worse so i went to look at the driver side then I locked that latch up when I was moving it around trying to see how it works. I said this is horse trash. I have to go to San Francisco in the morning for a dr appointment I can’t take this on the freeway and now she can’t even take this to work. I thought I would have to take off the door panel but I wanted to check my options so I googled and came across your article and sure enough your solution works. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  89. Gina says:

    Had this issue last night…found this solution with my daughter and it worked great! You are a lifesaver. Thanks!!

  90. Pete says:

    Thanks for posting this solution – really calmed my panicing wife who thought she was stuck with two front doors that wouldn’t close on her Ford Fiesta – ‘the power of the internet’ – when used by helpful people like yourself -Thanks again.

  91. Peggy says says:

    Worked well for me! Quick and easy fix saved the day and money too! I bet the dealer would have charged big bucks for this! Thank you so very much!

  92. Shawn says:

    I was messing with my van door trying to get it closed. It was very frustrating and I was about to give up and drive to a mechanic and thought I would Google this very issue and your page popped up and I thought this is to easy a fix to actually work. So I went out and gave it a shot. Wouldnt you know it worked! You saved my day in more ways than one. Thank you for taking the time to post this. A true life saver. Once again thanks a lot.

  93. Chris says:

    car door got jammed ( again ) remembered someone told us abt a simple fix but couldn’t remember what it was!
    went online, found your site and followed your instructions door shut.
    Thank you for being out there online!

  94. Jose says:

    Just saved me!!! Had to be somewhere, my son triggered the lock and door wouldn’t close! Googled, you’re advice worked a charm. All I had to do was lift the door handle and click! Fixed!

  95. Tracy Evans says:

    Thank You!!
    Had this this morning and was pretty shook up.. thankfully i didn’t have my 18month old in the car!!!

  96. Jeannie says:

    Thank you James. I was wondering how to maneuver the wheel and hold the door at the same time while driving to work. I had also taken the car to the dealership who applied lubricant. Unfortunately, this was not much of a help. Frantically I decided to google on the Internet and came across several sites. The other sites mentioned applying lubricant, replacing the latch. Nothing works. I then came across your site. Great advice James! Thank you for sharing with us! Much appreciated. Happy New Year!

  97. ilhaam says:

    THANK YOU! from ice cold norway – this door problem almost ruined our vacation and my husbands grandmother would have waited for us in vain – God bless and 1000 thank you`s!

  98. katie says:

    Thank you so much. I just got home from a daytrip to my hometown and go to grab my little dog and shut the door and it won’t shut, I was l in a panic because I don’t know a lot where I live and it is 10 pm on Sunday.look it up on goodle and save my butt.thank.

  99. Kyle says:

    Hi! I just tried that trick and it still didn’t work for me. Maybe I didn’t do it right. Both my driver side door and front passenger side door were frozen shut then I finally got them open forcefully. Then after that I tried closing the doors but they will not close. The latch won’t catch. What could I do?

  100. Cindy says:

    Thanks soo much from melbourne australia – my son was playing with two doors and I couldn’t shut them.. was worried I would have to catch the bus until we fixed them… all sorted in 20mins…

  101. Siera says:

    I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and today it’s -10C and this Website littlery just save my butt! Thanks!!

  102. Shiraz ally says:

    Ur web really helped as my kids were over joyed to go and see the military show they were already seated in the car and now we couldnt close the door wasted 20 odd mints we were about to cancell d programe but ur web pg sorted it in seconds.kids and mum really says thnx to you… Thnx a lot may almighty creator creates more ppl like you to sort ppls problems and may he help u in both worlds…..many many thnx….

  103. Meg says:

    Oh my god thank YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m on vacation with my family and this happened and everybody panicked. But after a simple google search, this helped me fix the problem in seconds. Now they all think I’m some genius. Hahaha thanks!

  104. Vivian says:

    Glad I’d found this! Thanks to you for the information! I got it in 10 sec. Quick, easy! Thanks!
    Don’t need to rearrange schedule to take car in!

  105. Karen Sugden says:

    omg omg omg omg. this happened to me last night as I was leaving work. I had to drive home holding onto the door….which isn’t easy going around bends. lucky i only live 2k from work….. I googled this when I got home….and was still worried that I would have to go to a mechanic…. I gave it a go….. and voila! I fixed it THANKS TO YOU….. I will make sure from now on that i carry a screw driver with me in the car…..
    Thank you sooooooooo much….you are such a lifesaver….AND you have saved me a trip to the mechanics…..

  106. Dee says:

    I am soooooo grateful for this website! I had to sit with my car for over two hours and wait for my boyfriend. He looked at this website and ten seconds later, it was fixed! Thanks soooooo much.

  107. Lisa Albert says:

    Just wanted to thank u me and my husband have been trying to fix this for 3days and because of your advise fixed in like 20 seconds thanks a million

  108. MARIA says:

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH……………You explained it short and easy and it worked after an hour my father-n-law and brother-n-law couldnt do it, after reading this it took me five minutes, lol so not only did you help me fix his door. but he bought me a pizza to say thanks so again thank you

  109. john t says:

    sweet! took 25 seconds i didnt even put shoes on to go outside.Internet is mostly awesome. thamks for posting!

  110. Renee says:

    You’re the only site that got it right! Tried to fix the lock jam on my own (no avail, worked at it for over an hour) ended up taking a taxi for my niece’s daughter’s Communion – we were 35 minutes late! Did some web search (none of them worked – Frustrated was NOT the word let me tell you). Came to your site and WOW… actually DOUBLE WOW… your advice came through at rocket speed! It took me 30 SECONDS to fix… And hey… Holy Crow… was I LUCKY to find you! You’re a GEM… and thank you very, very much!

  111. Michelle says:

    THANK YOU! My husband was ready to kill me when he saw me struggling to put the latch in original position and then he wasted time with the tool box and breaking a hammer to get it back in place. Nothing worked until I googled “car door won’t close” and came upon this page. I sauntered outside and showed a very sweaty and frustrated hubby how to fix it in a snap and he couldn’t believe it. Now we don’t have to cancel our evening plans!

  112. Charles says:

    Thank you very much. I had the same problem tonight and I spent one hour trying to fix it, but it took me less than a minute when i stumbled on this site.

  113. Gareth says:

    Thanks so much for this – major drama averted this morning (and a trip to the local garage) thanks to the wonder of the Internet!

  114. Jerome says:

    Thanks for posting this simple solution. I was stuck in the rain and couldn’t get this door to close. My daughter had to hold the door while I slowly drove home. Thanks again, you’re a real lifesaver.

  115. tobsoby says:

    I tried that easy fix and it did not work, I am confused and can not find any one else with the same problem. I have tried eveything I can think of and am about to tear open the door and hope I can fix it !! If any one can suggest anything I would appreciate it.
    Thank you kindly

  116. Marie says:

    Thanks! This happened before a couple of years ago and I couldn’t remember how to fix it. It isn’t even in the manual that came with the van. Thankful for the internet today! Love that you can google and troubleshoot just about any problem these days!

  117. B.Ross says:

    Thank you…I was nervous that I was looking a nice garage payment to fix a door that would not close. But I was able to trouble shoot it myself and save some money. Thank You!

  118. Sharon says:

    OMG. Thank you soooo much. My husband just called and said that he couldn’t shut the front passenger door. And this has happened to me before with our other car. But I don’t remember how I fixed it. I just had the computer on and googled it. You really are a life saver. Now, if this happens again, I will know and so will he. =)

  119. Randy says:

    After a cold snowy night in N.J I opened my door to go to work and it would not latch back shut, thought I would have to take door apart until I found your advice I gave it a try and 2 seconds later my door latched shut. I missed the O.T @ work but I saved myself 300.00 in the long run. Thank you so much for the help.

  120. Lydia says:

    Wow! This happened to both doors on my Mom’s van at the same time and THANKS to you I fixed them for her. God Bless You!

  121. brandi says:

    Wow thank you ever so much! I accidentally slammed my seat belt in my door last night and have been worried ever since. Car door lights on dash, door and overhead constantly on, I was worried about my battery draining. I had an appointment to have this fixed tomorrow because my car wouldn’t lock at all. Whew tried this with my fingernails and it’s instantly fixed! A million thanks

  122. Dean says:

    Thanks! I had it happen to BOTH doors and I was going nuts. I had the car running for an hour with the heater blasting, then put WD-40 everywhere I thought might help, then De Icing fluid on the handles, keyholes, and latch mechanism. I had a screwdriver out there and was trying to manipulate that latch every way I could think of, to no avail. After giving up, I happened to click the 2nd link on the google search, which was this one. Heh…. never once did I hold out on the door handle , while I was doing it, though. Boy I feel dumb. Needless to say, after I read this, both doors closed easily.

  123. Jacki says:

    It’s snowing outside and my mother-in-law needed to borrow my car and she quickly came inside telling me my door wouldn’t shut. This has never happened before so after about 20 minutes sitting outside trying to heat up the car thinking it must be frozen or something, I ran inside and googled it and found your solution. Thank-you so much! Without you I’d probably have a blizzard inside my car tonight! <3

  124. kim says:

    Oh,THANK YOU so much!! Thank god for the internet,too! I went to put my cat in the car for vet appointment and door was frozen.Got it open but it wouldn’t close.Went on here and you saved the day!!

  125. sissy says:

    Thanks so much ..my fiance thought he would have to drive to work holding the door..lol..thanks agian worked wonders..

  126. Roger says:

    Can’t thank you enough!
    I was able to help a friend who is on a very tight budget and frustrated with his old car, the door won’t stay shut. Now he can fix this himself when it happens.

  127. Jerry says:

    Thank you so much! My husbad was stuck in a parking lot in the middle of a snow storm and the door wouldnt shut, so I got on line and this is the first site i saw, worked perfect! he thanks you a million times!

  128. Allen says:

    Thank you! My fiance just called me from 30 miles out with this problem about a minute ago; I Googled it and got this page. It worked and saved me a trip and some gas! Thanks again.

  129. Bill says:

    Thank you for your advice..live in williamsburg va….own a 1986 chevy astro van…..door latch was in closed position…read your posting….fixed after a few minutes……god bless you….on limited retirement funds and this really helped out…..thanks again bill

  130. Vanqueen says:

    THANK You sooo much, it helped my hasband and he didnt lose a day off from work to take car to dealership. It worked like a charm, many many thanks..

  131. Willard says:

    Hey really appreciated the tip! I had to drive home from the park with two kids in the back while the misses held the door.
    Came online and found this YES very simple tip, helped me save money time, power and preventing local thieves from getting inside my car, thanks mate.
    My car was a Toyota Vista 1991
    New Zealand

  132. Bec says:

    Just had this problem with my brother’s car. I was like “Screw it, the interwebs will have a hack for this.” He was skeptical. Thanks to this tip, his door is now closed, and I get to strut around for the rest of the day reveling in the glory of being right. Thank you =)

  133. Patsgirl says:

    We were waiting to take the car to the dealer after Christmas, but in the meantime I checked the web and found this site. I can happily report it even worked in Holland! Thank you!

  134. Dave says:

    Thank you! I sat outside for about twenty minutes wondering what to do. Angry and frustrated, I said to myself “the INTERNET will know!”

    It did! Awesome!

  135. johnny says:

    I own the 07 infi G35, i drove the car to work today n it was fine till after work when I open my driver car door n it was ok but I couldn’t lock it after couple try n finally I shut it hard n it close but I couldn’t open it after til now. I have tried many way to open but it useless. Any suggestion?

  136. chris says:

    I have a vivaro van that i use for my water fed pole window cleaning and the sliding door would not shut as the lock had locked. but thanks to your information it now works brilliantly . thanks again for your help.
    Chris (Burty Bees Window Cleaning)

  137. Christie says:

    Thank you for this post. I went out side to my car to go to work in the morning and my door wouldn’t close. So I messed with it for a while, and couldn’t figure it out, so then I looked at my other door and after messing with it that door wouldn’t close either. I thought, ‘Grrr! is this seriously happening right now.’ I felt defeated.. then I came in to browse the web for a solution I came across this post and felt a huge sigh of relief. This post saved my day. Thank you so much. Such an easy solution. Thank you!

  138. Jim says:

    That method works wonders but just curious . what is the reasoning behind the door latch failing. How annoying would it be everytime you got in the car to get your screwdriver and have to mess with the latch. does it stick , is it frozen, need grease, rusted what?

  139. James says:

    This solution worked quickly and easily so now I don’t have to pay a mechanic.
    Thanks to James Maurer and Google!!!

  140. Wilson says:

    I tried everything, I live in Minnesota and thought it was frozen or something….No matter what I tried the latch wouldn’t budge but when you said to hold the door handle while pulling on the latch it worked first try….thanks, you saved me from more frustration!

  141. Shamyra says:

    this site was helpful for me tonight, i couldn’t close my door what so ever and the trick worked now i don’t i have to worry to much about theft tonight lol

  142. carita martinez says:

    man i was gonna go crazy i found this wonderful website and its like magic…thank u now one day i can help anyone one day..THANK U AGAIN…

  143. scr says:

    OMG!!! It worked like a charm! I was just about to go look at new cars when I googled my problem and this solution came up. My car is 1997 Chevy Cavalier and I figured this was a sign to finally give up on the car. My son tried to fix it last night and couldn’t figure it out. I went downstairs right now and followed the directions here and it worked! Thank you very much!!!!

  144. Carrie says:

    Thank you Jesus For two days I drove to work with one hand while holding the door with the other hand. This was so simple and easy!

  145. Jenkins says:

    Just wanted to say thanks a bunch! This saved me this morning from having to hold my door shut on the drive to work. This worked like a charm.

  146. Christina says:

    Thank you so much! I had to ride to work in the backseat pulling the door shut for 20 min! Found this site on the ride in; once in my work parking lot, this took my brother and I about 20 seconds to fix. Thanks again! :)

  147. Gina says:

    Thank YOU!!!! What a relief! I’m so glad i prayed and decided to find something ONE LAST TIME at 12:40am, hours after buying the car. Both doors could not close because it happened to one and i tried to see how it worked in the other and now had 2 doors that didn’t close. Glad i didn’t call on any of my friends to pick me up for work or paid money to get the answer. PHEW!!!!! This single mom thanks you so much! The dealer might have laugh at me! :~(

  148. Tara says:

    Thanks so much. My daughter was at University and this happened. She spent lots of time trying to get the little metal hook flipped, wouldn’t budge.

    The key is “holding the door handle open, while using pen or screwdriver in the hole that is towards the back in the picture, not just trying to flip the metal at the front.

    Thanks again,

  149. Ehsan says:

    hi there everybody and james.
    it didnot work for me. may be my problem is a little different. my neon’s passenger side door handle doesnot go down. one need to push it down every time. if forgotton door willnot close. thats what happened today when i was driving and on a left turn on signal it was wide open. Thanks God no body got hurt.
    any help will be appreciated.

  150. Chris says:

    Thank you thank you! You are helping people all over the world. I too had a curious 4 year old as I was unpacking the groceries! Called my Dad to come over and do it, but while waiting thought I would look on the internet. Needless to say my Dad was impressed when I called him back and said he didn’t have to come! How we all get frustrated when we know it is an easy solution, but can’t figure it out!

  151. Victoria, UK says:

    Thank you so much! Like Heather i’m recently separated and sooo did not want to call my ex but I had no one to ask. It was the Sunday of a holiday weekend, no spare cash to call out a mechanic and I was so worried about how I was going to get it fixed. Thanks again :)

  152. yvonne says:

    1994 Plymouth grand voyger, I tried all that and the door finally closed (thank you), but the light is still on, any advice anyone?

  153. Lex says:

    Thank you! I had no idea it was that simple to fix my door problem. Thank God I read this! YOU are my HERO!!!!

  154. Mary says:

    Thanks for this posting – your tip worked wonders on my Chevy S10 pickup truck! Both door latches were somehow tripped (OK, I tripped the other one when I was trying to figure out how they worked!) and when I took it to a mechanic to see about an easy fix he said he would look at it tomorrow! After a rather comical drive home with the doors (ill-)secured with bungee cords I found your posting and it worked perfectly! Saved me much time, money, frustration and having to leave the truck out overnight with the doors open – Thanks!

  155. MomNukem says:

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. Mine got stuck in this position thanks to a mechanically-curious little boy who wanted to find out what happens when you play with that latch. Anyway, I fooled around with it for about 10 minutes, even pushed it back slightly further, unfortunately. Then I decided to give in to google and it was the first result listed. Thanks again James…was able to have the curious little boy help me fix it in under a minute.

  156. tarrah says:

    I tried your tip and it took less then 5 seconds to fix it!!! You are the ONLY one online that had the right solution!!! Thanks A Million!!!!

  157. Heather says:

    Dear James,
    Thank you so much for.your tip. You totally rule. I am recently separated my husband used to be the handy man to fix everything. He has now gone crazy and I can’t call him for help. When that door would not shut I felt panicked like what am I going to do I wanted.to call my ex, I took a deep breath looked up car door won’t shut and there you were. I felt so freaking empowered when that door shut I laughed. I don’t need no stinkin man. Just the advice of a nice guy named James.
    Thanks so much,

  158. Teri says:

    Hi James:

    I can’t seem to get the door to latch and stay latched. I already do this and I think it’s the part the door latches to. But I don’t know what it’s called. I tried to look it up on car parts places and can’t seem to do any successful searches.

    A friend told me I may be able to find the part at the junk yard. But I’d like a newer one. I have a 1997 Mercury CougarXR7, I am also missing a driver’s door handle. I called Mercury and they quoted me 189.00 just for the plastic handle. I suspect the part the handle was attached to is too rusted out. If I turn that latch or clasp or catch whatever you call it, I have to keep tightening it . It too seems stripped and rusty. I think it’s hitting it and causing the problem because if I don’t do this before I fix it the way you and my son suggested, it takes me almost 15 to 20 minutes every time it won’t shut. It is also happening two to three times a day, what a pain in the neck it is, literally.

    Could you tell me what that part is actually called? I tried typing in catch, latch, clasp but I guess they have another name for that part. I may be better off getting a whole door from a junk yard, if it’s going to be cheaper. I have put a rebuilt transmission in it, a new radiator, a new fuel pump, new control arms and bushings, I repaired the top and bottom ball joints recently, and the brakes. The car only has 112000 miles on it. and I can’t see junking it, what with all the money I plunked into it. I need to get this fixed as soon as possible. If anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

    Thank you in advance!

  159. Emily says:

    sir, you’ve saved my life today! i bought a brand new car and then had this issue, fixed it in no time. thanks!!!

  160. Chrissy says:

    YIPPEEEEE…. I can not believe i found this.. i have been getting very angry trying to push the latch and it wouldn’t move anywhere.. eventually i gave up and then thought I might check the net and then found this! Amazing! So simple and has made me very very happy! haha.. Thanks!!!

  161. emilee says:

    holy smoke, thank you so much!!!!!!!!! i was so worried about not being able to fix it. yet it was that simple! ahh. thank you !

  162. Patti Cole says:

    Allow me to add my thanks for your initial post to all the others here that are singing your praises! I, like so many others, knew that there was a simple fix and that you needed to manipulate the door latch. After spending a hot, frustrating hour trying to get the latch to “release” I found your post and pulling on the door handle WHILE pushing on the latch made all the difference. It’s amazing how much easier things are when you have all the information! Thanks again for saving so many people money, time and headaches!

  163. DONNA J LAWSON says:

    Ohhhh thank you so much, been working on the window regulator forever, finally got it straightened out so the window works, and THEN the door latch sticks closed!!! I swear–your article should be the first one on the list!

  164. Michael says:

    Thank you!!!!!! My car door wouldn’t shut at all last night during a terrible rain storm. I tried this technique and it worked without a hitch. I can hear the rain starting up again, and now I know my seats aren’t getting wet. Thank you!

  165. Cole says:

    ZOMG! James… you, sir, are like… I could compare you to Jesus right now! I was expecting to look up what broke, then how to dismantle my car door, then where to order a replacement, and have to put in all this work to fix my freakin’ door… but, after reading this, I just ran outside, in sub-freezing temperatures, in my underwear of all things, and was back inside my nice warm house in less than 1 minute! So easy! I’d give you a tip for providing the info, but… I see no tipjar on this page… you, sir, are amazing!

  166. Richard G says:

    You are my HERO…. I just drove 30 mins holding the damn door closed just to get home!! sat in my driveway for 30 mins fiddeling with the door thinking how to take it apart. When I googled i came across your site. I was skeptical that it was such and easy fix, well 2 mins later my van door is staying closed!!! THANK YOU!

  167. Cecilia Jaques Powell says:

    Thank you so very much for this help I was going crazy .Ready to take the car to the junkyard for dead. But know the doors open and hay for me.

  168. Nick says:

    Thank you! I was stressing out when it wouldn’t close. For anyone who wasn’t 100% what the instructions meant like I was, you hold the door handle open and push on the metal part you can see in the hole in the picture with a screwdriver towards the outside of the door. It should move when it is working.

  169. Dan says:

    I had this happen to me when I left my car to get an oil change. The mechanic showed me how easy it was. Two years later, it happened again, but I couldn’t remember specifically how to fix it (I kept saying to myself “I know its really easy to fix…”) Thanks for this article!

  170. Door Latch Engineer says:

    I’ve been designing automotive door latch systems for the past 16 years for various OEMs and suppliers. If I had to hazard a guess it sounds like either someone bumped the catch (the hook-like part that wraps around the door striker) cleaning the door, or it it keeps happening, possibly there is a broken spring on the catch that does not keep it in position when the door handle is held open on opening the door. If there is a lot of looseness in the door hinges (the door can move up and down near the latch) this can compound the problem by allowing the striker to hit the catch and push it closed before it actually enters the catch opening. Certainly it is possible dirt or ice can inhibit free movement of the catch and cause this condition as well.

    My advice would be that after you apply James’s suggestion, you close the catch with the screwdriver and open again with the handle (doesn’t matter inside or outside as long as the door is unlocked) several times and make sure the catch fully opens on its own. In some cars you may have to apply a little force to the catch to get it moving, but after initial movement it should fully open. In some cases repeated movement will loosen it up even if it is initially ‘sticky’. If not you can try to apply lubricant. DO NOT USE WD40 as it is a solvent and will remove the grease that the manufacturer put in there that is supposed to last the life of the product. Also it may not be compatible with the bumper materials inside the latch. I would recommend using a lithium based grease of the type used by dealerships to lubricate locks, latches and hinges. If that doesn’t work you should probably replace the latch with a new one.

  171. Ken says:

    Thanks so much. Today I had both driver and passenger side doors lock up on my van and what makes it worse is that we are expecting rain tomorrow! After scouring the web I came across your website and tried the solution you gave. It worked beautifully! Thanks again!

  172. Lisa says:

    Thank you soooooo much, I had my car simonized and the alarm kept saying the door was still open but it wasn’t. Couldn’t lock nor would the lights go out. Than I played with it and could not shut the door at all – your solution fixed both. Figure the oil from the cleaning prevented the door sensor from going off then I made it worse. Your explanation and a cleaning away of some the oil/wax fixed the entire problem. AGAIN, thanks!!!

  173. Una Davison says:

    I tried the solution but I broke the pen inside the hole and closed the door to see if it worked. It shut but now can’t get it to open. It was dark out, will try in the am to open it. I should have used the screwdriver. Any advice before i go to the car repair shop ?


  174. josh says:

    thanks thanks thanks worked in 5 seconds so easy, I know my cars and thought I was going to have to take my (baby) pontiac gto to the shop to look stupid so once again thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. Casey says:

    Thank you!! I woke up this morning to a car door that wouldn’t shut and visions of an exorbitant auto repair bill dancing in my head. You saved the day.

  176. ab says:

    I want to try this but not sure of what the instruction means!
    1. “…pull on the door handle”
    Q. Does it mean – the outside handle?

    2. “while pulling, move the latch to it’s original position”
    How does one move the latch?

    3. “you’ll see a hole – simply stick a screwdriver or pen in there and pull forward”
    How is it possible to pull a hole? Is there a screw inside the hole that needs to be undone, i.e., “pull forward” ?

    Please help!

  177. Crystal says:

    Funny, today I hop in the drivers seat, the daughter hops in the passenger side seat and we try to close the doors and neither will shut! We kept trying to shut it over and over but no luck. I turned the car off, started it again, put it in drive so the doors would try their automatic lock thing but that didn’t work. We were dumbfounded! Finally, manually pushing and pulling on the lock knob (not using the power locks) helped to close the doors half way, I put it in drive again, they locked this time but the Driver Information Centre reads “doors are ajar”. 15 minutes into fiddling around with the locks manually, and opening and closing the doors they finally shut. I didn’t have access to this sight for the quick fix here but will try it for sure if the problem arises again. I wonder if it had anything to do with the -7*F weather or the aftermarket car starter that’s hooked up to the automatic locks on the car… ? Because both doors? really? at the same time? seems extremely weird to me and sounds like some electronic issue…

  178. Terence Freeman says:

    Thank you! My woman called me in distress about her door not being able to close. Me, being Mr Fix-it, checked it out for about 15 minutes but to no avail. So I do what I always do when I can’t figure things out; I Googled it. After reading your article, it took me all of “1 minute” to fix it. My woman thinks I’m a genius! Thanks again!

  179. kc says:

    Omg what a life saver I was for sure this was gonna be an arm n a leg to fix…thanks to Google and u I’m good to go….thanks so much!!!

  180. Shelia says:

    Thanking God right now for google!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you for this info, it worked like a charm!!

  181. Mark Baran says:

    I tried your method and it worked, just as you said. I also want to add that I saturated the latch mechanism with WD40.
    I’m grateful for your advice, because who knows how much a body shop would’ve charged. Thanks again!

    Mark B.

  182. becky guanajuato says:

    Worked!!! Thank you so much. Drove home with one hand holding the door shut and one hand on the wheel. I was in a panic–but the fix was so simple!

  183. Annie says:

    Thank you SO much. I was about to depart on a 700 mile trip when my door wouldn’t close. You’re a lifesaver! God bless you.

  184. Shasha says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE MY HERO. I am in the snowy Smithtown LI New York i’m a high heel sexy Diva who don’t know how to deal with a big GMC truck. except to drive the hell out of it on the highway. So when my door wouldn’t close when i only opened it to put something in the back sit and i had a screaming man block in his driveway running late for his daughters sweet 16. I was freaking out thanks to my buddy girlfriend she held the door closed for 30 mins on the highway for me but she had to go home so then i googled and found you THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH. I fixed it yaaaaaa!!! 4am in the morning.

  185. Christopher says:

    Thank you so much for publishing this clear and easy solution! I’m so relieved that your website came up first. You saved this young man from losing his mind on a frigid winter’s night!

  186. Jim says:

    What an excellent idea for testing the honesty of the mechanic! You could even mark the parts that they might say they replaced to tell if they really did anything!

    Glad it helped!

  187. Benbow Cheesman says:

    I join the others in saying a big “thank you!”. The last time this happened, our “trusty” mechanic sent us to a body shop where they “fixed the problem”. I suspect a kickback to the mechanic and a good laugh at our expense (in both senses of the term.) I may use this in the future to test the honesty of a mechanic: call and describe the problem and see what they say. Again, thank you.

  188. Mary says:

    Thanks for providing this free advice, I just tried this trick and it worked. You saved me a lot of guesswork, thank you!

  189. Jessi says:

    THank you so much for this advice. My husband was just slamming the door over and over trying to get it to close. Finally I decided to come and look on the internet for some advice and I found your advice. I grabbed my screwdriver and pushed him aside and he watched in amazement that I fixed something he couldn’t. LOL!

  190. Veronica says:

    Thank you so much for your advice it worked like a charm! : ) I believe the cold must of played a part in this problem cause ive never had an issue before. I bought my 2008 Ford Focus brand new and this is the 1st problem ive ever had. thanks again.

  191. Rugy says:

    Thank you so much for this solution I seriously didn’t think it would work. It did! After reading umpteen (that’s like a gazillion:D) online help sections this was the one that worked…the pic really helped. Anyhoo, as for the cause, I am 99.9% sure the freezing cold weather made mine stick.

  192. sam says:

    i tried but its still jammed….its like the catch is stuck down can anybody give me any advise…i cant go anywhere as the car door is stuck open!?

  193. Tony says:

    Tried figuring this out for an hour before finding this website. It took about 10 seconds to fix once I found your advice. Thanks so much.

  194. Jaye says:

    Door would not close on my 94 exporer. I found this website and fixed it in the dark with only a mini flashlight and a screwdriver. i feel like Superwoman. I love when I can fix things myself. What a feeling of power.

  195. susan says:

    THANK YOU! I was up at 2:30 a.m. to go shopping on Black Friday and couldn’t leave because my door wouldn’t close. I was seriously upset as I had a whole day of plans and the car repair place wouldn’t even open until 7:00 a.m., not to mention how much it would have cut into my shopping money. The turn signal light flashes to let you know that the door is open so tying the door shut was not an option. I would have had a dead battery. Thank you again, you saved my day!


  196. Dan says:

    Another crisis averted! Instead of having to leave my car doors wide open over the holiday, I can go home and enjoy time with my family worry free! Thanks James Maurer! You saved Thanksgiving!

  197. Bob says:

    This is an old but proven method. It has worked on all sorts of cars that I know of, back to the 50’s. As for the cause, it usually results from a bad temper close. The person is so angry that they swing the door with excessive force. The door hits the strike so hard and so fast that by the time the latch closes the door already bounced away from the car. For some reason this usually happen on the passenger side. I guess they didn’t like the ride. Ha ha ha.

  198. Norma says:

    OMG!! it worked! I thought it wasn’t gonna work on my car but it did. It saved me from unhooking the battery so i could start it in the morning and leave the door open at night. Then in the morning try to fix it a little the take 3 different kids to school and tying the door shut if it didn’t work. Thank You!

  199. Kelly says:

    THANK YOU!! I had to have my daughters hold the door shut to and from school so we wouldnt be late when the door didnt close!! I went on the drivers side and inspected it, kinda moved it around a little and got both doors stuck!! Such a lifesaver!!

  200. brianna says:

    Thats awesome i just spent a good 30min thinking it was def. Broke. And in 30 sec it was fixed! Thanks so much :)

  201. ben says:

    helped me move my latch, but now my latch just wont…latch….don’t know what to do. anyone else having this problem?

  202. Amanda says:

    THANK GOD! I actually hit a gas pump pulling out of a gas station when my door flug open while I was driving! Im going to try this in the morning, FEWF! =)

  203. courtney says:

    thank you so very much. this happened to my gf car and she was just screaming and crying at me and i had know idea how 2 fix it. 2 hours of the screaming and crying i decided to look on the internet thank u so much

  204. Jim says:

    You are welcome! and I’m glad it’s helped saved you from going into the shop – pass along the love…

  205. Nita says:

    Thank you very much!!!!!!
    I am so glad that I found this tips…..!!!!
    The dealer want me to bring the car in.
    Luckily I found this info… and Wolla….!
    Safe alot of money!

    Thank you!!!!

  206. Marc says:

    I need to try this, I have an 84 300zx Turbo and it has a voice warning system that tells you when the door is open and the engine is running(and when your fuel is low or headlights are on), and every time I go over a bump, the door moves and sets off the warning…over EVERY bump.

  207. debbie says:

    i have my fiance outside trying this right now!!!!!! oh i hope i get the same results as everyone else!!!

  208. sarah patterson says:

    oh my good god! thank goodness for your website, spent ages trying to fix it,,, then decided we would have to scrap our transit van (as it was old anyway but still very reliable ) and for some strange and very bizarre reason both doors jammed at the same time! as a last resort i tapped in car door not closing and there was your picture and explanation ! so, thank you sooooo much, and now to be really cheeky, ,,, any idea what the heck caused it ???? thanks , a very grateful Sarah x

  209. Debbie says:

    God Bless You! Thought I had broken my door for sure! Quick and easy fix saved the day and made me feel not quite so stupid!

  210. Michael says:

    I also had that problem on a ’77 Sunbird I owned 20 years ago. The guy I sold it to fixed it by lubing the latch mechanism.

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