I recently received a Final Notice letter made to look like it was from Google, a completely misleading document sponsored by the Resorts of Tullymore St Ives Stanwood. Initially, I was not sure where it came from and set out to find a Intelligent Mail barcode decoder and here are my results.

Here is the barcode on the package:

Mail Barcode

Notice there are four types of lines, (A)scender which starts in the middle and ascends to the top, (F)ull line, (T)racker which is a small line in the center and the (D)escender which descends from the middle to the bottom.

Basically, you simply go through each line and write down the code, which create the following barcode letters which you’ll use for the Intelligent Mail Barcode Decoder:
Make sure you use upper case so that when you copy, it copies in upper case.

4 State Barcode

Once you have the barcode letters, you simply plug them into the program and press decode to extrapulate the information. You can download the barcode decoder from the USPS download center (details on intelligent barcode) and here is what the program looks like for windows.

Mail Barcode Decoder

The links go to the United States Postal Service and they have created free Intelligent Mail Barcode Decoder software that you can use to decode OR encode your information.