Willing to donate 5 million dollars

God has a special place for people like this! Yet another scam, this time from an email therezetabata@voila.fr. Once you contact her (scammer), you’ll be asked to pay transfer fees, and it will continue until you realize you have been had! The scam is listed below.

Please, keep in mind this is a letter I received from a scammer looking to con people into thinking they will receive money that I’m sharing with others as a warning.

The con is that you’ll have to pay a transaction fee to get the money, which you’ll never receive!

I do NOT have Five Million to give anyone!

willing-to-donate-five-millionDear friend,

Greeting in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. I am Mrs.Therezeta bata, a widow to late Amadou Bata. I am 52 years old, a new Christian convert, suffering from long time pancreatic cancer.

From all indication, my condition is really deteriorating and it is quite obvious that I won’t live more than six months according to my doctors. This is because the cancer has gotten to a very bad stage.

My late husband was killed during the Cote’d Ivoire civil war, and during the period of our marriage we couldn’t produce any child. My late husband was very wealthy and after his death, I inherited all his business and wealth. The doctors has advised me that I may not live more than six months; so I now decided to divide the part this wealth, to contribute to the development of the less privileged ones around the globe.

I selected you after visiting the Internet and I prayed over it. I am willing to donate 5 million dollars, to help widowed and the less privileged ones in the rural areas. Please I want to note that this fund is lying in a state owned bank.

I honestly pray that this 5 million dollars, when transferred will be used for the said purpose; because I have come to find out that wealth acquisition without Christ is vanity. May the grace of our lord Jesus the love of God and the fellowship of the holy sprite be with you and your family.

I await your urgent reply.

Mrs. Therezeta Bata.

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  1. Jim says:

    I must once again explain that this page is NOT about giving money away but warning people about a scam. I do not have money for you, sorry.

  2. Jim says:


    I can not afford to give anyone money and this page is about warning people, not asking if people want money.


  3. Sandhya Nagpure says:

    Sir I need some money for my education
    I wanna become a best interior designers but fees are so more that I can’t give by financial condition I want to become a gud interior designer and then a business women this Is my acc no
    So plz sir help me for my best carrier and future. When I become a best person I’ll return your all the amount which will you giving me.
    Please please please
    Help me sir I want to graduate n becom a interior designer please sir I don’t want so much money I just want small amount which is 5 lack Indian rupees

    Thanking you

    Sandhya K Nagpure
    Bank name: Bank of India
    Bank account no: —–
    Branch: —–
    IFSC code: —–
    MICR code : —–

  4. M.A.Doreen perera says:

    Institute of Immaculate Mary

    Reg, No, W/cc/7630
    dear sir,

    My name is Doreen Perera and I run a language school for poor students who are unfortunate to sit for Cambridge exams which conduct by the British council. I have been teaching for them since 1998. We are the leasing British council language institute in panadura.

    I and my son run this small institute under a rented building and now wanted a school for them to continue their studies. At the moment I have 500 students who studies in this and more students wants to join my language school and I have no enough space for new students. For 19 years we conduct this class in rented places. Every two years we have to shift the class to different locations. Changing location for my institute is the disadvantage for my students. If I have a proper place to continue my school I can definitely help more and more and my intention is to get 2000 students and teach them. There are so many students who are very talented but poor, and cannot afford. I myself had this experience and suffer a lot because being talented I had no one help to come up in my life. I don’t want it to happen to these students and I want to help them.

    The problem is what we are taking class fees from the students are not enough to invest to buy a bare land. Only we taking from them Rs. 500 ($ 3.703) if you could help me to buy a bare land I could build the school for them I will do the best capacity of a class room 40 students.

    Who know one of my students could be the governor of future in U.S.A. There may be doctors Engineers among my students.

    So please sir let me do this project .I have courage to do so. I only have heart but not enough wealth. If you wish you can inquire from Sri Lanka British council for Institute of Immaculate Mary panadura.

    My home address- —
    Phone —
    Mobil —3
    Fax —
    Email —
    Institute address —

    Hoping that you will help me to build this school and bring up these poor students and make their life brighter.

    Thank you sir anticipating a reply (favorable)

    Yours faithfully
    M.A. Doreen Perera (head of the institute)

  5. Jim says:

    Hello Anoosha,

    I do not have 5 million dollars and if you read this page, you’ll see that I’m warning people about falling for the scam; that scam being a criminal posing as a person with vast resources willing to donate. Once you respond, you’ll be asked to pay shipping fees, or security fees, etc. They will drag it out until you catch on, at which point you’ll be out a ton of money. There is NO DONATION.

    If you are really thinking about killing yourself and your family, then you need to seek medical help. If you were local, I’d pass this on to the proper authorities to help save you from yourself. Life is full of ups and downs, just hang in there! It sounds like you are at the bottom, which means it will only get better, so get outside, walk and most of all, take time to pray each day. Life will get better!

  6. Denver says:

    All iam asking from the all mitghty god is Help I have gotten so down I can’t get up all I need is a helping hand so I can give an help pay it forwerd becaues there is one thing I will never forget is this feeling may god bless all of us with love mercie for all humanity never stop loving good has got to come

  7. nikki says:

    I’m a 32 year old with a 13year old son this pass Friday I had everything stolen from me now I have go struggle to figure out how I’m coming to feed my son and get the things he need I’m so lost I won’t to give up but I can’t because if my son I have no family to help us we all alone I don’t no if they coming to cut my power off or is the rent lady coming to put us out I have nothing if u can help us I will gladly thank u

  8. Anoosha says:

    Hi….I am a 40yr old single mom to 3 children…21yrs, 16yrs and 14yrs….I had an accident 18months ago where I hurt my spine…after undergoing spinal surgery and not being able to go back to work…..i am in the process of losing everything I ever worked for….my kids are suffering the most as I can’t afford to provide for their bare neccessities….I have contemplated killing myselft and the kids so many times but I love them too much to do that…however our situation is so dire….I have gone for so many job interviews with no success….all i need is a lifeline and some financial assistance to keep us afloat…

    I am from South Africa….any sort of financial aid will be greatly appreciated…thank you..

  9. Janey Doe says:

    First of all I’d like to acknowledge your extremely generous act of kindness. To begin to introduce myself I’m a 16 year old girl. My mother, who is also a single mother, is extremely sick and I recently made a donation page for her. If you can please take a look at it we’d really appreciate it. Please take into consideration donating. Whether big or small, anything will be greatly appreciated. Even if not, a simple spread of the word would be greatly appreciated as well.

  10. Joan sawyer says:

    I have a family restaurant for 48 years and I took care of mother for 4 years. it took everything I had. now
    I pray all the time to the holy mother for some kind of help. I don’t ask for a lot. all I want is to pay what
    I woe and to have a little something to live on. I am 78 years.

  11. Jim says:

    Hi Wendy,

    This information was published to let people know about the willing to donate scam and to help them avoid falling into the trap. I have received a lot of touching stories here, but I do not have money to donate to you or anyone else; please read the first part of this page. Be careful out there and do let the sharks trick you into giving them your hard earned money!

  12. Carl Anderson says:

    Hello, my name is Carl. I’m out of work and money. Can you help me? Anything, would do. Been praying, for months now. God, hasn’t answered me yet. There’s always, tomorrow. Please find it, in the kindness, of your heart. To help me. I got bills to pay and mouths, to feed. It would be, a blessing, in disguise. Thanks, for your time, Carl.

  13. Wendy Meadows says:

    Please help my husband with ivf we are trying to have a child we were trying a while but can not fully pay for ivf what we need I pray god will touch your heart and family heart to help us god bless yall my contact is 242364-1249 or 242558-5997 thank you God bless.


    I am a child of 15 year old in Cameroon i cry every day because i wish to come to study in U.S.A. i have a lot of talents i can direct o movie and compose a song i am good in drawing i can draw a person in an hour please i need just $100,000 dollars to Come and study and do all this in AMERICA.

  15. bojana babic says:

    Hello, I’m Bojan Babic from Serbia Kraljevo I was 38 years old … I am a professional hairdresser …. I participated in many competitions in Serbia and abroad ….. I won 8 award in 2002 Wiena the European Championships in Viena. participated inI world Championships in Las Vegas …. Unfortunately, only a recall …. 2010 my city was hit by an earthquake, as many people here still have not recovered from the effects … I need help so I restarted salon my parlor ….. was killed in the earthquake, very little equipment … I managed to save hard for me as I write this, but I find no other solution .. and I strongly back your salon ….. I know I’d invested in short time was paid by the bank … I do not get a loan because our house was damaged, so I do not want to take risks with mortgage ….. dear colleagues thank you for taking the time to read separating my story .. I’d be happy if I get a response. I sincerely hope … that there is a variation to help me now …. now go home with customers and thus earn to survive …. I have a son of 7 years where and provide future hair ….I need the money for the lease of premises and equipment, and can be used equipment. merely to start work. regards from Serbia

  16. Nabukenya Josephine says:

    Praise God dear am so happy for heart you are having but i know God can still repaire your health. God makes the final decision not doctors. Am also believing God for a donation so if you became a blessing to me i will be glad.

  17. ggoopp says:

    In need of financial help. “Give, and it will be given to you”. Please contact me if you can help me.

  18. Nrec LLeshaj says:

    May God extents the days of your living don’t give up. Lord has a purpose for everyones lives. By his stripes we are healed.

  19. anabella A;tejero says:

    To whom it may concern, i am a single mother of three boys who are all married now. i am 42 years old working as a beautician here in Saudi Arabia but unfortunately,i was diagnosed three years ago with SLE. since then i became weak and cant work hard anymore and because of that, my employer reduced my salary that not even enough for my own needs. and that is why my kids did not make it to finish their studies.

    My problem now, my employer wants to terminate me because costumers are no longer happy with my performance. i also wanted to stop working as the doctor advised me to…but how can i leave Saudi with out buying the ticket to go back in the Philippines? and aside from having many debts here, i also need to see rheumatologist in the Philippines and continue medications?

    Please somebody, help me with my medications or even just a job for my two married sons. The only work they can do are waiters, barista, service crew or janitors. no matter if i cant continue my medications what matter me most is to have my kids employed for the sake of their children.

    Thank you and may God bless more those who are willing to help us, Amen…

  20. Christine says:

    I am in very big need. I just got out of the hospital for the 2nd time and the doctors are still trying to find out what’s wrong with my stomach and back. I lost my job due to my recovery taking longer and my 5 year old daughter had to celebrate now her third birthday and see me once again in te hospital.

    It’s so hard. My dad recently lost his job and can’t help me. I’m currently trying to figure out my finances to not lose my home which means my daughter will not have Christmas. Her dad is not in the picture nor does he provide any help to her. I’m so embarrassed to even ask for help because I work for everything, I’m trying to go back to school in the fall but all the money I saved to be able to do so, I had to buy a new car.

    This year had been by far the worse. I had a car stolen from me while at work at Buffalo Wild Wings and had to buy and new one then that one three months later blew up. The car I’m
    Driving now could break down at any point but I had to spend all my savings on that. Then being hospitalized and having nowhere to turn I’m afraid I’m gonna lose it all.

    I wanted to buy a house with that money and as I’m tearing up, all that hard work was for nothing. I wanted to be the mom that did it all for her daughter by herself and I can’t do that. It’s terrible and it really makes me want to shun my self, I don’t want to ask the state for assistance recently I’ve been considering it though, because that means one other battered mother other then myself won’t get approved.

    I’m at my wits end and I do know everyone in the world is having hard times but ever since having to move home because I my sickness and losing all my house down payment, having multiple things stolen from me like my car and EVERYTHING IN IT including a lot of my daughters things, then having one blow up on me, then being sick, I can’t seem to get my self out of this and I’m so scared I’m gonna lose out for my daughter.

    I keep praying and am so involved in Kensington church, I want to go on the mission trip in march to walk the holiest path I live as a Christian and I teach the 4th and 5th grade girls about god every Sunday I’m so upset and embarrassed. If there’s any way you can help, please anything will help. Anything at all. And if anything you can, can you please refer me to someone who can. I really need my daughter to be ok an I’m scared someone’s gonna take her if I don’t get it together. I’m sorry if this is messy I was tearing up.

  21. Jim says:

    Dear JJ,

    This whole page is a warning about a scam by someone claiming to be Mrs.Therezeta bata, a widow to late Amadou Bata.

    What these scammers attempt to do is con you into giving away your personal information, then they will tell you that in order for them to send you the donation, you’ll need to pay a holding fee, delivery fee or transaction fee ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand which you will NEVER get back!

    Don’t be fooled by scams like the example posted above!

  22. Cindy says:

    I help so many people that I have lost so much faith. Gave every cent $160,000,00 dollars to help them get along. Well today I had to hock my little diamonds that was so precious to me. I don’t regret for what I have given. I am no beggar either.

    I have called every bank to just help me with a little cash to get by. I am 55 yrs old and my arms are dead and neck is torn been looking for work what a joke. I have never had a new car. or anything new in my life.

    Do not feel sorry for me. I am only hear for a little while any ways. Just thought I would like a listener. Jesus knows who is good. You are a wonderful person if you are real at what you do. God Bless and Peace be with you. Cindy of Canton.

  23. JJ says:

    I don’t know why people say this is a scam , all I need is 972.00 to pay my electric bill for myself and my 82 yr old mother, I will pay it back or forward however you want it done. I have cancer and my mom has alzheimers. I am a very honest person whose husband left her when he found out I was sick. This is very hard for me because I was used to being the one who helped others but I will not ask for a handout just a loan or to help someone else when I am able. Thank you ,JJ
    They are going to cut our electricity of tomorrow I just thought I would let you know.

  24. Naresh says:

    Hello mam,i am from india.i am fatherless.i am student.plz send 200000 dollars to me.i want to continue my study and want to buy home

  25. Odell w/CfC ministries' says:

    Hopefully your healed by faith our building fund needs to be paid off its about 1 million my email is …
    God bless

  26. Pule says:

    Hy I am delighted to see that people like you are still in our presence. I am just an easy going gemtleman who has the same vision as you of escalating the lives of the poor and making change in their lives. I am in the process of establishing the community development to develop the rural areas.

    I would be glad if you could donate to this NPO to make a dramatic change to the poor.

  27. ssaka dan says:

    hello, praise GOD, I am ssaka dan, an orphan that lost both parents i completed A level but failed to join university though passed am helpless from uganda help me to sponsor me at university for my education.

  28. qamil says:

    Need in the name of God!

    We are a family of 7 members and desperately need help because we are eating bread with tomatoes and when they finish don’t know what we will eat! Also winter is coming soon we have no money to buy woods for heating so we will be freezing! We are from Kosovo and I’m unemployed. I’m 58 olds and I swear in God I’m telling the truth!

    God bless You and Your Family!

    Please write back as soon as possible!

  29. Wendy says:

    Dear Mrs.Therezeta Bata;

    I first would like to thank you and God for giving this world such a kind, caring, and generous person such as yourself. I am very sorry for the sadness and pain you have traveled in life. For you to lose your loved one and then cope with your sickness and yet you still have such a kind heart. You are a miracle for others.

    I would like to introduce myself. My name is Wendy. I live in South Carolina, USA. I have been so blessed with a great family. I have an older brother who is 44, my mother is 64. My brother is the most amazing man I know. He was married for 20 years and has 2 incredibly wonderful children. A son who is 21 and a daughter who is 15 years old. Sixteen years ago he raced motorcycles. (Dirt Bikes). He was in a race and wrecked his motorcycle. He survived the accident but it left my brother a quadriplegic. He is paralyzed from the chest down. His wife’s father has a very successful business and has been able to be sure that his wife can stay home and care for my brother. She gets him in and out of bed daily and he goes to work every day. He NEVER complains. He is so committed to children and family. They are everything to my brother. He has never missed a ball game of my nephews or a gymnastics or cheer-leading event for my niece. He is a NUMBER ONE father of the year.

    His wife was great until about 2 years ago. She met an old boyfriend from high school on Facebook. She decided she did not want her life anymore with my brother. She started dating the old boyfriend while with my brother, but my brother said, he understood and would wait for her because he loved her so much. He blames himself for her cheating on him because of his accident.

    He waited 2 long years for her to sort this out and allowed her to do whatever is was she needed to do. Meanwhile, she decided she did not want to touch my brother, help him in and out of bed, bath him, or any of the basic daily things we all do. My mother a true Godly woman, who lives in South Carolina, gave up her business and moved to Atlanta, Georgia and in with my brother and his family to care for my brother full time. While she did not agree with my brother’s decision to patiently wait on his wife. She quietly and without resentment, gave up everything. My Sister-in-law refused to even just be nice to my brother for those 2 years. He never lost his temper. He spent many nights in bed crying. (My brother NEVER cries!!)

    They finally agreed to get a divorce and just did this in July 2012. They sold their home which was set up for handicapped accessible. He has lost everything. He still today never complains. When this started a friend invited him to church which he never would go to before and for 2 years, he never missed a Sunday. He did in fact, build a true relationship with Christ and he is stronger today than ever before.
    My brother is a spokesman and on the board for K-9 assistance dogs. A company that gives disabled person a dog to help them with simple tasks. But most importantly, the dog is a great companion for a disabled person.

    He now lives in South Carolina with my mother. She has a small 2 bedroom single wide trailer. The floors are falling through. He used to have a lift in his bedroom to automatically lift him from his chair and in and out of the bed. He cannot put the lift up on the ceiling of my mother’s trailer as her ceilings are made from tin and will not support him. His bathroom in his home was made for him to get a portable wheelchair into the shower and give him a shower. He cannot take a shower at all. Through all this time of troubles, he still does not complain or get upset. He is truly my hero. I have Multiple Sclerosis and I am limited as to what I can do to help my family.

    I struggle daily on how to make ends meet and pay my bills. I live an hour away from them. While I could write you a lengthy letter as to why I would like you to help me, I would be so honored if you could help my family. I would like to build them a house he and his wheelchair can fit into. I would like for him to be able to take a shower again. I would LOVE to help my mother with getting him into bed by having a lift in his bedroom. I would love for him to have a nice place for his children to come and visit him. I would love for his home to be large enough he can just turn around in his wheelchair. He has a van that is computerized for him to drive but these vans can only have a certain amount of hours on them before they stop working. His van will expire in about a year from now. I would love to keep him mobile. I know you have an overwhelming number of requests. I want you to know, no matter what you do with your charity, you are a true blessing from God. I look forward to meeting you in heaven one day. May God bless you and the family you decide to help.



  30. Amanda says:

    Hi i just want to say god bless you and give u all the strength and love that
    You need this is the time when we need all the love u can get
    And specially someone to talk to. If u feel like talking to
    Somebody u can email me at anytime and ill be happy to
    Be company for you ;)

  31. John Paul says:

    Although I don’t know if this is true or not, but because I also badly need a help I will desperately try even I am like a fool to be fool. I can’t write too much but I just want to say I really badly need help even a few blessing I will happily accept. To madam, you got my email from this site hope you reply. What I ask could be grant or not I will thank you for the HOPE that there people like you. If this scam or not still thanks for giving HOPE.

  32. victor mejia says:

    I indeed need your help. I am father of two kids, I have a big debt due to being a stupid lending money to people that needs money and they just let me down. I need to have this issue resolved. I need your help, I was trusting people and people lied to me. I know that you don’t believe everyone, me neither, people lies and people is not saying the truth most of the times.

    I am here, I know that you could think that I am inventing this story, I AM NOT because I am passing through a nightmare right now. I don’t need to lie because I am about to throw myself from the biggest bridge in my country due to the amount of debts I have never managed. I know another people will read this but I am not lying and I don’t need to.

  33. Alex john says:

    Hi,i am Alex a nigerian due to some kind of partnership business i did with some old high school friend i have been suffering from financial problems of which i sold my house,car and also got arrested by cops but was tru God kind helping hands was out and am giving just 2 weeks to pay 100,000 naria of which i can’t pay before then and have been begging for help from friends and relative i can’t run away and i can’t thief the money but ask for it pls call me if u will be able to help and what really cos this is because of the money loan to start the business almost 15 million of which my partner stole and went off i have really done alot in paying it back

  34. Geraldine Flenoury says:

    I need a financial blessing in the amount of 4400.00 ,i lost my furniture, i didn’t have insurance
    due to water damage,i saw the same furniture i had and it cost 4400.00.I am disabled,and need your help.
    i seen the furniture at value city furniture,please help.

  35. Rogers kagwa says:

    I really feel sorry for you. Hi madam therreza. Am atheologian student in Uganda, e.africa. Am 27 years ,am an asistant pastor of a growing church. I really appreciate the goood spiritual work you want to do and i believe in Gods purpose for you. Let me extend my thanks and appreeciation to you of being fully part of the misssion of bringing christ to the nations and the nation to the church.

    Our church has treassures, among these are; orphans, widows, under privileged children, and the disabled. So we help them with school fees the orphans and we are renting an orphanange home were we reach to all these people of God with love and the message of God such that they dont feel that they are not alone. But the house we are renting is becoming un inhabitable as the rooofings crubles with every wind and the old tenament is beecoming shaky. so they will have to move out of it soon. But at the moment we dont have money to rent or buy any where else. So please if we can cry on your shoulders and you give us a hand of help to us we shall really apreciate. Hope to hear from you soon. May God bless.

  36. Lillian Cooper says:

    I recently lost my job my husband is sick we have no insurance i take care of him and my mom my husband can’t have his medical treatment because of no insurance we have no money I am asking can you please help me with his treatment thank you and God bless

  37. alexandria belvido says:

    my name is alex im a struggling college student and I really need help to further my education. I come from a very poor family we barley eat meals everyday. all of my sibilings never even finished high school. Im the only one to finish High school, and I really need to go to college so I can get a job to take care of my family. The goveremnt took are house and all of the cars we had before. So now we are left with nothing but staying in a really bad neighborhood. Where people get killed almost everyday. Please help me out with school, I do not want to live like this an longer if you have it in your heart please help me out
    Thank you so much

  38. tahir says:

    i want to open a good school for the poor children of my locality in pakistan.where they studied modern education with computer knowledge easily.this is my dream which need a lot of money,to build up a school building,good class environment,modern syllabus.these all things help the poor children to grow up in the modern age. i am waiting for God help.

  39. c. hayes says:

    I will be honest i live with my mom my dad past away in oct. 2010 every day i wish he was back we owe 180 thousand dollars to pay off our bills i’ve been paying the best i can it’s getting harder and harder everyday i’m about to lose my car i don’t care about there as much has i do the house my dad and us build it and i would like to keep it so i asking for help for me and my mom i know that sounds bad but i’m being honest so if you or if you know somebody that can help please let me know. I’M NOT tiring TO SCAM YOU SO PLEASE DON’T SCAM ME………….

  40. UMMIDI. SUNIL says:

    *Dear PASTOR in Christ, PRAISE THE LORD
    *I am U.SUNIL from visakhapatnam, INDIA. my wife U.VISHALA and my son U.SUMMIT VINESH conveying our love and blessings for you and your ministry in Jesus name. I want to share the God’s vision in our life (God has sent his servant of God Mr. Rev. M THOMAS to my home and Explained God’s vision & prophecy in my life .) The same vision has by another sister Dr.DEENA GRACE as the holy bible says in the book of James 1:27- Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

    We request you to pray for the god’s plan in our life that we should fulfill his vision, and he should provide us the finance required to start this project, the finances you have ready to donate. Kindly pray that God should provide us his love and compassion throughout this project and we should work for the glory of his kingdom.

    Please do convey your valuable answers and motivation to give us your money from God through a mail or a phone call in this regard.


    *Expecting for your encouraging answer from God. PLEASE SEND YOUR REPLY.
    *Thanking you,*
    *MY (CELL PHONE) NO- 91 9848075073
    DOOR NO-36-94-303\7,

  41. Kimberly says:


    This is simply a warning about a scam that tricks you into giving away your personal information along with whatever money you can drum up, it is not real and this site is not offering to give away money.

    Life has it’s up and downs and for some, there are a lot more downs than ups! But when it comes to financial problems, they are just that, financial problems – in only a couple of years, you can be financially independent regardless of your current status, so stay positive, be happy you have family and friends, don’t worry about money and know that it WILL change for the better. Time, give it time.

  42. larry bon says:

    what lies and you people fall for this bull crap name one person on this site that has received a dime. none its just spam. i get these letters in my email daily dont believe me i saved them. i lost my legs in iraq, now i have terminal colon rectal cancer which is now also bladder cancer then i fell off a ramp and broke all the tendons had major surgery now its tunneling cause i have fox den diasease yes its real look it up and last im homeless. so stay away from these scam letters its a cruel joke and it saddens me that we have people like this on earth. ill pray for you in hopes you’ll pray for me. peace

  43. Reynald Paul Diputado says:

    Hello Mrs.Therezeta bata, I’m Paul from Philippines, I was surprised surfing I found out that you’re welling to donate your money a million dollar is a lot, how lucky you’re have much money like that. Actually my purpose of searching for was I’m looking for a donor, a financial donor.

    I was diagnose Renal Kidney failure for almost four years. I started when I was 27 until now I continue dialysis treatment. My family can’t afford financially it was inconsistent support, I just depending on the government but still not enough. My motive I write this is to lessen the financial burden of my family because since I was diagnose my brother and sister stopped went to school. Its hard to see them stopping school because all the support particularly financial focus on instead for them. And physical and moral stress were my family suffered too. Despite of difficulties still they encourage me to be strong in life, fight and Pray.

    What I want for the money donation is for my dialysis payment cost $60 per treatment. My schedule twice a week not included the medicine expenses. The doctor recommend continue dialysis it will stop when I have transplant kidney which too expensive it cost more or less $ 72000 not included the medicine. Accordingly the medicine is too expensive after transplanted just make sure the kidney will not fail. The doctor will not do transplant unless you show the one year budget for medicine in order not to fail the kidney.

    Accordingly the medicine is for life medication until it will stable and adopt your body. The only medicine expensive the first 3 years after transplant it will change depends the response of the patient. What only I ask for Ma’am just to support my dialysis treatment payment. Well if I given a chance to transplant it is better. For the main-time dialysis is the temporary medication to live and your donation will live me more.

    Thank you so much!I’m looking forward of your response


  44. roger waddle says:

    i have to say this is a nice thing …. I hope you enjoyed your life first … Before you give it away take care of other family and all i cant say i need it but would be nice i only make $20,000.00 a year if lucky and have 5 great kids and loving wife… There are things id like to do before i go start my own restarunt but i fell if its meant to happen it will with hard work but first before you give anything away think of the homeless and the children at st jude also … good luck with your health god bless……………


  45. PC says:

    Dear Madam,

    Are you willing to donate to an Indian Family? We could really use the help!

    Pls reply.

  46. Dee says:

    I am a woman who has been diagnosed with MS. I am having a hard time dealing with this. I am used to working hard for what I want but now I cant. I would very much like to own my own home. I am reaching out for some help from people who have it to spare. You could possibilly use it as a tax write-off. but please help

  47. Sherri says:

    I am a 53 yr. old single mother of “my blue eyed little angel”, who is 12 yrs. old, …She truly is “My life”.

    I have been at my job for eight years. I don’t have any credit cards. I always pay my bills on time. However, I have found myself in a situation, where it is for the future of my daughter’ we need to find another place to live. Really have been searching in the town where she goes to school, for a home we can afford that is close to her school. We have found a home for $30,000. It is within four blocks to the school, much closer to my job, An older home that would be perfect for the two of us. “a Home”.

    My father, who could help me, wants me to move to a larger city, so, he refuses to help me advance in this small town. I don’t want to move my daughter away from this small town atmosphere. Have tried to get financing with payments I know I can afford. But I have no credit cards, or car payments, Only my job of eight years, and a checking account for 5 years. I am very hard working, and am a very good mother who lives for her “Late life daughter”.

    Oh, how much financial help would be appreciated. The two of us have lived a very tight lifestyle, always stay home, always with each other in mind. She is truly my Angel. Please help us to stabilize our lives a little better, by contributing to, or donating to the purchase of this small house, that my daughter and I would call Home! Any extra necessities provided for ( Furniture, Automobile, College funds) would be overwhelmingly, tearfully, appreciated… God watches over us, I know, He has given me my Angel, to live for!

    Thank you so much…………..Sherri

  48. GINA POWER says:

    I am so sorry for your loss of your husband. You are doing a very good thing by donating and helping someone. May GOD bless you and heal you of all sickness so you can enjoy the rest of your life. AMEN.

    Now getting to your generous donation. I have been reaching out to some wealthy and famous people,trying to get my business started and have not got a response from anyone. I have come up with a way to help change this economy by putting many people back to work and at the same time help organize the way people go about their daily routines so they can spend more time with their family.

    I am going to build an empire that is going to change the way many people live their lives. I am going to help people learn how to take care of themselves as well as their family from the food they cook to the natural way to heal their sickness with vitamins, minerals and exercise. I have so much more I am going to do in this world. I just need someone to financially help me get started.

    I have everything all planned from the location of my property, who is going to build it, the furniture and who is going to work for me. The only thing holding me back is the financial part of it. I am a mother of six beautiful, healthy and smart children.

    Jim, by helping my family you will make it possible for me to help so many families around the world. Thank you so much for your precious time. I hope to hear from you.

    ~~Gina Power

  49. Richard says:


    I really need Financial Help.

    We are daily very desperate and worries of money.

    My son and I are unemployed due to poor health.

    I am suffering from chronic disease, diabetes and high cholesterol on daily medication compulsory.

    My son have suffering from asthma, high cholesterol and skin problem and on daily medication.

    Both our daily medication have finished. We need to buy medicines but we have no money.

    We are very grateful if you can help us $700.00 today and immediately or any amount today for us to buy medicines and paying our outstanding bills.

    Without daily income and daily medicines, we cannot survive and will deteriorate our health. I seek your understanding.

    Looking forward to receiving your favourable support urgently.

    Appreciate and Thank you.

    God Bless,

  50. sam says:

    peace be upon you,
    iam in desperate need of money to help my family as iam the only son, and we are living a life where we do not know whats going to happen soon, there are days where we have no food. and we are a family of 8, parents are too old and sisters jobless as me. i urgently require some assistance by any means, i write to you now using a computer in a cyber cafe, hoping to get a reply. please and thank you. god bless you.

  51. Simbongile says:

    To be honest I come from a middleclass family in South Africa from a small town called King Williams Town. Im multi talented – Im a dj,I write (need a mentor though),I love politics and economics. I would like you to please assist my dream to be an engeneer financilaly. I have passed grade 12 and only need financial assistance. My parents are struggling,Ive got a brother and two sisters. Im the oldest and I understand I have to make sacrifices for my siblings. Im 21years of age. Please respond soon.

  52. Richard says:

    I am suffering from diabetes, depression, giddiness, backache, tension headache, anxiety, high cholesterol and on daily medication. I have no money to see Doctor for a medical check-up and medicines as I need the medicines urgently due to my daily medication have finished. It is very dangerous to stop taking medicines for the chronic diseases. My age, 59 years old, unemployed due to poor health.

    My only son is living with me and his age, 33 years old, unemployed due to poor health. He is suffering from asthma, high cholesterol and eczema and on daily medication. Every time he went out, he have to bring along his inhale. He wish to study the University of London (UOL) Diploma in law for full time course in April, 2012. He was told to pay his school fee $12,700 to ITC and UOL now in order for him to attend the said class at ITC next year April 2012. Appreciate if you can help him.

    My wife was separated from me since 2009 living us in the lurch.

    Both my parents has passed away.

    All Relatives and All Friends see us automatically ignore and avoid us due to us no money.

    Our main gate door was spilt and need to change immediately without delay to prevent strangers enter my house, my kitchen windows was also faulty and need to change immediately without delay it was given warning by the authority due to the windows will fall any time and very dangerous to hit people passers-by causing injuries.

    We need $3,800 and $12,700 total is $16,500 now to pay school fee, bills, daily living expenses and medical fees compulsory. Thereafter, we also need $3,800 on every month for paying daily living expenses, paying monthly bills and medical compulsory.
    We are very worries, stress, anxiety and daily living in fear without daily income.

    We pray that good people will help and save us between life and death to enable us to continue survive without living in fear. We seek your understanding.

    In view of the premises, I humbly pray that my appeal will be considered favorably.

    Looking forward to hear from you shortly.

  53. K.Yogeswaran says:

    Dear madam,

    first, i have to thanks to you to doing this kind of valuable job. i am from sri lanka. i am living in a remote area. i am the one and only educated person in my village. my mother is a tea estate worker i suffered many financial problem when i was studying. like me there are many children who are not willing to educate. our village main income sours is Tea plucking. our parents daily wage is less than USD 2. i have many photos to saw our living condition. some of our villagers don’t have Toilet too. so i want to help my village student i am asking help not for me but for my villagers. i shall be much appreciating if you could help our children. i hope that you reply

    Thanking You

  54. renae says:

    I am 16 poor and on my own I don’t have any help I’m almost sure) I’m wasting my time but I really need ur help I’ve. Searched and searched for help and can’t find any if u want to help please call me anytime please I cant find any one else ur all I got

  55. candice steele says:


    .HI my name is CANDICE ARAUJO, I am 26 years old and i was once a orphan my dad left my mom when she was pregnant with me i never met my dad, my mom had me and left me in an abandoned building after she had me with no clothes or food to eat luckily someone saw me and called the police and i was taken into child services.

    I know how it is to not have a family and feel alone like nobody loves you ! as i was growing up i realized there are a lot of troubled kids with no family or nothing! i realized that i can be a role-model for these kids and be there for them and help because iv been there and i understand what there going threw! MY HUSBAND(ALEX ARAUJO) is a mason ! he donates and helps throughout the community ! but sometimes we run low on funds because we have 3 boys of our own!

    All i ask is that u help us continue to do what we are doing and donate whatever change you have! it will be well appreciated!! and hope that one day these kids will grow up knowing somebody cares ! THANK you!!! AND GOD BLESS YOU IN MANY WAYS AS POSSIBLE!!!!

  56. Jade says:

    Dear Mrs. Bata,

    I am a Filipino, a member of an association in a certain island in the Philippines. This is a Water Works Association operated by elected persons in three barangays. This water association is only source of water accommodated in three barangays namely Lanao, Opao, Cawit and Panggangan. Almost 1000 people were benefited this water source. the associations took 10 years of service by providing clean and safe water to the people in the Island of Camotes. The association encountered many problems, but the main problem is the lack of Big WATER RESERVOIR, that every member wants to have that, but the association is financially incapable of the cost . The cost for establishing a WATER RESERVOIR is around 2 million dollars. We are begging you to donate money for the success and ever dream of the members of Water Source Association to have a Water RESERVOIR so that we can have a non-stop water provider.

    Thank You and God Bless for sharing your blessings to people who are in need.


  57. Jim says:

    Hi Christy, and everyone else,

    I do NOT have millions to give away. The purpose of my page is to let people know that these scams exist and listed a scam I received; I do this in hopes that those receiving the same letter will search the internet first, find my copy, and realize it’s only designed to get their money, NOT give them money.

    Have faith, it will all come together!

  58. Christy says:

    Greetings!well i am Christy Jacob from india. im pursuing a degree in social work. i would be very thankful to anybody who can help an organization i know which works for the blind. Providing food, shelter and quality education to the visually impaired.I would also be thankful if somebody can visit the organization and also take part in volunteering activities and providing financial support.
    Thanking you,

  59. a stranger from no where says:

    we all will die one day we have some problem or not but we cant stay in this earth who knows you are lieing but who knows that you are speaking truth also if you are lieing for some internet scam it is stupid to play with the innocent hearts of people but if you are talking truth then all i can say is i need that 5 million because of so many serious reasons i will help my self with that to create a business coz in my country it is a alot of money then with the money i will make i will start helping the people.

    i dont know if you will give me i dont know if you will trust me because every one is in greed of money but end is death but yes if you will trust me then before my death i will give these 5 millions to some one like me who will deserve it and he will do same alike me regards

  60. Bojan says:

    Dear Mrs. Therezeta Bata,

    I have compassion for your illness and I hope that such a good philanthropist like you will heal. Every single person on the earth deserves to live long and happy live; especially a person who is willing to help others.

    I’m 25 year old self-financing student from Croatia who can barely survive from month to month. Since I had an family tragedy, our life has become even worse. My mother needs expensive medicine, so I along with my 83-year old grandma are “bearing” the biggest burden to keep household. Expenses are bigger and bigger every day. Even my diploma is questionable because being a student is everything but cheap; and my financial situation is catastrophic.

    With your help of 5 million, I would donate 3 million to other poor individuals, 1.5 million to my local catholic church of St. Barbara (320 years old church which is in terrible condition for years) and 0.5 million kept for me. I would even make a video of all the mentioned acts.
    I couldn’t repay for your greatness if you choose to help me.

    Please help and contact me trough e-mail. I apologize for my english if I have done some gramatical mistakes.



  61. Kayla says:


    This email is concerning a fundraiser that I would like to plan. There is a friend of mine, Jared Przekurat, that has been in a horrible car accident in Colorado and it has put him into a coma. He has no family living in Colorado and this sister, brother, and father take turns going out there to be by his side.

    Jared was involved in a serious car accident in the early morning hours of June 18, 2011 near Denver, where he currently lives. He was in the passenger seat and was ejected from the vehicle. He suffered a number of injuries that include: severe head trauma, bilateral heel fractures, right tibia & fibula fracture and right femur fracture that are all externally rodded, broken right hand and ulna, a few broken ribs, a pneumothorax and quite a bit of road rage.

    We want to bring him closer to home but it is hard because of the high cost of moving him. That is why I would like to get a fundraiser going and raise tons of money to help pay for Jared to be brought closer to home and help pay for medical bills.

    My name is Kayla LaRosa and I am hoping that there could be some kind of help with anything. I am reaching out to the world and hoping helping hands are there to help.

    Kayla LaRosa

  62. jimmy says:

    Hello, I am an average American guy who has served my time in the marine corps and am now trying very hard to raise my kids with the help of my dear wife. as you know that time are very hard right now and it is all we can do to get by yet keep our kids into school and some sports, but with money the way it is we are on the edge of losing everything and i am praying to god that some nice person will read this and help us.

    I am not a lazy bum, i work every day and my wife works full time plus cleans some houses to try to help with all the bills, i also have been trying to do side jobs but we are still not making it at bill time. I guess i am at the end of my rope and it seems like i have no way back up. So i guess i’m asking if you would like to invest in the future of two beautiful kids and their future, thank you and may god bless you for even reading this.

    Scared to death in Indiana. Jimmy :)

  63. nivedhitha says:

    dear madam,

    i am from india. our family has been running a school for poor children for more than 100 years but now we find it difficult to run the school for lack of funds.we would be happy if you could donate money for its infrastructure .
    you are welcome to visit us and see the school and then decide.
    thank you

  64. RM says:

    Hi, I am just an average person. I definitely do not want all that money because I honestly do not know what I would do with it but I do ask of you if I can get at least $10,000 please. I am working on this school project to change the school playground from bark to rubber mulch. It is very efficient, safe, environment friendly, and weather perfect. I decided to do this project after I have heard many complaints from the parents in our school and all the injuries kids have gone through from the bark (not exaggerating).
    So if you would be willing to just give me that much our of all those millions I would really appreciate it. I would really like to accomplish my goal but raising that much money by myself needs time and I do not have that much time. thank you very much and I really hope you keep my idea into consideration
    thank you :)

  65. M.N.Jeyachandran says:

    Blood Cross Rehabilitation Trust

    Pls help us with your donation!

    The Law Of Life
    For Studentswelfare, public Welfare, Destitute’s Welfare

  66. swetha says:

    i am really appreciated i am not in very serious problems but have some of the financial problems because i have a small child i have to take care of her
    my parents are died before two years and my husbands family wont take care because ours is love marraige

  67. Serg Kondratyuk says:

    Could you possibly donate as little as $50 to my school club so we could go on a field trip to Washington DC?

  68. Michele Van Wye says:

    I am in search to gain more donations for my team in the upcomming, local Relay For Life! The event takes place on April 30th and my team and I are on a mission to raise the bar for others so hopefully ONE DAY there coud be a cure for cancer. This subject hits home for me that’s why I feel so strongly about it. I am willing to take ANY help I can get. I mean we all have to start somewhere. Thank you for all your time and attention!

  69. sama frankline says:

    in my own case sir,
    i am just pleading for help to get a job out of my country, for i am a Cameroonian located in Africa, i have had my c.a.p certificate and looking for a job, my family were less privilege to pay for my education, i am just hopping and praying that may you people find a kind heart to help me either further my education or find a job sir,i will be great ful if you people contribute in my struggle.
    thanks and waiting to read from you people.

  70. Chidi D. Okonkwo says:

    Well, if any one is looking to donate money to any worthy cause , I ‘ll suggest they pray about it first and let God direct them so that the money enters into the right hand and God will be pleased. Meanwhile if you are sick and fear you’ll die , I can pray to God for you to make you well and live a fulfilling life that will bring pleasure to God.
    But first you have to ask me to pray for you and you must have faith in God through Jesus Christ and our prayer of faith can make you well.
    Then after you are well and O.K. you can make any donation to us or anyone that God leads you.

  71. u.wijesuriya says:


    Dear Hon.Madam,

    I am girl of the Southern provice of Sri_Lanka.I feced many difficult things since I was small child.Since then to now that situation is same.I am unhappy for my life because my family members make me so cruel always.So I havent any house or any money for live.My main problem is money .So could you please help me any way abouve mentioned you are highly appriciated.
    I hope favourable reply from you soon.

    Thank you,

    Your`s Faithfully,

  72. Ana Corleto says:

    hello Im wondering if your still thinking about donating some money? Im really struggling financially and could use about 1000. $ dollars right now, that would be more than enough for me;) contact me if its something your still doing and ill give you more details on why i really need the money….thanks

  73. Zeusz says:

    I would like to ask help, material!
    The electricity is disabled inside 2 weeks unfortunately, I am at home with my lasting ill child on the other hand. Overheads I cannot pay it off already because of the many bank credits.
    Something is left of my payment hardly because he is under a ban steadily, with a word onto living very little.
    We talk over who can help in a letter.
    Hungarian Van, they do not help here :-(
    Greet: A desperate family
    IBAN: HU94 1177 3535 0322 8188 0000 0000

    A god blesses it

  74. Micheal Areghan says:

    Ma: i great you in the name of our lord jesus christ, i am a member of ASSEMBLIES OF GOD CHURCH nigeria old airport sokoto state. Ma pls i need your help we are building our church in old airport and we dont have anough fund to complet the builden we need about #3million pls ma help us and God will grand you your heart desire in jesus name (AMEN)

  75. S.Rajagopal says:

    I need 5 million dollars, to get a good life with no problems here in india.can any one send me money to india.

  76. Jackie says:


    My name is Jackie. I am 23 years old and have an 8 year old beautiful boy. I am currently unemployed and a new resident in Raleigh NC. I have no family and getting evicted in 10 days. Unless I can pay my rent which I have fallen behind. I am looking for a job everyday as soon as my son is out the door for school I begin allday. It is very hard and I have tryed everything. I am a single mother who is struggling with christmas 2 weeks away im afraid my son wont get the christmas he asked for with his great grades I feel like I have failed as a mother, Please help us .

  77. marilou navarra says:

    anyway Ma’m i am 18 yrs old i am living in manila with my sister but since my sister had another family so she can’t sustain my daily needs in my studies thats why i am approaching some help to you. if you are willing to help me i hope you will send me a response to my e-mail thank you.l

  78. marilou navarra says:

    hi Ma’m therezeta,
    I am marilou from philippines since you want to donate your money i just want to approach some help regarding on my studies.because we are poor so i choose to stop but i want to study again this year, i hope you can help me because i really want to study. i hope you will response to my letter.thank you pls b strong always and GOD Bless you.i hope you can help me Ma’m.

  79. arthur hansford says:

    hi how are you doing to day and can you help to get $ 5 million to help teens in miramichi nb and i live in miramichi nb 165 willow st apt 102 E1V-2Z8 so can you help me and can you mail me the money

  80. koba says:

    I am koba from georgia.I won 550000 thank you very mach for profit . please to specify me the instruction about that how to receive money

  81. John says:

    I am john from India . I one of the very few educated dalit trying to help the dalit christian for education So that education will help down troden people to lift up in life . education alone can save his own life. if you search “maryjohn in google” you can understand my struggle for dalit christian in india. Caste system is a disease like creed or colour but i dont know i it creeped in to christianity in india . Now dalit suffer as they are called untouchables. if anyboby willing to donate fund for the cause please contact me in [snip]

    by education we improve our living and dont harm other caste by asking privilages

    Anyhow privilages for dalits in any religion is given in india but not for dalit christians .

    If you are not in the position of helping spread the news or Pray for us for the freedom of humiliation and poverty

  82. janet says:

    hi am a girl living in Kampala,Uganda i need some one to help me and become my parent i did not see my mom because she died when i was still a toddler she did not know my father so her relatives took me to the one they knew was her boyfriend.

    Things were too tough living there because he had another wife she never liked me so after some years i left i have managed to go through school but cant go further because the person who has been paying my tuition switched off all his phones and i cant get to him.

    Now i need some one out there to help me make my dreams come true and give me a reason to smile again and have a future to look up too.

    some one out there needs a daughter, friend, sister please come to my rescue so that i may be just like another person. right now i have no where to stay and so hungry and so lost hope in every thing help me know that out there some one loves the unprivileged like me thank you.

  83. ajay says:

    Hi Iam Ajay from singapore .i lost all my money in my business here.now iam bankprupt. pls help me to proceed with my living to do a small business to bloom up.

    god bless

  84. Jones Chamangwana says:

    Reach out ministries is a local non-profit faith based organization which was formed and registered with the Malawi government to save and change lives of people. The ministry is affiliated to Scripture union of Malawi, and Malawi council for churches, partnership of charistimatic and conservative churches working together as touching base of human suffering in promoting the voices, rights and needs of children and young people.

    Transforming lives of people in communities that is witnessing for Jesus Christ and through the provision of social amenities that would improve the quality of their lives.

    Your donation could be used to help the helpless buy medicine, feed and cloths the homeless, help those devastated by drug, hunger and disease, rehabilitate prisoners, prostitutes and reintegrated them into society. Anything that is shared multiplies, expands and attracts others of its kind.

    When money is shared, it multiplies, expands and increases.

  85. charles martin says:

    My mother pasted away sunday the 18 2010. From cancer that she fought for little over a year. Please see fit to include my self in the concideration of your choice of being the one to receive your jenerosity. Thank u , I’m very sorry for your illness.

  86. Natasha says:

    Hello! I from very poor family and me am necessary for growth material support which does not wish to render me my state. I from Russia, live in the closed city in Siberia. Here in very coldly winter, and it is a lot of mosquitoes and midges in the summer.

    I am the student at local institute, I study as the chemist of the technologist. Money resources hardly suffices on food. I live from pension to pension (because there are no parents), I save on all. And next year to me will cease to pay pension and then it is necessary to me very much not simply.

    There is a question: to learn further and to live on bread and water or to go to work, but not to have thus education. I know that without formation I will never have possibility to realize the dreams because I wish to cast in the lot with chemistry.

    Please, help me, I very much ask you! To me for happiness are necessary $200 000 and everything, further I. But me any more to whom to address, nobody wishes to share the savings with students who do not live, and survive.

    Please, do not leave me in a trouble, I will be very grateful to you, if you help me, this help because that I write to you for me ???????? humiliating, I never before it did actually is necessary to me. I have got used to solve the problems itself, but now I help myself I can not, therefore I write you this letter.

    Help me, please. I have a bank card the Savings Bank of Russia you can deposit the money in, the truth it rouble. Simply, if you do not wish to write to me on e-mail, but are ready to help, therefore I have decided to write you number of a bank card. It will be fast to me even worse and very painfully to hear the next refusal.

    My budget makes $180 a month? It hardly suffices on meal, and $80 I will soon survive I can not on such money and then I should throw study, and I would not like it at all because I have inclinations to chemistry. From me even the good scientist because it is close to me, but, alas, would turn out without formation I will be only ? Such you will wish nobody. Understand my position? It simply awfully to feel approach of such time, and after all all wish to live in comfort and a cosiness.

    At whom money is? They presume everything and at whom money is not present searches for ways of their finding and more often it is the Internet because it is a unique way with you to communicate. I very much ask you, do not refuse to me, help, please, it is very serious question which needs to be solved immediately because soon in my life there will come hunger. Well not all has carried with parents, at me, they are not present and now I should suffer in the absence of money.

  87. Dave says:

    Hi, I had some opportunities for helping my family after my father died, but I was so greedy and lofty with God that I almost lost everything. Now I want to change my life again and I have asked God for a new beginning.and a new opportunity.

    God gives you wisdom


  88. kelvin wilson says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am Kelvin wilson and I represent the HolyTask Trust. We have built churches in the areas of Ghana , Swedru in the past.

    This year we have decided to build a church in your area. We have so far collected half of the amount needed for this task by various preaching and other holy acts by our volunteers. To complete the amount we are requesting for donations. Hence we request you to help us in any way you can for fulfilling this noble work of God. Your contribution however small it is will never go in vain.

    Thanks and regards,

  89. keisha says:

    Hi I am desperately in need of money to pay for school. I am trying to pursue my bachelors in nursing but I cannot afford tution. I am an international student and the cost per academic year is 27,000. I have another 2 years left please all I need is at least 60 000 dollars so I can go pursue my dream. Please I don’t even want the whole 5 million I just want money to complete my degree…..May God bless you!

  90. Crystal wright says:

    Hello, my partner and I are trying to buy our first home with great difficulty. We have had trouble getting a mortgage because of bad credit history on the property we currently live at and my previous (parents) home due to no fault of our own, but due to previous tenants. We can’t afford to save as our income just about covers the bills and food, so we can’t even afford a deposit. I’m starting maternity leave next week too so there’s no way saving is even an option at this point. We would like to own our own home though as it would provide a safe, secure home for our baby. Our house is priced at £279,950.00. If someone could give us even half of this so that we could secure a mortgage and a future family home I would be so very grateful. Please, if you can help in any way, contact me on crystal.wright@live.co.uk thankyou

  91. dee says:

    Everyone should know that this is a scam… Why would she look for people on the internet?? If this were true and she only had 6 months to live like she says I would think she would have donated it to different causes that actually help the less fortunate. People don’t fall for these stupid scams. Their only out there to get your personal information and take your money.


    Dear Sir,

    My name is Manoj Kumar Valecha. I am 28 years of age. I am from India. Two years back I had incurred huge loss in London when I refused to sign a contract with the company I was working with as a result, I had to pay huge compensation to them. Later my late father got severe disease and again huge expediture got incurred in hospital. As a result I am currently under huge debt. To overcome my entire debt and to start a small business once again, I atleast need 200,000.00 Dollors. I am the major earning member of my family. I can give you full details, indentifications and address proff and all you need to have from my end. Also I will give you in writing that I will return your entire amount with interest in couple of years duly notarized by gazatted officer. Trust me, I am in urgent need of funds. In case you cannot help me or not willing to fund me, please let me know. Though I shall be greatful to you for life if you can favour me. Early response in this regard anticipated. Thank you. MANOJ KUMAR VALEHCA. manojkumarvalecha@gmail.com; +91 9893114758 (mobile); +91 771 4031119 (work).

  93. Edward okena says:

    Am a fort form leaver my dad was sacked thus making it herd for me to proceed with my education. My minds always tell me that business will work out for me. after laying down my strategies i realize i lack capital. thats why when I came across this I was so exited please extend your hand of kindness. thanks in advance may God bless you

    Edward Okena

  94. Debbie Fraust says:

    Hi, I’m just looking for help and advise. Our last 10 years have been very tough, losing our business, taking on a big debt, moving away from family and friends for new jobs. Just alot of things, not all bad, just a lot to try and figure out. Our dilema right now is huge. My father-in-law had a hip replaced last August and in the hospital fell out of bed and broke his other hip/femer. He was 84 at the time and also the start of dimensia/alzheimers. He had to move into a nursing home, because he needed 24 hour care. We moved my mother-in-law closer to the nursing home, so she was able to go there everyday. In December, she fell and ended up in the nursing home also. Our daughter and her husband who are 25 and 27 years old, volunteered to take their Grandpa and Grandma in and care for them. Our daughter, would give up her jobs to do this. The problem was, they didn’t have the home to care for them. They were just married 2 years the end of this May, and have not bought a home yet. They have been our saving grace, by living close to our parents. They live in Wisconsin and we are in Colorado, trying to get back home, but needing jobs to do so. My husband just had an interview, but didn’t get the job. We know the Lord has a plan for us, we’re just unable financially, to move. We rent in Colorado, but we have a big old house built in 1897 back in Wisconsin, that need to be renivated. It would be the perfect place for us and my husband’s parents if we could just get it fixed up. We are so willing to work and pay for anything, but we both work full time and can barely pay our bills, from our previous deblt of our business of 25 years. We are 51 and 54 years and healthy and able to work. We just feel like our time can’t wait to take care of his parents. There’s so many issues and we keep praying for a miracle. We just lost my Grandma who just turned 100 in February. I had hoped to move back before she died, but didn’t get it done. I don’t want the same thing to happen with our parents. We’re so desperate in looking for answers, I would just appreciate any suggestion or help you can provide for us. I just kind of talked and typed. I hope it make some sense to you. Don’t get me wrong, we are so blessed in so many ways. I feel guilty, because there are so many people needing help. I just feel like time is of the essense in this matter. Thanks for listening. We love our families so much, we just want to be there for them. Debbie and Bob

  95. Anil George says:

    I have two children both are studing in a school. Presently I am facing so much financial crisis since I lost my good job from vodafone. Last year I paid my children’s fees by borrowing from my friends and relatives. I need financial help for my children’s education. Could you able to help me? My children are motherless children.

  96. Arvis says:

    Hello! First I want to apologize for my bad english, im from europe – Latvia, So I dont speak english very good… Anyway… Im currently looking for sponsors, You see – I have been riding motorcycles since I was 12, but dreaming of them since I first heard and saw one, while I was walking holding hands with my mother… Since that moment I knew, that I will be free ( riding a motorcycle)… Im currently 18 , I own a motorcycle, but I have been saving for new one (no, dont need your help to buy a motorcycle – thats my own mission , I have been skipping lunch in school, and in two years, i have saved exactly 350,20ls , its about 700,40$ of course I still need to save about 2900 $ – Im sure I gona make it, because I gona sell this bike (i currently own) for 1600$ and the rest 1300 $ well I gona sell my phone and apply for some jobs…)… Why I need your donation? I have a big project ib my mind, I have found sponsor, that provide informative help, not financial… My plan is to travel my country and europe – using motorcycle and filming everything with Full Hd helmet camera, which costs about 356 $ , I want to show people the nature around us and architecture, but explain it with my language – simple english, I know its possible, because im very smart ( I hope that doesnt sound to snarky), oh another interesting fact – my dog (Frida) will travel with me… If you cant provide those 356 $, well I understand – but I will accept any ammount of money ( even 10 cents) or advices… I need any help You can provide… If I will find sponsors (financial) of course i can pay you back any amound you donate me, or I can pay you back that amound within 3 years, by making payments each day trough paypal…of course I will publish my videos ib youtube. Com ass well…

    If you have any questions about me or my project, please ask, dont have any secrets but im full with ideas.


  97. GUPAC says:

    Well.. total scam and hope none believe that.

    As per me, yes, I do need donations and this is not a scam lol!!

    Just try to paypal what ever cash you want and then, with your donations, I will be able to equip a command of young people to fight graffiti crews in the community.

    Donations will be used to purchase materials and equipment used for cleaning and combat graffiti.

    It is all about GUPAC


  98. Franklin says:

    Are you kidding? You want $100,000 dollars for bad behavior? No one in the world is going to give you that. Why not use your credit cards or get a loan from the bank? Let me guess, bad credit, right? And yet you want me to trust you to pay me back?
    Did you ask for a restricted driving permit? If they didn’t give that to you after 10 years, something is wrong!

    You are dreaming 35 year old man from Florida…

  99. shane davis says:

    hello im not sure if im in the correct place for asking this but i need help im a 35 year old man in Florida i need help with money i need one thousand dollars to get my license back so i can get a job i lost my license ten years ago due to driving to fast too many times when i was younger my license was taking away for being habitual offender i had a girlfriend for 9 years that took me back an forth to work now she left me for another guy all i want to do is go to work like everyone eles please help my # is i will pay back with interest.

  100. Jerome says:

    My wife and i are U.S. born citizens. We are not from another country trying to scam some body. Another thing we’re not interested in getting, is 5 million dollars. It would be nice. But not our intentions. We are a newly retired couple. And have a life long dream. All we want is a log cabin home in southern Colorado, or norther New Mexico. Where we can enjoy what ever time God gives us. Our health isn’t the greatest, but we plan on sticking around for along time. Now I’m not going to write a book, and give you a bunch of sad stories. All we would like to know is if there is any person or persons willing to help us full fill our dream. Plain and simple. Because there still is good people in this world willing to help. Just hard to find some one who really cares. GOD BLESS and thank you for this opportunity. Jerome.

  101. Ryan says:

    Well i go to church every sunday and as a catholic i know that the holy trinity is not father,son and the holy sprite. If you want a scam to work use correct english.

  102. Irwin says:

    Attn: Mrs.Therezeta Bata

    This is a well known scheme you are proposing in your mass mailings to bilk the innocent out of money. You will let them know how much it will cost to get the money that does not exist out of your bank. E-mailing a few false documents is all you have.

    What makes your con job particularly disgusting is your use of Jesus name to extort money. You will pay for this and end up in jail or worse. What kind of greed and people are you that would stoop to such lies, Instead of learning how to inspire people with the love of God. You think it goes unnoticed by the Divine Hierarchy how you would use God for your own selfish ends.

    I feel sorry for the sufferings you are building for yourselves by your silly belief that any momentary gain you achieve by taking advantage of others will be good for you. You are going to experience yourselves what you put out. This is the way it is. This is the way it has always been and this is the fate you are creating for yourselves.

    The pain and suffering to come will be your redemption. When all reason fails the lessons of pain come to your rescue. At that time only heartfelt prayers to the Jesus you are now using will invoke the compassion and real love from him so you can bear the bitter consequences you are bringing upon yourself.

    Remember God is not stupid. He knows all. You may think you can take advantage of others but in the end it will be you that suffers what you have done. If man’s law does not get you, the divine law is unfailing. Only a ignorant fool would try to outwit it.

    You must cease and desist from what you are doing. Help others with the same energy you are using to hurt them. Pray to the same Jesus for his forgiveness to help you through this difficult time ahead, if you have the courage to change the direction of your life.

    God is like the air. You cannot see him with the eye. But his presence is always there and sustains your very life. Only the blind would deny this. You cannot take advantage of his children without serious consequences. Better to join his cause of helping the world and becoming worthy of his love than to play with the devil in you and seek your own gain at the expense of others.



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