Imagine a complete WEB Based Customer Relationship Management Solution that takes only minutes to configure and doesn’t require any software to be installed on desktop computers. My Web Based CRM software does just that and makes it possible for any computer in your organization to access detailed customer information instantly.

My Free Online CRM Software

Online CRM SoftwareA successful CRM solution relies on the ability to interact with customers through any channel they choose, as well as a way to record and maintain real-time records of customer interactions so a complete view of the customer can be established.

Customer Relationship Management – Customer Loyalty: My Web based CRM software helps you set your company apart from the rest by allowing your staff to deliver an informed response to customer questions and concerns; such responses can only come from a system that provides a complete profile of the customer.

This free Customer Relationship Management Solution has been created in ASP for Microsoft’s IIS server and should run on any version of IIS, including the desktop versions

Listed below is a bold overview of our Free Web Based CRM Solution. We have tried to include as many CRM features as possible into this package including campaign management, lead management, contact management, opportunities management and case management.

Campaign Management

  • Campaign management
  • Campaign lists
  • Campaign-to-revenue tracking
  • Campaign analytics

Lead Management

  • Create branded online lead capture forms
  • Set up lead queues and lead assignment rules
  • Lead tracking
  • Establish standard lead qualification processes

Contacts Management

  • A complete online contact repository
  • Contact association
  • Contact import and sync
  • Contacts Connections

Opportunities Management

  • Opportunity tracking
  • Sales methodologies
  • Product tracking
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Opportunities Connection

Case Management

  • Case management
  • Solution integration
  • Case escalation
  • Case analytics
  • Case Connections

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