Did you receive a Final Notice from Google stating that verification of delivery information is required? My Daughter did, and she’s not anywhere close to 18. It’s a misleading letter sponsored by The Resorts of Tullymore & St Ives, 9900 St. Ives Dr. Stanwood, MI 49346 1-800-972-4837.

It looks official, comes with the Google Font, has the android logo and congratulates my child on winning a new tablet pc who is still in grade school! Here is the text…

Tullymore St Ives Spam

Congratulations, our promotional department shows that you have been awarded a new Google Tablet complete with New Android Software!

Out records indicate that by responding within 72 hours, you will also receive a $100 Restaurant Gift Card Valid at many area restaurants.

To claim this special offer, simply call this toll free number!

Mon – Sun 9am – 9om
offer number 3899

On the back of the mail, it shows

PO Box 20389
West Palm Beach, FL 33416

Inside the winning notice, Tullymore St Ives Stanwood is shown on the back of what looks like a winning ticket.

Tullymore St Ives Spam 2

Sponsored By:
The Resorts of Tullymore St Ives
9900 St. Ives Drive
Stanwood, MI 49346

Call for details. Certain restrictions apply. Must be employed full time. This promotion is not sponsored by or affiliated with Google or Android, but they are major suppliers. Recipient is responsible for shipping and handling charges.

In reviewing similar misleading mail from the same company posted on the internet, it seems this is a way to get you in for a 90 min presentation on their membership, perhaps Tullymore St Ives Stanwood is trying to drum up membership? There is mention that the free laptop is really just a Skytex SX-E760 7 inch sceen Super Slim Mini-Laptop which you’ll have to pay an activation fee of $30 and about $60 in shipping and handling plus give away your personal information! (the SX-E760 can be purchased for $99 without dealing with these people – not a good unit if you ask me) – and – the $100 restaurant gift card is only valid at resorts similar to Tullymore St Ives Stanwood requiring you to listen to a sales pitch.

Notice how the Tullymore St Ives Stanwood notice states that you must be employed full time? It also says “sample” so that it’s invalid and although they say in fine print they are not associated with Google, they claim they are a major supplier which many may believe that Google is indeed working with them.

It’s all extremely misleading, from the fonts, to logos and wording. Google touches a lot of people these days so playing off the Google name makes it easier to trick you into visiting a resort or timeshare and getting locked into something you could later regret.

Be careful out there! Times are tough and a lot of struggling companies employee all kinds of deceptive techniques to make money, even sending an award notice to children!

By the way, did you notice the barcode in the picture? Want to know how to figure out what it says? Simply use this Intelligent Mail Barcode Decoder :)

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  1. Don't be fooled says:

    I live in Cedar Rapids, IA and received a postcard that I would normally throw away, but it listed Priceline (which we’ve used), Hilton, Marriott, and Budget Rental Cars. It listed a gift of free round trip air, hotel, and car rental for two and to call 877-343-5397. I knew that this was too good to be true, but I couldn’t resist investigating the angle they were trying to get.

    I called the number and learned I had to attend a seminar about a travel agency, Scenic Valley Travel. They asked some qualifying questions like age, income, and asked if I have a bank credit card. They didn’t ask for anything on the card, just if I have one. Being very careful as to what information I provided, I found that there was still nothing they could use to rip me off, so I started thinking ahead as to how they could rip me off at the seminar (besides an obvious high pressure sales pitch which I’m perfectly happy to make their life living he$$ trying to recruit with me).

    Scenic Valley Travel has a website – scenicvalleytravel. com. The physical address they list is the same as a local, reputable hotel – the same place the seminar is. I couldn’t find the company listed on the Iowa Secretary of State website so I the number listed on their website (855-338-6343) and asked what their legal company name is. The woman said it’s CVS Caremark DBA Silverscript Insurance. This is a legitimate company with just one of their businesses being CVS Pharmacies. I’ve left my name and number with a few officers of their company and as of the writing of this post, nobody has returned my call.

    I also called the hotel to speak to a manager and to my surprise, I know her personally. She explained that Scenic Valley Travel has some space rented out for three or four months and although you do actually get the promised gift, you have to recruit X number more people. I then called 602-414-4593 to cancel my “appointment” for the seminar and politely said I’m not interested. In a sarcastic tone, the woman, said, “What do you mean you’re not interested?” I said that I researched their company and found some interesting facts and I’m no longer interested, to which she replied, “So… what… you’re not interested in traveling?” I said not with a company with your reputation, no. She insisted they’re reputable and why would I say such a thing. I said are you kidding me? Sending things out with Priceline. com on it isn’t deceptive/ Saying there’s no obligation isn’t deceptive? I know what’s legal and what’s not, so don’t argue with me, just take me off of your list.”

    So, my fun is over. Hopefully this information helps someone.

  2. Mike says:

    Got a similar thing today 8-1-12 from DB 690 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Roswell GA 30076, same text, only no Google, and mentions Direct Buy of Atlanta.

  3. Blaster says:

    1. The Touchpad is a discontinued product so there is no “new” Touchpad.
    2. The Touchpad used the Palm OS and did NOT use Android.
    3. They could have at least listed the right OS on this thing. Who the hell do they think they’re fooling?

  4. Candice says:

    Yep got the same thing in the mail today for 2 round trip airfares via Alaska Airlines. Even included a “Boarding Pass” on hand torn printer paper. Looks super official…in my best sarcastic voice…

  5. Wintercreeks says:

    Heading of letter was from air Tran for 2 free round trip air fares to non-specified location. The only way you get these is by filling out the survey forms online. That’s all these online surveys are for – to gather names and addresses to sell to list brokers. If you don’t want these scams showing up in your mail box; whether snail mail or email – don’t do surveys.

  6. Mark says:

    After receiving this scam I just called them a few times and had them hold while I put the phone down:)

  7. Momo says:

    Just received one 3/11/2012.
    It is asking to call 1-877-343-5397, stating that there is a gift of a Touchpad Tablet, complete with new Android software with bonus of $100 Restaurant.com gift card.
    Sponsored by DirectBuy in our area.
    Same format of letter, sent from the same company.

  8. asame says:

    Just received one as well. Mine is for 2 Round Trip Airfares Within the Continential US from Alaska Airlines and if I call (1-800-469-0782) within 48 Hours, as a bonus I will receive a 3 day 2 night hotel stay. REALLY?

  9. Don says:

    Same everything except mine is for jetBlue for 2 round trip airline tickets to anywhere in continental US. It just went into the shredder.

  10. Chris says:

    I got the similar thing, but it’s now a “New Touchpad Tablet, Complete with New Android Software.”
    This is from Direct Buy , wanting you to complete a 90 min sales promotion, be employed and 70+ income etc.
    I don’t like that they do this, check the better business bureau on Tullymore St Ives Stanwood yourself.

  11. Sandy says:

    Any ideas on how they got a grade schoolers name and address?!! Mine came somewhere around 27 Sept 2011. Very similar with Microsoft and a different offer ( a Netbook computer) return address in Phoenix. I live in AZ. There IS a barcode on it.

  12. Douglas C says:

    My Dad 80+ years with Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s just got the same thing in the mail today, And was going to call them I said wait a minute lets check the net, and sure enough there you were. Same flyer and everything.
    Thanks Again

  13. John says:

    Heh, they must have drank their coffee when they sent one to me. Now it no longer has the resort name or bar code on it. Rank amateurs, they would probably make more money if they paid themselves to cut their own grass.

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