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Inheritance Fund VIA ATM Swift Card

I wish to inform you that AFRIBANK PLC has been instructed to issue in your name an ATM Cash Card with the valued amount of US$5.3M. In sending the INHERITANCE FUND VIA ATM SWIFT CARD to you, please note that it is without Prejudice to your original inheritance sum.

JC Tritoon 306

JC Tritoon 306 is designed to do 45mph pull up to 8 skiers and scare those jumping off the hard sun top!

Adverse Possession

Adverse Possession explained in a way that anyone can understand it. What to watch out for and how one can take another’s property!

2010 World cup in South Africa FIFA Promotion team

When I received this as a word document in a phishing email, I had to share. Take a look at the graphics – the scammers that sent this email are trying to look official by showing pictures of people who won their lottery; they are so incompetent that they actually used a picture from a […]

Camelot Group UK Lottery

Yet another phishing attempt and this time they claim I have won $4,028,772 USD (2 mill British pounds). You have gained the computer Camelot Group UK Lottery, this is from the Camelot Group UK Lottery Program United Kingdom for Camelot Group UK Lottery. YOU HAVE WON ON THE COMPUTER BALLOT SYSTEM PROGRAM,THE SUM OF(£2,000,000.00)TWO MILLION […]


The Msn Yahoo Lottery Incorperation PO Box 1010,Liverpool L70 1NL,United Kingdom. Ref: XYL /26510460037/05 Batch: 24/00319/IPD This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of Five hundred thousand, Great Britain Pounds Sterling(500,000.00) for the month of January 2008 Lottery promotion which is organized by MSN/YAHOO LOTTERY INC LIVE. MSN YAHOO WINDOWS, […]


FROM: MRS. SUSAN SHABANGU. Deputy Minister Safety and Security SOUTH AFRICA. House Phone Number:+27-73196-8108. Fax number:+27-866-922-050. Email:susan_shabangu@minister.com Dear : Friend Compliments of the day to you. Obviously this message might come as a surprise to you, but please consider it as a high priority issue which will definitely change our destiny. let me start by […]

Natwest Bank Group

Another phishing scam and this time they are using a code word of ‘TRUST’ – ya, right! Here is the message attached below: Mr. David Greene Senior Audit Officer Natwest Bank Group UK. Dear Friend, I am Mr.Mr.David Greene Senior Audit Officer of Natwest Bank Group UK.Natwest Bank London.I am writing following an opportunity in […]


Wow! I won yet again :) Here is the phishing email attached below – do not respond to this, they will only take your money from you! ————————————– LA PRIMITIVA LOTTERY AVD. DE FINANZAUTO 25C.P.28500 MADRID SPAIN . TEL: +34 652 327 251 FROM THE DESK OF THE MANAGING DIRECTOR INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS/PRIZE AWARD DEPT. ELECTRONIC […]

Log Home Plans

I have log home plans that center all around this log cabin. Ok, so it’s not a cabin, more like a castle, but of all the plans I have seen, this is by far the most impressive. This log home is located on the shores of Hayden Lake and built by Neville Log Homes (nevilog.com) […]

Yahoo Internet Lottery

Right, here is a scam designed to get your information and notice close to the bottom of the page is a footer from the free hosting company used to send the email! Anything goes these days. The scam is posted below for your viewing pleasure :) ——————- Start of SCAM ————————– YAHOO INTERNET LOTTERY CONGRATULATIONS! […]


Here is another Mega Jackpot lottery scam listed below: MEGA JACKPOT INTERNATIONAL LOTTERY. Paleisstraat 5, 2514 JA, DEN HAAG. The Netherlands. Official website: www. staatsloterij.nl Emails: megajack2007@aol.nl ” postlott2007@aim.com The Dutch Mega-jackpot Lottery (Nationale Postcode Loterij) was launched in 1989. It aims to support organizations working to create a fairer, greener world by raising funds […]

Coca-Cola Online Promotions

Another scam that tries to play on the Coca-Cola company – it is a scam and do not respond to this! I posted it for your viewing pleasure only. COCA-COLA ONLINE PROMOTIONS!!! THE COCA COLA COMPANY Hong Kong office is Giving Away a cash bonus of $5 Million dollars only. The Company is trying e-mail-to-e-mail […]

Microsoft Email Lottery

UK MICROSOFT JACKPOT LOTTERY REF NO: MSW/56B-672GH/L BATCH: 4583JL/WIN MICROSOFT EMAIL LOTTERY PROMOTION:UNITED KINGDOM Finally, today, we announce the results of the MICROSOFT MEGA JACKPOT LOTTERY EMAIL DRAWS held on march 11th, 2007. Your company or your personal e-mail address, attached to winning number 2-4-6-8-9-21-23, With serial number (6211), consequently won in the Tenth category. […]

Barrister Mike Ego

Another scam! This time I am the next of Kin who happened to be a Russian Oil Dealer and has 27 million sitting in a bank account only I can get to. If I come forward, I’ll get 40% of the 27 Million. Barrister Mike Ego would get 50% and %10 percent would be saved […]

Euro Million

Here is a scam called the Euro Million and designed to grab your personal information. The email is included below for your review – do not respond to it! ——————- Euro Million Phishing Attempt ————————- Euro Million (UK) International 28 Tanfield Road, Croydon, London Ref: UK/2007X2/50 Dear Winner, Winning Notification This is to notify you […]

Swift Credit Card

Below is a copy of the Swift Credit Card email scam, do not respond, it is a scam! ——————– Start of Swift Credit Card Email Scam ————— Swift Credit Card Payment System Presidential Commitee On Foriegn Payments Foreign Remittance Department Barclays Bank Plc Accra-Ghana. Attention:Honourable Beneficiary, Going by series of petition received from International Body […]

Microsoft AOL Sweepstakes

Here is a great example of email fraud! In this Microsoft AOL Sweepstakes scam, the representative from Microsoft claims to have selected you as the winner in their sweepstakes. Notice how the representative from Microsoft uses an email address from Yahoo in the UK! Ya, right – the email itself speaks loudly that it’s a […]

The Coca Cola Company Official Prize Notification

Here is a scam claiming to be from The Coca Cola Company Official Prize Notification and they ask for all your personal information right up front! Amazing that some people fall for this! ————— The Coca Cola Company Official Prize Notification SCAM email below —– The Coca Cola Company Promotion/Prize Award Dept: Coca Cola Avenue […]

Heineken Light Promotion Notification

And yet, another scam, this time to look like it came from Heineken and called the Heineken Light Promotion Notification —————– Start of scam Heineken Light Promotion Notification —————- The International Awareness Promotion Department Of Heineken Bottling Beer Company. 22 Garden Close, Stamford, Lincs, Pe9 2Yp, London United Kingdom. Heineken Light Promotion Notification. Dear Winner, […]

Mr Song LiLe

Here is a new scam from Mr. Song LiLe – his email is attached below and if you respond, he’ll give you a load of dung and ask for personal information. ———————— Good Day, It’s a pleasure meeting you today, how is everything with you, hope all is well with you and family. I’m Mr. […]

Global Mega Lottery (PRY) London

Here is yet another scam, this time it is called the Global Mega Lottery (PRY) London. The email I received today is posted below – it is an example of a scam, so DO NOT reply to it. Notice how they ask that you keep this information to yourself? The last thing they want is […]

Rafik Bahaa Edine Hariri

 Here is the second advance fee fraud letter I received this morning, it is a complete scam and designed to take your money, don’t respond to this letter! ———————– Start of Rafik Bahaa Edine Hariri Scam ———- From: Ronald Williams. Attn:  Sir/madam, Good day and best wishes in all your endeavors. It gives me great […]


Once again, another email that I have won the lottery, this time from the Euro Millions Spanish Lottery!  I don’t remember entering this lottery, must have done it in my sleep :) The following is a complete scam!  Do not fall for this junk – it is designed to get your private information, then your […]

Google Email Lottery International

Here is a phishing scam designed to really get your attention and is new! It’s called the Google Email Lottery International and pretends to be some type of lottery by Google, the worlds largest search engine. It is all a scam and by all means, DO NOT respond to it. It is designed to steal […]

Bono Lottery International Program

Another phishing / lotto scam, this time claiming to be the Bono Lottery International Program. Below is what they sent me – it’s a scam, so do not fall for this! FROM THE DESK OF THE PROMOTIONS MANAGER, EUROPEAN UNION INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS AWARD DEPARTMENT. P O Box 1010, L70 1NL Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM (Customer Services) […]

Euro Million Lottery International

Another scam for your viewing pleasure, this time I’ve won the Euro Lotto! Claim Your Lucky Prize won Euro Million Lottery International EU Lotteries Corporation, Special Edition. 2 Figtree Drive , Homebush Bay EU 2127 Dear Sir/Madam, Congratulations: claim $1,000,000.00 prize money. This is to announce the result of the last sweepstake of Euro Million […]


I have done it once again, won the jackpot that is! I just received this message and am so excited I had to write. In fact, at the bottom of their letter, they told me I could not reprint the email and it was ‘copy right’. Of course, I printed the email here for everyone […]

Netherlands Gaming Board

And again, another notification that I have won a million dollars!  This is just wonderful!  The letter (which is a scam) is listed below. Government Accredited Licensed lottery promoters. International Promotions/Prize Award Department This Lottery is approved by the Netherlands Gaming Board and also Licensed by the The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAG international […]

Google Lotto

Here is another Phishing Scam, this time is titled International Promotion Program and tries to get you excited by claiming it is a Google Lotto. It’s a complete scan and designed to extract valuable information from you be having you call them and then release personal information. Notice how this Phishing scam is worded incorrectly? […]

ABSA Private Bank

Here is another scam titled ABSA Private Bank, just had to post for your viewing pleasure.