We stayed at the Park Place Hotel to bring in 2017 and see the Cherry Drop in downtown Traverse City (nights of 29th, 30, & 31st) and I have to tell you – it was by far the MOST DISGUSTING room we have every stayed in, ever! I know, the lobby looks awesome, Minervas restaurant is fantastic, but the room was something I’d expect from a low-end hotel!

The first thing we spotted as we entered this dated room was a bug in the middle of the wall shown in the picture below – you couldn’t miss it!

Bug found on wall at Park Place Hotel in Traverse City

You might think that this is a bed bug but it is not and were later told it was a stink bug. Although it can emit an offensive smell, its sucking mouthparts do not feed on blood like the bed bug does.

I immediately called down to the front desk and someone came right up. The person that removed it didn’t know what it was, but said it was not a bed bug. (I later learned that he wrote in the log book that it was a spider – really? does that look anything like a spider to you?)

I also found, while staff was there, used tissue and plastic containers in plain sight! Below is a picture of what we found clearly visible behind nightstand #1:
Trash behind nightstand Park Place Hotel

And here is a picture of a used tissue we found behind nightstand #2, also in plain site:
Used Tissue behind nightstand at Park Place Hotel

Worse, take a look at the wall (zoom in to see detail) – clearly not cleaned and in plain sight from the end of the bed. There is no way you should miss this if you were cleaning the room.
Filthy walls at Park Place Hotel in Traverse City
Close up of the filty walls at Park Place Hotel in Traverse City

We were asked if we would like the room checked which of course we said YES, and were given a $25 gift card to use at Minervas restaurant and bar located on the first floor while they check out the room. After our drinks were finished, an employee came to inform us that our room has been thoroughly checked and ready for us to unpack.

We were tired, went back to the room and figured the room was clean of bugs, the sheets looked good and we crashed. My wife woke first, took her shower and found this towel hanging in the bathroom:
Dirty bath towel at Park Place Hotel

Then we noticed the filth on the floor and spotted what is shown in the picture below (zoom in for detail). What is that? Is that blood and pubic hair? You can clearly see this as you enter the bathroom and especially if you sit on the toilet!
How disturbing, looks like blood!
Filthy bathroom at the Park Place Hotel in TC

She then went to make a cup of coffee and found this! The cups were still wrapped in plastic but there was yellow fluid in the bottom???
Dirty cups at Park Place Hotel

This was just too much – we’re paying over a $1,000 for these two rooms (our daughter and her friend stayed in their own room) and we expect soooo much more.

I went down to talk to the Hotel Manager Thomas Maloney. When I showed Tom the picture he acted like it was no big deal saying “it’s just an insect”, then when I told him about all the items wrong with the room, he downplayed those as well. Each item I brought up he downplayed with a “whatever” expression which obviously didn’t go over well with me. I told him I expect both rooms (425, 429) to be spotless when I get back – I was non-confrontational, didn’t ask for anything in return, but did let him know that this is by far the worst room we have ever stayed at in our lives! He said he would have housekeeping look into it right away.

When we can back from a day of skiing, the stains were still on the wall, what appeared to be blood still in the corner of the bathroom tub, the ceiling still had dust hanging from it and the previous customer’s food remained on the floor! Here is our view when laying on the bed:
View from the bed at Park Place Hotel

Food from the last guest clearly visible in the corners:
Park Place Hotel room still dirty after cleaning

At checkout, we didn’t ask for anything, but received $50 off our $1,050 bill for the troubles. The hotel manager Tom Maloney never said anything to us, never apologized for the problems and I got the distinct feeling he could care less. He had us at one of the busiest times of year and I suspect he knew we couldn’t go anywhere else.

Park Place Hotel has a display showing future renovations, but honestly, until they put some quality control measures in place, I doubt it will make a difference. I noticed that TripAdvisor’s most recent reviews included one from Dereck W claiming there was Feces on the toilet seat – I’m not surprised.

A tripadvisor review of poop on the toilet seat at the Park Place Hotel in Traverse City

I would NOT recommend you stay at the Park Place hotel in Traverse City. It is by far the worst room we have ever had; if you decide to try it and have similar problems, I sincerely hope you don’t have to deal with Tom Maloney.

Regency Hotel Management lists Park Place Hotel as one their properties at 300 East State Street, Traverse City, Michigan 49684 with a phone of (231) 946-5000.

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