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Richard K. Werd Email Scam – [email protected]

This email I received today is a phishing attempt and states that I'll receive a custom pin based ATM card which I can use to withdraw up to $5,000 per day for years to come. Of course, it is nothing but a scam and I'm including...

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Miss Fatima Muhammad Warning

Here is an email I receive this morning claiming to be a 20 year old child of a wealthy West African cocoa merchant who wants to come to the states and is willing to pay you $500,000 if you help her out. Be careful with this...

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The Apple-Iphone Uk Global Lottery

This is the Apple iPhone email scam I received from Mr. Tam who asked that I share with everyone. If you receive this email, do not respond as it is designed to obtain your personal information! APPLE-IPHONE VERIFICATION FORM...

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