I started this page because I felt I was ripped off! I purchased a John Deere from Home Depot many years ago for a small flat lawn. After a year or so, the tractor started running out of power. Long story short, it turns out the k46 transaxle was junk and when I asked a dealer about it, I was told there was no upgrade option, no way to change the fluid and that if I wanted a real mower, I should buy the model that was a few thousand more than what I paid!

Frustrated, I spend days searching for a fix and found an upgrade kit (not offered by John Deere!) that solved all my problem, but the fact I had to do perform an upgrade at all was just wrong! By the way, if you want to read about the k66 transaxle upgrade kit, check out my John Deere transmission fix – it’s still running strong in 2015!

Not willing to accept the lame excuse I’ve received by the dealer, I’ve started collecting names for a class action lawsuit against John Deere in an attempt to get all of our money back or at least a free new mower that will do what they promised it will do!

John Deere Transmission Recall

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