WINNER NO17 Crown Investments UK

We wish to inform you that we are in receipt of your personal information which was requested to process the claim and release of your prize. This information has being sent to the Crown Investments UK, this company is the payment institution responsible for the release and transfer of this prize into any nominated bank account which you will provide upon request.

Furthermore, I Mr. Smith Walker, as your claims agent will always guide you in this process. You must comply with our all our directives as to ensure the smooth release and transfer of your prize. The crown Investments UK will contact you through e-mail, fax or telephone, in order to start with immediate effect, the release and transfer of this prize. The Microsoft International issued an Instruction to transfer your prize, this instruction was sent to them as a bank draft, so they will help you for the clearance of this draft and also transfer the funds into any nominated bank account of your choice within three to seven working days.

You can reach Crown Investments through this medium:
Suite 12 2ND Floor Queens House
180 Tottenham Court Road, London. W1T 7PD
Tel: +442032874491, +447024045516, Fax: +447092857626

Congratulations once again!!!
Mr. Smith Walker.

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  1. wolf says:

    just another so mcalled nigerian bank scam under a difrent name dont fall 4 it just report it 2 local authorities yar mail wil be full of it get a good spam remover and block them allas all your e mail afresbook will be copied by theese mails as well..

    another solution is ending a n email with copy 2 your local police..

  2. syed says:


  3. ANNIE MATI says:

    this must be fake cause im one of the winners and if we were the winners of the lottery in the UK
    WHY on earth do we have to pay those registration fee of $560 british pounds this is a load of crap
    and speaking to mr smith walker he sounds fake himself im sick of this shit and i want to hunt him down
    if we did win the lottery why cant we just get our million dollars and they can deduct the money from our winning

    mr smith walker you can go fucken jump cause now i have read everyones messages your nothing but a
    scammer then you want to scream at me on the phone fucken liar…

    this is a scam everybody dont believe wat you see all these people in the uk think they can get peoples personal
    information so they can muck around with peoples bank account details…

    if this is true then all we need to do is give our bank details they you guys release the money but noone believes

    your office if it was true im going to send my details with out paying dat bloody fee then i want you guys to release
    this money then ill know that this is true…

    peace everyone this is a SCAM….

  4. Igek Michel says:

    I winner # 25

    Mr. Adrian Wraight also send me a message to check my email, but I have no 675 Pounds.

  5. Maria van Wijk says:

    On the one doc it states I’m winner no 17 and on the other doc I’m winner no 20 – on the same email!
    This is bad….this is now my 5th “winning” and it always end there where I have to pay the requested amount!!!!

  6. tebatso says:

    im 1 of winners and now i got 1 problem.i got the remittance form yesterday but its in a picture format not the document format,so pls can you send me the it via document format.i cant fill it if its in that format so pls pls pls send it with a document format.

  7. Sukelik says:

    I also get similar mail from crown…, from begining i believed there was something wrong, but i folowed the procedure they sent. When they asked me 560 pound, I am really sure, this is a bullshit.

  8. AGOQS says:

    i have recently received an email that i am winner 17. ALL THE NUMBERS , BATCH, WINNING ARE ALL THE SAME FROM OTHER WINNERS. THIS IS PRECISELY A FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Angelo Marasigan says:

    I also received an email that i am the winner #017.
    Meaning, that’s fake…
    And why do you have to get our bank accounts if we really won?
    Can’t we get it personally?

  10. Leo Edy says:

    I am also received an email Crown Investment | Microsoft Lottery.
    May 2010, Really.? How can I believed that??
    Mr. Adrian Wraight also send me a message to check my email, but I have no 560 Pounds.

    Wes… podo wae, kabeh ngapusi iki, ternyata byk yg ketipu… bener2 lelucon….

  11. rio says:

    i have a day dream with 1 million dollar in Indonesia, but this is not real, bad day on the idiot for this pipe dream.

  12. usman says:

    Hi,I have won too, but I have no 560 pounds to be transfered. It’s funny which actually they can deduct from my prize. So why they need me to transfer 560 pounds. It make me think if this is a joke.

  13. SYED says:

    This lottery 100% false. crown investments ltd/mr. adrian wraight /micheal frank/smith all are false and cheat me. they asked me to travel to India and i went there. they asked me to pay the 560 pound and i paid. they again asked me to pay 4000 pound for anti terorism certificate and i paid. and finally they did not received my phone. they are bloody and they are not real born who worked like this. i hate them. micheal frank- 00919899140637. he is world wide cheat. so please away from them.

    i have all the documents. deposited bank slip. crown investments ltd letter from mr. adrian wraight.

    please do not trust them and please do not pay them even a single penny.

  14. Zechariah Gatkuoth says:

    I don’t know why British law allow these people to play people mind, i mean investment company. thanks

  15. Dwi Santoso Kabul Sediono SSi says:

    I also the winner no 17…I want to confirm about the fact…To whom I can get information.? .Anyway everybody will surprised got tke USD 1.000.000….but nobody can trust if they should transfer some money before the get the prize….

  16. HI says:

    Thanks a lot (My e-mail won the microsoft free e-mail lottery)
    But … realy? Is it realy true?
    HI, Indonesia.

  17. Eko Donopati says:

    Our Ref : CIL/PYM/N/1/10
    Your Ref : 875061725/07
    Finally may are required to immediately provide following :
    1.On this occasion I do not have the money for £ 560, considering the bankruptcy was deceived, although I wrote the basic ideas in the Regency Airport Construction Project Kulonprogo and others (Mega Project).-
    2.I will write a statement of Bank BNI officers in Yogyakarta as supporter where I open an account.-
    3.I only have the identity cards of the Region of Jakarta – the Centre, as a family Dwelling together, because my passport was not valid since the year 1997 when I worked in the airline Garuda Indonesia Operations.-

    Sincerely, –
    Eko Donopati
    Mobile Phone 6221.8170401557

    Connecting my previous statement, I am also currently engaged in preparing a defense demand to the Government and the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia, in respect of land Land Looting Residents Residents in the village of Transmigration Sonomartani, endeavor Hulu District, Northern District of Labuhan Batu, North Sumatra Province, –
    And ask for Facilities Development Roads, Communications, Education, Health, Clean Drinking Water supplies, adequate facilities Kebudayan Arts, as a humanitarian Commitments in the Field Foundation, as Chairman of Indonesian People’s Welfare Mission, –
    Thank you for willing to read about all this, though brief as it is .-
    Best regard ”
    Eko Donopati

  18. zander says:

    yup, me too got this kind of stuff. don’t believe this one, if its true why they want us to give 560pounds? were winning right? why paying if really won? fucking scammer.

  19. mazidah, klang malaysia says:

    i’m also got this mail on August 2010. then i’ve got call from 0442032874491 on 3rd September 2010@1512hrs. but i can’t get what he said coz line not good. i’ve sent email so many time ask to scan the cheque or what ever to make prove that not liar or false. so can u prove it?

  20. Azlan says:

    Them are froudster. I am know you all are smart people.Don’t believe that..I am also recieve the notice winning the lottery from microsoft international..Please search google for info.

  21. Chandra Darma says:

    Best Regards.

    Reading your letter, which ever you send to my email address: Fun and surprise me, really I am really excited, what you offer to me, which happened to me was in need of grants Danah, for helping me develop My business, which is currently experiencing an impasse and setbacks, and it will go bankrupt.
    At your request, the data my data, below that I’m ready to attach.

    Name : Chandra Darma
    Address :
    Phone Number :
    ATM Account No:
    Fax: Nil
    Email :
    Date of Birth:
    Marital Status : Married
    Occupation : Entrepreneur (Workshop Practice Service and Repair Electronics)

    So, what I put above, can be useful for you, and hopefully can qualify on my data this data.

    Thank you.

    Dharma Chandra

  22. wong kam wai says:

    since I am winning the games. I wish to ask anyone or any staff from you Dr. Smith Walker wanna to invest, and until the fund transfer to my account and I will pay back the person invest 10 times of value has been paid to the investor and what I said now will be work in any court or legal wise, if happen that I not pay, the person can issue a samman or legal action to me in any court in the world.


    Wong Kam Wai
    ID. No: 731104085459
    Citizen: Malaysian.

  23. Brenda Mercado says:

    I’m winner no.17 also. Guess something must be done to alert the public so as not to dupe more people.

  24. ABIDEEN says:

    i have also receive an email from crown investment,but i have no pounds for for any draft clearance anjd accounts clearance but please cut 560 pounds out of my prize and the remaining will send to me at my address,Thanks

  25. Nooty says:

    Well i got the email to claim the prize but i haven’t got the money to get the prize. Why does that have to be fee to pay? Can’t it deducted from the winner prize once it went through the account? Help!

  26. iftakher says:

    i m also Winner no 17 i just want how many persons are winner no 17 inform me right now i think its a Bengal fraud.

  27. abida naureen says:

    i am the winner of no 17 crown investment .as reference no.REFERENCE NO: 875061725/07
    BATCH NO: 505649092/188
    WINNER: NO17
    please tell me next procedure

  28. Zaza says:

    I have also receive an e-mail from Crown Investments Limited were I was informed as a winner No 017 and required to make immediately the payment of 560 B.Pounds for the registration fee!!!
    So I believe that it is just A BIG SCAM, any way don’t make any payment and you will see that it will be NO ANSWER, means NO DISTURB!

    Be careful NOT A POUND befor the estiamte PRIZE, it’s just a scam.

  29. victor babu says:

    sir iam also received an email Crown Investment | Microsoft Lottery.
    June 2010, Really.? How can I believed that??

    Mr. Adrian Wraight also send me a message to check my email, but I have no 560 Pounds.

  30. saroosh ansar says:

    REFERENCE NO: 175051720/10
    BATCH NO: 405649992/488
    WINNER: NO17
    my name saroosh ansar i won the prize crown investment responce me he askek please transfer 560 pound i just say you after deduct my remaining winning prize transfer my account. please tell me immediate

  31. says:

    i am the real winner i guess i got the real email from these guys so i am not sure if this is a real site or not so i am going to ask my relitives who works with FBI and CIA if this is really a Fake site or Not….. i will have to see this comp belongs to one of my lawers so ill have to give them some of these proof….. to them and my relitives….

  32. Tanvi Afroze says:

    I am also winner no 17. And I live in India .If it is true then please tell me how can I get the prize in my bank account in India

  33. farlin says:

    I am also received an email Crown Investment | Microsoft Lottery.
    June 2010, Really.? How can I believed that??

    Mr. Adrian Wraight also send me a message to check my email, but I have no 560 Pounds.

  34. IMRAN KHAN says:

    Contact me i am winner no. 17 crown investments UK.
    REFERENCE NO: 875061725/07
    BATCH NO: 505649092/188
    WINNER: NO17
    got mail of winning lottery. but how can i trust u, as many people got this mail.please send me some document about this.moreover you wanted 560 can i give you taking risk.manage a riskless thing, I am waitng reply must.

  35. yuda says:

    if you ever received an email from the crown investment? if you’ve got the prize?. please reply in my email

  36. Md.Khaled Hossain Masum says:

    i got mail of winning lottery. but how can i trust u, as many people got this mail.please send me some document about this.moreover you wanted 560 can i give you taking risk.manage a riskless thing.

  37. Shakirullah says:

    Hi i am also win17 is this true! there must be one winner with win17 so i think it;s just jocking or may be true b/c we cant provide the amount of money the claims for.

  38. andry martadinata says:

    in winner REFERENCE NO: 175051720/07
    BATCH NO: 405649992/488
    WINNER: NO17

    ON: 30 TH OF JANUARY 2010 …..really???

  39. Sukirno Priyanto says:


    This is to inform you that we received an information from your claims agent
    Mr.Smith Walker, regarding the release and transfer of the prize you won from the
    Microsoft International Lottery. You are advised to go through the documents and
    follow instructions.

    Adrian Wraight
    Tel: +442032869240, +442032874491, +447024045516,
    Fax: +447092857626

  40. Sujanto says:

    Are this true…i am the winner too…But i have no account on bank and i have no 560 pounds…

  41. Ampatu, Allen Joey T. says:

    Hello! How can i claim my prize? I have no telephone or fax number. I just have my mobile number that sent to Mr. Smith/ to the 1st message that i received. Please help me to get my prize. Pls message to my email add. Thank you!

  42. Pramod bhogale says:

    I won 550,000 pounds in the ongoing COCA COLA/UK PRAMO.
    on 6 may 2010. contact me

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