Once again, another email that I have won the lottery, this time from the Euro Millions Spanish Lottery!  I don’t remember entering this lottery, must have done it in my sleep :)

The following is a complete scam!  Do not fall for this junk – it is designed to get your private information, then your money!  It is called phishing and here is the email I received this morning.

BATCH: ESP-123-321-255


We are pleased to inform you of the result of the Euro millions Spanish Lottery Winners International E-mail programs held on the  1ST OF APRIL 2007 and result where release on the  16TH OF  APRIL 2007. Your E-mail address attached to ticket number 653-908-321-675 with serial main number 0032-123-543-654 drew lucky star numbers 12-21-23-26-29-42 which consequently won in the 2ND category, you have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of Euro.(One Million Euro)

Due to mix up of some numbers and names, we ask that you keep your winning information confidential until your claims has been processed and your money remitted to you. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some participants. All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from over 100,000 company and 50,000,000 individual email addresses and names from all over the world.
This lottery was promoted and sponsored by Spanish European Lottery board in order to enhance and promote the use of Internet Explorer Users and Microsoft-wares around the globe. This promotional program takes place every three year. We hope with part of your winning you will take part in our end of year 50 million Euro International lottery.

To File For Your Claim, Please Contact Our Fiducial Agent: DR.LUIS FERNANDEZ

Remember, all winning must claimed not later than one month,After this date all unclaimed funds will be included in the next stake.
Please note in order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications please remember to quote your reference number,batch numbers and other information as required by fill the details below.

1.Full Name:……………………….
3.Marital Status:…………………
8.Country Of Residence:…………………….
9.Telephone Number:…………………………
10.Fax Number:………………………………
11.Batch Number :…………………….
12.Reference Number:…………………
13.Alternative email address if any……………..

Furthermore, should there be any change of address do inform your claims agent as soon as possible.Congratulations once more from our members and staff thank you for being part of our promotional program.

Note: Anybody under the age of 18 is automatically disqualified.

Sincerely yours,
This message is confidential. It may also be privileged or otherwise protected by work product immunity or other legal rules. If you have received it please let us know by reply it from your system; you should not copy it or disclose its contents to anyone. All messages sent to and from Fernandez Security Company España may be monitored to ensure compliance with internal policies and to protect your winning from the Euro Million Spanish Lottery Award Promotion.
The contents of any email addressed to our clients are subject to our usual terms of business; anything which does not relate to the official business of the firm is neither given nor endorsed by it.


Again, this email from the Euro Millions Spanish Lottery is a fraud and it is designed to steal your hard earned money.  Do not respond to it.

This Euro Millions Spanish Lottery was posted for your review and to warn those thinking about jumping into something like this of the fraud.  It’s a phishing attempt and nothing else.

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  1. Jim says:

    Hi Clayton,

    I’m not saying you won anything. I posted the scam above so that people would be aware of whats going on and not become a victim. Don’t fall for it Clayton!

  2. Tim Marks says:

    Seems I have purchased a ticket for the Spanish lottery without knowing it. Not only that, but I WON…..8.5 million euro!!!!!!!! However…………..according to the letter, a mix up has meant that my name has been released. This mix up occurred on 23 May 2015. The letter is dated 27 April 2015, so the organisers are ahead of themselves!!!!!!!!
    Other tell-tale signs……..bad English, bad grammar and photo on top of the letter shows a cheque for 25.5 million DOLLARS.
    The Foreign operation manager works for a company that doesn’t exist, and the company name given is very similar to an insurance company SEGUROS BILBOA.
    Never mind, maybe next year I’ll get lucky with a Nigerian lottery!!

  3. krassi says:

    An the German version of the Letter I received today. Looks like a good bunisess for someone, going on for years.

    From: EUROPAEISCHE MIO. EURO LOTTERY KOMMISSION S.L ( Microsoft SmartScreen classified this message as junk.
    Sent: Wednesday, May 22, 2013 11:36:09 PM

    Microsoft SmartScreen marked this message as junk and we’ll delete it after ten days.
    Wait, it’s safe!

    REF. NUMBER: TCC/0204/ESP/920

    Sehr geehrter E-Mail Gewinner,

    Wir freuen uns Ihnen mitzuteilen zu koennen, dass Ihre E-Mail-Adresse, wie oben genannt, in der EUROPAEISCHE MIO Lotterie Online Computer Stimmzettel Auslosung, die in Madrid Spanien veranstaltet wurde gewonnen hat. Sie haben den Preis von 815.000 (acht hundert und fuenfzehntausend Euro) gewonnen.

    Wenn Sie der Besitzer dieser E-Mail-Adresse sind kontaktieren Sie bitte den beauftragten Vertreter Gesellschaft (MAPFRE SEGURO SA) mit den unten Vorschriften, einschliesslich der Gewinn Daten vor.

    1. Vollstaendiger Name
    2. Telefonnummer
    3. Handy-Nummer
    4. Faxnummer
    5. Aktuelle Adresse
    6. Geburtsdatum
    7. Beruf
    8. Land

    Rev Mario Zambrano (claim officer)
    TEL: + 34 631 178 660
    FAX: + 34 917 692 656
    Company E-mail:
    Private E-mail:

    Alle Informationen werden streng von Ihren Agenten verifiziert bevor die Zahlung durchgefuehrt wird. Sie werden hiermit verpflichtet die OrdersIhres Agent zu folgen.

    Herzlichen Glueckwunsch noch einmal von unseren Managment.

    Frau Angela De La Costa
    Madrid, Spanien.

  4. charlie kailou says:

    I have received a letter from the Euro International Lottery Program mentioning that Iam approved for a lump sum payout of 920,510:00 Euro, from the total cash price of 15,648,670.00 share among the seventeen international lucky winners in this category. congratulations.
    please can someone confirmed with me this adress: GENERAL DE SEGUROS S.A
    I dont like people robbing or con others within this world. please be honest to others.

    thanks, cee kay png

  5. C.Waterman says:

    These scam letters are still arriving from Madrid! I have just received one – and I have not bought any lottery tickets. So beware, everyone, don’t be taken in by these hoaxers!

  6. S Sami says:

    Just received one today to say we have one 900k , saying it was in conjunction with Qatar football association and the Spanish lottery !

  7. John Titterington says:

    My wife received the woderful news that she was the winner of a substantial amount in this draw. The paper it was written on, the language used- including an admission in the first paragraph that they had made an error, and the fact that she had not entered any such draw- raised our suspicions. I found it strange that the letter did not possess a web address, so tried to locate the physical address on Google earth. It does not exist.

    So I say to anybody who receives such a correspondence, chech check and recheck before jumping over the moon. You are likely to come down with a very nasty bump!

  8. get smart says:

    Think! Think ! again. It is so easy to get your infos,If you applied for a job, please do not write your email in your resume. I can guarantee you email will be sold sooner or later. If you have applied for anything, flll in anything that they want you to fill in your email, again, you email will be sold. So, you see your email can be sold so easily. Please put in a fake email if you don’t trust or just bother to fillin anything is the safest way. A lot’s of crook out there are buying your email from someone everyday….. Believe it not, is up to you.

  9. sam says:

    Sam, Brunei

    I’am write on behalf of my dad. My dad also recive such things letter 21/6/2012 regarding the AWARD NOTIFICATION/FININCAL NOTICE. The big question how the compny knows our adress and my dad never fillup any document regading the lottery.

    The letter such as attch :-

    We are pleased to inform you tody 8 Jun,2012 of the result of the Euro Million Spainsh Lottery Winners International E-mail programs held on the 25 of may,2012 as part of our yearly bonanza. Your nama attch to a ticket number 02-6056 wit ref serial no. 1 Your E-mail address attached to ticket nu08-05139127-1012 drew lucky star numbers 16,26,34,35,49,06 which consequently won in the 2nd category, you have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of1,887,536.00 Euro. bla bla bla and so on CONGRATULATIONS!!! […]”

    to begain your lottery claim plez contact your claim agent DR LAPORTA GOMEZ TEL NO. +34 602 161 312 EMAIL LOOMISSECURITAS@HUSH.AI

    After i read the comment from the client so i think this is scam letter

  10. anonUK says:

    I just want to know how they got my details? Do we know which companies have been selling our details in this instance? I always opt for privacy when signing up for anything and receiving a spam in the post all the way from Spain feels rather intrusive.

  11. daiyanaz says:

    yesterday i have received email from The International Lottery Board S.L .
    look like real.oh god i’m very excited…haha
    also today they email again asked for money trans-traction.
    filled in the requested form but not giving bank detail.
    until now no reply from them…
    I think this is a scam. no one wants to give so much money? weird right?

  12. Allan says:

    Just received the same, they insist that I come to Madrid and their protocol officer will pick me up at the airport tomorrow for an appointment at the High Court of Spain. The contact person is Barrister Savio Claudio phone 0034 634164867, e-mail, but the person responding is Ian Richard
    Barrister.Savio Claudio
    Tel: 0034 634 071 288
    Fax: 0034 917 692 740
    Wish somebody (in Spain) could chase them up and stop it – they are probably successful with a few every month sand can earn a living that way!

  13. joy-joy says:

    Hi i just received 1 of those scam letters too! I don’t know how they knew my address.. anyway… i was hoping it was true..but after i gave them my details etc.. they asked me to tranfer them some money, anyway i asked them to sent me some money instead to my account for proof. they never did.. so i knew they were after my money.
    So people stay away from these kinds of false lottary winning scams.. they just want your money….
    They will one day be punished for lying to other people.,

  14. Martin says:

    I recently received a letter in the mail, telling me that I had won 815, 950 Euro and I must claim it before a certain time period. It says the address is 28011 Madrid Spain… They provide the phone number 01134654406021.
    I find this a complete waste of time because I did not enter in any lottery. Plus, if I did, I would recall if I had spent money on a ticket like this. I am sure they do not give away a total of 18 million euro to randoms. Especially seeing I did not invest a dime in this lottery. For those of you who have recently received a similar letter BEWARE!! They are a load of Crap! And commenting on one of the comments above, yes, I assume they are still scamming people.


  15. wayne says:

    hi everyone,just had a letter from the international lottery commission SL.
    loteria del rosario romero Number 19
    planta 5,28014 madrid spain
    phone:0034 632 168 406
    its a total scam so please be careful. here’s some things to look out for when you get the letter 1.check the spelling 2.check if its the original copy(mine was a copy because it said on the letter)3.if you haven’t bought a ticket you haven’t won because they will try to convince you that the company bought the ticket for you just think if you haven’t bought a ticket how the hell are you supposed to your research on the net.The claims agent I had to contact comes under the name of DR. pedro slim ,The foreign service manager.Royal security and finance company SA and i phoned him on tel 0034 695 252 137 and i was expecting to speak to some one who was Spanish but he was Nigerian a big no no and when I started to ask him questions he hung the phone up,thats when I thought you ignorant prick and phoned him back and gave him a piece of my mind if I was closer I would have gone around with a bat .Its the most horrible feeling when you think you’ve won something and it turns out to be a scam and its a pity we can’t do anything about it so be careful folks.

  16. ann Greece says:

    same story again in Athens yesterday. Letter company name of LEGAL LEGENDS LAW FIRM in madrid also using the CAM FINANCE
    the name of the supposed lawyer is DOMINICO SANCHEZ but also used the name ANTHONY SANCHEZ.

    Same firm sent a letter to a german person in Athens Greece, using the right family name and address, would be interesting to hear about this fraud! ( The address used is not officially known anywhere in Greece, so the person sending the letter must have got into who-knows-what systems!! Would anybody know where to report this officially?

  17. Sanju says:

    I also recived a similar letter about Euro Millions at my home address.By the Mr Antonio Gracia Fernandez .I.D.F.Vice President.

  18. Anthony Sunderland says:

    I have just got a letter supposed to be from the International euromillion lottery board S.L

    Telling me that i won €985,510.00
    im to contact Hose miguel Foriegn Operations Manager Union House Securities De Espana

    Head Office Avd.Juan Real 25 C.P 28006,
    Madrid Spain Tel 0034 634091228

  19. leonado daniel says:

    ami me mandaron hoy una carta que es de la loteria y apuesta del estado , dice que gane plata y tengo que llamarlo . alquiem me puede decir que puedo hacer , con quien puedo acesorarme ?


    Enviado el: domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2010 04:16 p.m.
    Para: Undisclosed recipients:



    Tenemos el inmenso placer de informarle del resultado de hoy 12 de diciembre 2010 de las
    PROMOCIONES de la LOTERIA PRIMITIVA llevado a cabo el 10 de diciembre de 2010.
    Su E-mail dirección unido al número del boleto: 0016-359142-07 con número de serie: 42 01-17
    mostró el número afortunado De Remesa: 40-19-80.
    En consecuencia, ganador de la lotería en la tercera categoría. Por lo tanto, a usted le ha
    correspondido un premio de €615.810 EUROS (SEISCIENTOS QUINCE MIL OCHOCIENTOS DIEZ EUROS) en efectivo.
    El número de referencia de archivo para reclamar es YCH/019092300345/MRD El premio total en efectivo
    son €6.158,100 euros SEIS MILLONES CIENTOS CINCUENTAOCHO MIL CIEN EUROS). Compartido entre diez ganadores
    internacionales en esta categoría.Felicidades!!!!!!!

    Para comenzar su reclamación, usted debe comunicarse con el número de teléfono de LA ESTRELLA SEGUROS S.L
    con su agente exclusivo seguir los procedimientos para su fondo de ganar.
    El personal de contacto agente
    TEL:O1134 634 123 835
    FAX:01134 935 504 336

    NOTA: Todos los premios deben ser reclamados antes del 31 de diciembre de 2010, después de esta fecha,
    los fondos serán devueltos al MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA Y HACIENDA como no reclamada.
    Y también se acordó que el 5% (cinco por ciento) de su galardonada vínculo pertenece a LA ESTRELLA SEGUROS S.L,
    que será enviado después de recibir la cantidad ganada, ya que estaba asegurado el fondo,
    independientemente de su reclamación.


    4.CÓDIGO POSTAL:______________
    6.FECHA DE NACIMIENTO:________

    Los requisitos anteriores son necesarias.
    Felicidades Otra Vez!!!

  21. Raine Carosin says:

    I want to have all these scammers sued by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION, for making our hearts go fast and then our disappointment. I want them to build a jail especially for the scammers where they can watch tv programmes of people cooking and eating delicious foods all day while they live on bread and water – NO MARGARINE EITHER, or butter, I have to add, coz they are so slippery… That should be punishment enough – and no access to the outside world for seventy years… I’m that tired of all this stuff that goes on and on. I’m only human and when I get an email that immediately says: you’ve won something, I get happy… Those people have been messing with us for far too long now and need to be eradicated from our daily lives…. Surely there is something that can be done. We have brilliant hackers who have turned their lives around and work for good organisations, so surely they can devise a programme to bust all the “senders” (of these scams’) computers…..?

  22. Azevedo says:


    Today, (23/11/2010) I receved a letter from:
    Romano n.19 Planta 5
    28011 Madrid Spain.
    Tel/Fax 0034 677 725 080


    The contents of the letter says more or less like the examples posted.

    They inform to me that I the winner of 815,810.00 Euros.

    Of course I can not believe I won something, because I not even bought any lottery ticket.

    But what I found most strange was that I am Portuguese but I am living in England and even my family knows my address here. how did they figure out where I live???????

    The letter comes with the stamp of Portugal.

    I never gave my English address to people or institutions in Portugal.

    Can someone tells me how could they find my address?

    Thank’s a lot.


  23. Ali Casey says:

    Have been receiving these scams for years. They have now added (lead- ins) where mystics tell you to expect this money in the very near future using the same approach to send them money first to use their so called powers. Thank God I do not believe in mystics and fortune tellers. Having faith and believing in HIS way of guidance through scripture and prayer has always been the most powerful rewarding road to follow. A mother who raised 4 children , by herself, with her strong trust and faith in the Llord. They too are filled with the Holy Spirit and lead successful, loving lives.
    When it’s too good to be true it is! Always seek the Lords guidance. That’s what brought me here. Pray this will help you in all your choices. I held that evil letter in my hands, in prayer then rebuking the enemy for the ignorance and the selfish
    plot behind it all. Scripture tells you how this twisted type ends up. Too bad they never used their gift in the way it was intended for helping others- other then themselves. It is never too late to change and ask all to help in prayer for them to stop. Remember! You don’t have to do a thing when God takes over. Just pray.

  24. William Song says:

    who can help me confirm this bank??

    Swiss & Grenfell Private Bank & Trust ES
    Mrs.Luisa Vaquinhas (Online support account officer)
    Garret Kloos (Operations Manager)

    Pl Vincente Iborra 5-6,
    46003, Valencia, Spain

  25. Percy Demetrio Ramos Paredes says:

    I come to my mail this message and desire help me to verify his veracity since I am in Peru I am grateful for them for anticipated

    Calle Gran Via N61 Madrid-Spain

    01- 10-2010

    REF: ESIL/61-ILGI0509/45 BATCH:ESIL/15/096/GCO

    This is to inform you of the release of the Spanish Sweepstakes Lottery Email Promotional Program held on the 4th July 2010, this result was initially delayed due to mix up of email addresses, the results were finally released on the 30th of September 2010, and your email attached to Ticket number: 212005600545188 with Serial number: 4888/02, which drew the Lucky numbers: 41-6-76-13-45-8,which consequently won the lottery in the Second category of the year 2010.You are therefore approved for a lump sum payout of €1,000,000.00 (ONE MILLION EUROS ONLY) in cash accredited to file reference number:KPC/9080333308/03 this is from a total cash prize of €19,000,000.00(NINTEEN MILLION EUROS ONLY) Shared among the nineteen international winners in this category. Your fund is now deposited in a security company with your prize money insured in your email. Due to mix up of some email addresses, we ask that you keep this award from public notice until your claim has been processed and money remitted to your account as this is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming or unwarranted abuse of this program by participants as it has happened in the past.

    All participants were selected randomly from World Wide Web site through computer draw system and extracted from over 40,000 email addresses in Europe, America, Australia, Asia, and North America as part of our international promotions program, which we conduct once every year.

    To begin your claim you are advise to contact your claims agent, MR. LUIS MARTINS The Foreign Services Manager of GRUPO CATALANA SEGUROS MADRID-SPAIN, on TELEPHONE NUMBER:+34-672-835-787 for processing and remittance of your prize money to a designated account of your choice. Remember that all prize money must be claimed not than a month of this notice. After this date, all funds will be returned to the Treasury Department of the Ministry of Finance as unclaimed.

    NOTE: In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please remember to quote your reference number and batch number in every of your correspondence with your agent. Furthermore, should there be any change of your email address, do inform your claims agent as soon as possible.

    Congratulations again from all members of our staff and thank you for being a part of our promotions program.



  26. AHMAD GHASEMI says:

    Hello and have nice time , so you tolled me i won euro 750000 but ican not find
    my name in your winner lottery list and also no rcvd your bank full infomation and
    contact person number .

    awating for your reply with thanks

    best rgds
    ahmad ghasemi

  27. Vladimir says:

    I recieved such mail too:

    19 ??????? 2010 ?. 10:16 ???????????? euroawards center ???????:
    > Уважаемый победитель,
    > Ваш адрес электронной почты был выбран в качестве победителя в Испании Email Лотерея International, Spain. вы выиграли 315,810.00 евро зачисленных на счастливый номер ссылки EGL/417331247/03
    > Билет No 474 589 747 К файлу для вашего требования, Контактное лицо
    > г-н Карлоса Переса Фернандо международного Лото электронный адрес:
    > Телефон:+34-672-518-447.
    > С уважением,
    > Г-жа Мария Гомес
    > Dear Winner,
    > Your email address was selected as the winner in Spainish Email Lottery International, Spain. you have won 315,810.00 euros
    > credited to lucky reference number EGL/417331247/03
    > Ticket No 474 589 747 To file for your claim, Contact
    > Mr. Carlos Perez Fernando International Lotto.
    > E-Mail Address:
    > Telephone:+34-672-518-447
    > Best regards,
    > Ms. Maria Gomez.

  28. arvind says:

    i also recived the same letter on 2\8\2010….it was as follows
    the desk of the idf vice president
    TELE\FAX:+91 11 32473309

  29. mausi50 says:

    Wie kann man die Betrüger das Handwerk legen?
    Alles was ich hier gelesen habe ist mir auch passiert.
    Ich habe auch ein Konto an geben aber dort können sie nur Geld überweisen und nichts abheben.
    Sie haben mich nun paarmal angerufen.
    Darauf sagte ich ihnen wenn ich gewonnen habe, dann überweisen sie das Geld und wenn es da ist bezahle ich gern die Summe die sie haben wollen.
    Darauf sagte er zu mir ich solle nach Madrid kommen.
    Ich habe das Gespräch beendet.
    Darauf bekam ich eine Kopie vom angeblichen gewinn.
    Ich habe die Emails auch schon zu Kripo geschickt.

    MADRID 28028 SPAIN
    TEL: +34 634 066 444
    FAX: +34 911 881 493
    DATUM: 12Juli. 2010
    An: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Dies ist eine offizielle Benachrichtigung in Bezug auf eine Gewinn Summe, die in Ihrem Namen versichert auf diese Bank (CAJA ESPANA, MADRID)
    hinterlegt wurde von der Euromillion.
    Diese Gewinn Summe, die in Ihrem Namen hinterlegt wurde, betraegt € 935,470.00 (NEUN HUNDERT FÜNF UND DREIßIG TAUSEND VIER HUNDERT SIEBZIG EURO NUR) Und soll auf Ihr unten angegebenes Konto ueberwiesen werden.
    Hiermit garantieren wir Ihnen die sofortige Auszahlung Ihrer Gewinn Summe nachdem Sie den ausstehenden Betrag von €1,800 (EIN TAUSEND ACHT HUNDERT EURO NUR) bei der Banco Caja Espana beglichen haben fuer die Bearbeitungs/Notar und Ueberweisungsgebuehr. Nach Erhalt dieser Summe bekommen Sie einen Zahlnachweis von der BANCO CAJA ESPAÑA und die zertifikat von die ministerium aussgestellt.
    BEGUNSTIGER: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    LAND: Deutschland
    Mit freundlichen Gruessen,
    Dr. Eduardo Perez
    (Ueberweisungsleiter) wo kann mann sich hinwenden

  30. rob martin says:

    hi ever one today got letter as u all did i won 856,441.29 eurs good a, well didnt reply we have to b so carefuf to day some thing sould b done to stop then i wonder how may people full for it. rob southampton

  31. Faavae (Am Samoa) on June 29th, 2010 says:

    Please do not respond to these kind of emails. They are FAKE.

  32. angela (Switzerland) says:

    I also receved a simililar letter a few days ago from Alianz grupo seguros from Spain. I thought it was very strange I won this lottery but I thought it was possible :-/ I will check now the Administrator’s name on Google…
    I answer this mail and I sent them my informations :-/ . On the bank’s account I was giving there is no money and I paied any money to those people.
    I dont’ know the danger to give them my informations and tomorrow I will go to police to explane this fall, I dont understand how those pleople can go on scam und not stopping them.
    Thank you for your posting..

  33. Anan WE says:

    Yes, no matter what. DO NOT PAY ANY ADVANCE, GUYS!!!! you need to get Cold heart and be your own strong. Remember that, No any free from these suck of Letters. They have so many way to lie you, and eventually, one reason will ask you to pay money transfer via Western Union or MoneyGram to them.

    If you need to bait by playing with them, you must to concentrate on your mind that it’s all completely FAKE, and wrong!

    Me, finally, after boring play with them. I send them a link of SCAM list page, by capture screen monitor to be jpg files (several pages) and send back to them. After that, they won’t back to you because they fail to lie you then. REMEMBER, BE STRONG

  34. Theresa Landrigan says:

    I also received a letter from the International Lottery Board the 1st week in May. They said I had won in the 3rd category for 815,950 euros. I could take the winnings by going to Madrid, having it electronically transferred or in a certified check. Of course I chose the check, it seemed the safest way to go in case this was a scam. When “Dr. Dani Torres” said that I had to post gram a $1500 check to a “David Wilson”, no address, in Spain, and that the “fee” could not be taken out of the winnings, I knew I was being scammed. I’m just greatful that I d idn’t give them any important information. I wish I had checked this cite before I contacted them, but I am new to computers.
    Lesson to everyone-if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Check everything out.- keep yourself protected!

  35. John E. H. Martinussem says:

    I got a letter from Euro-super international lotto today. I was surprised that I had won 860.000 Euro at a lotto I have never participated in. So I looked up the director’s name. Don Franscessco Marco on Google and saw he is a member of a scam group. IT IS A SCAM, never give your information away to those people.

  36. El Capitan says:

    well… today a similar letter arrived by snail mail at my address here in Denmark. Thx for all the posts in here – makes it very easy to throw the letter away :-) would have been nice to receive 860.000 euros, though :-)

  37. solly says:

    They send me this email:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We wish to congratulate that this email emerged success in our computer Balloting program. This is a Millennium Scientific Electronic Computer Games in which email addresses were used.

    All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from over 100,000 company and 50,000,000 individual email addresses from all over the world. It is a promotional program aimed at encouraging internet users; therefore you do not need to buy ticket to enter for it.

    This email address drew and have won the sum of 750,000 Euros ( Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Euros) in cash credited to file with REFERENCE NUMBER: ESP/WIN/009/07/10/MA WINNING NUMBER : 14-17-24-34-37-45-16 BATCH NUMBERS : EULO/1007/444/606/09; SERIAL NUMBER: 45327 PROMOTION DATE:13th May.2010.

    To claim your winning prize, you are to contact the appointed agent below as soon as possible for the immediate release of your winning funds with your winning informations including with the below details.

    1) Your Full Name:
    2) Your Telephone Number:
    3) Your Mobile Number:
    4) Fax Number (If available)

    Contact Person: Mr.David Carlos . ( Foreign Operations Manager )
    Tel: 0034-672-969-328
    Fax: 0034-911-820-312
    Email: or

    Congratulations once again from all our staff.
    Mrs. F. Transofa. (Lottery co-ordinator).

  38. olabisi says:

    I received one of those letter today. I do not know where these pple got my address from since i was not even in this country the time they claimed the lottery was played. i knew immediately this was a scam. i even tried calling the number they gave to give them a piece of my mind but they pretended not to understand english.These pple needs to be exposed and stop. Thank for also letting pple know what is going on so they do not fall victim of this terrible scam.

  39. Irine B says:

    I received snail mail today, similar – like most people I do not recall buying a lottery, let alone in Spain – this has now been filed under ‘B’ for bin……

    We are pleased to inform you of the result of the Euro millions Spanish Lottery Winners International E-mail programs held on the 1ST OF APRIL 2007 and result where release on the 16TH OF APRIL 2007. Your E-mail address attached to ticket number 653-908-321-675 with serial main number 0032-123-543-654 drew lucky star numbers 12-21-23-26-29-42 which consequently won in the 2ND category, you have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of Euro.(One Million Euro)

    Due to mix up of some numbers and names, we ask that you keep your winning information confidential until your claims has been processed and your money remitted to you. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some participants. All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from over 100,000 company and 50,000,000 individual email addresses and names from all over the world.
    This lottery was promoted and sponsored by Spanish European Lottery board in order to enhance and promote the use of Internet Explorer Users and Microsoft-wares around the globe. This promotional program takes place every three year. We hope with part of your winning you will take part in our end of year 50 million Euro International lottery.

    To File For Your Claim, Please Contact Our Fiducial Agent: DR.LUIS FERNANDEZ
    CONTACT CLAIMS AGENT ON TEL:0032-123-321-123

    Remember, all winning must claimed not later than one month,After this date all unclaimed funds will be included in the next stake.
    Please note in order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications please remember to quote your reference number,batch numbers and other information as required by fill the details below.

    1.Full Name:……………………….
    3.Marital Status:…………………
    8.Country Of Residence:…………………….
    9.Telephone Number:…………………………
    10.Fax Number:………………………………
    11.Batch Number :…………………….
    12.Reference Number:…………………
    13.Alternative email address if any……………..

    Furthermore, should there be any change of address do inform your claims agent as soon as possible.Congratulations once more from our members and staff thank you for being part of our promotional program.

    Note: Anybody under the age of 18 is automatically disqualified.

    Sincerely yours,
    This message is confidential. It may also be privileged or otherwise protected by work product immunity or other legal rules. If you have received it please let us know by reply it from your system; you should not copy it or disclose its contents to anyone. All messages sent to and from Fernandez Security Company España may be monitored to ensure compliance with internal policies and to protect your winning from the Euro Million Spanish Lottery Award Promotion.
    The contents of any email addressed to our clients are subject to our usual terms of business; anything which does not relate to the official business of the firm is neither given nor endorsed by it.


    Again, this email from the Euro Millions Spanish Lottery is a fraud and it is designed to steal your hard earned money. Do not respond to it.

    This Euro Millions Spanish Lottery was posted for your review and to warn those thinking about jumping into something like this of the fraud. It’s a phishing attempt and nothing else.

    Filed Under: Phishing

  40. Ahmed from Tripoli says:

    I got a similar e-mail letter with ref. & btach numbers informing the release of Spanish sweepstake lottery ,Email Promorional Program … my email was attached to the no………& serial No. …..consequentaly won a lottery in the second category of year 2010 and approved for a lump sum payout of one million Euros..
    signed by Don Franscessco Marco
    Managing Director ……thanks for this generosity I knew its a fraud but, I wish if it becomes true

  41. cc says:


    I received today a letter from spain (I am in Greece) saying that I won the Euromillion Lottery.
    The letter is supposed to be sent by a company named USTRO SECURITY COMPANY SA and the signature is the name of a Pablo Martin. I didn’t find this company anywhere in google…
    The letter has my correct address and name. What can someone do to report it so that they can find the person who sent it?

  42. Matt Hensley says:

    I got an email this morning at the school where I teach. The spelling on it was not good and that was the first thing that alerted me. Reading the above confirmed what I was thinking. What a scam to get your personal information. They have to be kidding that I would give my bank account and routing number for this. I guess some people do who think that they can get rich quick. There is nothing free in this world.

  43. Hes says:

    I got letter to my home address, but not from email. That I’ve won 900.000 poundsterling. This letter from Euromillion lottery program UK, I just wondering how they knew my address in Indonesia.
    After I search Phone Number with British code +44, that was Direct Follow Me Phone, but from Yonkya Zimbagwe.


  44. Kathryn Limon says:

    I GOT THE SAME LETTER FROM International Lottery Board SL, with Dr. Antonio Perez as the contact. I called, no doubt will Have a nasty phone bill, and got Dr Perez, but had a very hard time understanding him. Anyway, he wanted $1,500.20 for taxes. HA HA> I hung up. Then I found your site and so much similar info. Except for the phone bill, I think I’m clear.

  45. Ked says:

    Sooooo excited to find out I’ve won 815,950 Euros in the Euromillion Lottery, shame I didn’t buy a ticket……

    what will they think of next.

    Kiss my butt Antonio Gomez Vice President of Lottery Award Board.

    Ked xx

  46. Viv says:

    16th March 2010, I too had the letter, e 815.950 prize etc etc. but my letter was address to Izabella Dukelskaia ?? at my address, My name is Viv.
    I also, over the last 10 years or so, have been receiving phone calls for this Mrs Dukelskaia, who she is and how she got to use my address is a mystery, I have not lost any money or had any debts from this woman as I am a bit more astute than some people on scams.
    I hope the scam people have a very uncomfortable life and death !!

  47. frak says:

    Dear Email Owner,

    Your e-mail address has just won you €840,125.50 Euro in the 2010 Euro Millions Espana email promotion. Your email address attached to Qualification Number e#/2010/:@ and lucky winning Number 4/5/14/44/46/8/9. For more information’s, contact the Operations officer below via telephone & email with your winning numbers and qualification number:

    Mr. Victor Ortega
    Tel: +34 6428 40720
    Email: &

    This is a program aimed to help families with the current Global crisis and also note that method of payment is by cheque.

    Congratulations in Advance!!

    Mrs. Angela Canovas.

    big bag of balls


  48. DI DI February 24, 2010 says:

    I received an award final notification today and knew it was a scam. It was from International Lottery Board S.L —– I hit the jack pot. EIGHTEEN MILLION, SIX HUNDRED AND SEVENY ONE THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED AND TEN EUROS. So, I am sending this information to my Attorney Generals Office in the state I reside. I suggest you all do the same. And thanks for this website. It is great.

  49. surinder says:

    i’ve recieved the same email.thanks for making it alert to people that this is a scam. i placed the email in the phishing box.

  50. Tamim Safi says:

    I got mail that show I won 77885 eu. I not reply this massage because first I want to Investgation about that. then I found you site. thankx alot to aware poeple to know about this kind of scam.

  51. winson says:

    I never imagine that I will become a milliomaire. How could I receive a letter from Euro Millions and telling me that I have won the lottery. I might done it in my dream. Only the greedy person will fall into their trap. Fortunately, it’s not me. I do hope that everybody shoud take extra care no matter you receive a letter or email about how lucky you are. Don’t believe. You are not so lucky. If you do believe, you will be a fool. Don’t be a fool……………

  52. Michael says:

    I have just received a leer today with the same text. I never played in my entire life. It is to good to be true.

    I have won at lottery before and that’s not a way to let someone know that he won.

    if we look at the date that everyone posted here it is far back in the past since this is happening.

  53. Guy says:

    For the love of God people listen up. You’ve read the info here, you’ve been told how to spot a scam, you’ve been told never send money and never give bank details as neither would be asked for if it wasn’t a scam now stop screaming for help and saying you’re confused!

    You are not confused you just don’t want to let go of the belief or hope that it is real. Pull yourself together, take a step back from your desperation and ask yourself, when did I enter the lottery? If you didn’t then you couldn’t possibly have won. If you did then find your ticket details and check them, date you entered what numbers etc. Does everything match the details in your letter? If they do are you sure you entered a bonafide lottery? Google it and find out. Chances are if you didn’t buy a ticket at a premise that it was a scam in the first place. If you must go further then be damned sure you…

    a. Do not give any personal details. Not bank account not address not email not telephone number not birth date not passport number not driving license number not national insurance number not social id number not tax number not post box number not dog license number not car registration number not number of fish you caught last spring break not number of dates you’ve had nada nada nada! get it? If you are asked for any of these it is a scam.

    b. Do not pay any money. (not one cent, penny or drachma!)

    c Do not arrange to meet anyone! Never, not anywhere not anytime not for any reason!

    d. Do not agree to do anything other than accept a delivery of your check from Fedex, UPS or other major courier company at the address which they will have on record, do not supply them with an address, let them tell you what address they have for you and then, if you do get a check, check it on line, take it to the police or a lawyer or a bank to have it scrutinized before attempting to cash it. But only bother to do that if you have personally entered a draw by buying a ticket, otherwise don’t waste your time, it’s a scam.

    So WAKE UP. Get over it, you’re not confused you just don’t want to let go of the dream!

  54. frethz says:


    +62 81213924147

  55. Lorna Jane Hendrick says:

    This isthe letter I got on the 15/12/09

    International Lotto Commission Espana
    From The Desk Of the Vice President
    Reference No:
    Batch No:

    Dear Beneficiary Lorna
    We are pleased to notify you of the draw of the EUROMILLONES DE LA PRIMIIVA LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL POMOTIONS PROGRAM (LOTTO HIGHSTAKE) held on the 27th of Nov 2009. Due to the mix up of numbers and names, the results were later released o the 11th of Dec 2009. All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn and extracted from a pool over 45,000 individuals and companies, names of distinguished professionals drawn from over 130 countries, Asia, America, Europe and the South Pacific, as part of our international promotions program which we conduct every year to encourage prospective overseas entries.

    Thats just the 1st paragraph, I dont have time to type the rest out but another piece of paper came with it, writen on the top it is Lottery Claim Application Form and asking for all my info!

    What do you guys think? I’ll try to get my scanner working to scan the letter an post it.

    Lorna Jane

  56. Howard says:

    Just recieved my good fortune in the Euro Millions Spanish email draw. I only get
    250000Euros! I seem to have the same ticket serial number 0891/EML 09 as your earlier blogger “Skeptic”

  57. Frazer says:

    I got some thing similar through snail mail from Euro Millions,Spanish International Lottery Company, Madrid..They asked me to fill in the form and scan it and send to them. I did and they told me to send them 450 as clearance fee, through Western Union to the name of their financial controller Mr.Albert Jephery. I have been currently contacting with them through email and they have been calling me and sending emails to me. I’m ready to send them the money tomorrow and get my cheque. Its so real,please help me…. Their number is +34634074124,the guys name is Jean Pedro..Please can you help me, I’m confused if this it real or a scam…Please, don’t give out my email Im scared…

  58. Isaac says:

    28204 MADRID SPAIN
    Tel:+ 34-634-185-163
                              CLAIM PAYMENT  PROCESSING

     Dear Winner,
    Congratulations from members of our staff, We acknowledge the receipt of your email with request to file for your winning prize. We write to clarify and explain our mode of service that we render to client on lottery claim related issue.And to inform you that you have been selected for a cash prize of 150,000.00 EUR (One Hundred Fifty Thousand Euros only) in cash credited. From the EURO MILLION International programs .The selection process was carried out through random selection in Euro Million International Lottery computerized email selection system from a database of over 250,000 email addresses drawn from all the continents of the world which you were selected.
    The EURO MILLION E-MAIL Lottery is approved by the European Gaming Board and also licensed by the The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR). This promotional lottery is the 3rd of its kind and we intend to sensitize the public.
    Firstly, our ultimate aim is to ensure that the Prime Winner receive his/her winning prize. You are required to print and fill the CLAIM/ PROCESSING FORM in capital letters and return back to us by scanned E-mail attachment or by fax for verification along with your photocopy of identification.
    Secondly, when you have been fully confirm as the Prime owner of the winning email address after verification exercise from the Lottery Company we will start the processing of your claim by sending you the Payment Scheme Form C6 to indicate the mode of payment you preferred which will be forwarded to the paying Bank to effect payment of your winning prize.The processing of your claims will be completed in three – four working days and subsequently you will receive your winning prize .
    Your winning prize is covered with HIGH INSURANCE POLICY which is in accordance with article 34b subsections 132 of the International Lottery regulations as amended in the 1996 constitution this is to protect the Prime Winner of his/her claims and to avoid misappropriation of the funds.
    Be assured that in line with our principles of efficiency, we will handle all verification with the highest level of professionalism and discretion to ensure you receive your winning prize within shortest possible time.
    Due to mix up of some numbers and names, we ask that you keep your winning information confidential until your claims has been processed and your winning Prize have been remitted into your nominated account. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some participant.
    Be inform that There will be a grand ceremony for all lucky winners and you will be invited to be part of the ceremony as one of the ten lucky winners. where you will have the opportunity to meet with other lucky winners and the sponsor of the this year euro million international lottery programmed.
    You are advice to immediately call Dr. Eric Macgre, Director of Operations below, As soon as you receive this notification to commence with your claims.
    TEL: 0034900808895
    FAX: 0034911820154
    HOTLINE: 0034917715116
    Dir LINE: 0034672554818
    Contact Officer Dr Eric Macgre
    Send the Claim Processing Form. Your e-mail address has brought to you this unexpected luck.
    Once again congratulations!!!
    Mr. Jose Manuel
    Publicity secretary
    Spanish Euro Million Lottery Spain.

    Scam! Run away People

  59. Skeptic says:

    Well, It’s a good thing I have used my head for something other than a hat rack(as my dad used to say) I received the same as everyone else. I am a skeptic anyway. It’s funny to see the different parts of the world they’ve targeted, and how long this has been going on.

    Your e-mail address have just won you One Hundred And Fifty thousand Euros only (150.000.00) at the SPANISH EURO MILLION 2009 Lottery Promotion Contact this office for more details:
    Mr Lopez Aguilla.

    Once again Congratulations from members of Euro Million Lottery Promotions Spain

    Sincerely Yours

    Mrs.Jeniffer Sanchez
    Publications Department

    Please Keep this winning numbers confidential to avoid double claims, and you must quote it in your response.

    Ref: E.M.L.P.S/19740101
    Ticket Serial:Number 0891/EML 09

  60. angel says:

    23, Canbridge street
    Tudor Square , London WC1N 2BY
    United Kingdom.
    Customer Service/Claims Department
    Tel:+44 702 402 7860(Call now to confirm any information)

    Ref: Euro/Millions/43250-2009
    Batch number: 2009/430/EML.
    ATTN:Prize Winner,

    I want to inform you that your verification details have been received and has been processed. I must say that you should count yourself extremely lucky to have emerged as one of our lucky winners in the Euro Millions Lottery Sweepstakes International Program.
    As you already know, all participants for the online version were selected randomly from the World Wide Web through a computer draw system and extracted from over 1,000,000 unions,associations and corporate bodies that are listed online and each email address was attatched to a ticket number. Your email address attatched to ticket number: 024-1112-70-663 with Serial number 6789-9 was selected which automatically makes you one of our lucky winners.

    Your funds have been approved for release and we will begin the process of remittance of your prize money to you immediately. I have contacted the Euro Millions Lottery Advisory Board and The Internal Revenue Board on this matter and we have decided to send your winning parcel which contains your certified bank cheque, original copies of your winning certificate, consolation prizes which include a Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop, a Euro Millions Lottery Branded T-shirt, a Euro Millions Lottery Branded Baseball cap and security Documents via a secured and efficient courier service.

    We have also contacted our affiliate Courier Company FASTWAY COURIERS DELIVERIES and have directed them to pick up your winning parcel from the National Head Quaters.
    Please forward your Name,your full details and Batch number to The Head of Deliveries,FASTWAY COURIERS DELIVERIES and he will get to you as soon as your winning parcel is ready for delivery.

    Dr Howard Jackson
    Head of Delivery Unit.
    FASTWAY Couriers Deliveries.
    Tel: +44(7) 0457 45375(24 HOURS)

    Note that you are to provide the Courier with these details to identify you:
    ** FULL NAME:
    ** AMOUNT WON:

    Lastly, do adhere to the Courier instructions so your winnings can get to you soonest. Also do note that there exists a periodic condition on all claims process, therefore you have limited time to claim your winnings. Failure to claim your winnings within the stipulated time frame will lead to the forfeiture of your winnings after which your winning funds will be added to next winning draws.

    Its is imperative that you add your BATCH NUMBER{2009/430/EML.} as the subject of any correspondence with the delivery department to ensure that they respond in a timely manner.

    I will require a concise update on your proceedings with the courier company as soon as you make contact with them. If you need any assistance whatsoever, please do not hesitate to let me know. Congratulations once more and do reply soonest to acknowledge the receipt of this mail.

    Sir Jason Franklin (Knight of St John)
    Co-ordinator(Online Promo Programme).

    Confidentiality Notice:
    Please note that this email, and any files that may be attached to it is/are confidential and is/are intended for the sole use of the individual(s) or entity(ies) to which it/they is/are addressed. Any use, distribution, copying or disclosure by any other person or entity is strictly prohibited under applicable law(s). Opinions, conclusions and other information in this message that do not relate to official business of EURO MILLIONS LOTTERY and insurance shall be understood to be neither given nor endorsed by EURO MILLIONS LOTTERY finance and insurance when addressed to concern finance and insurance clients; and any information contained in this email is subject to the terms and conditions of the governing client’s contract (s).

    THE Euro Millions Lottery

  61. antonis greece says:

    in my case they went one step ahead and send me a letter to my office with a claiming form…!!!! I must say they ‘re getting better!!!
    of course i teared it apart and trough it away.
    thnx everyone for the info…

  62. john says:

    got the same mail and i am trying to reply them pretending that i do not know that it is a scam. i just want to find out how people are conned by these hapless, senile and idle minded people. i will give you a feed back when i get all their replies and what they require of me. thanks

  63. Gerhild Vomberg says:

    Ich habe ein Anschreiben bekommen von
    Romano no 19, Planta 5,
    28011 Madrid, Span.
    Tel.: 00 34 665 151 547
    auf dem mein Name aber nicht eingetragen ist. Es sollte ein Anmeldeformular diesem Schreiben beigefügt sein, das aber nicht dabei war.
    Angeblich habe ich einen Gewinn von € 915.950,00 zugesprochen bekommen.
    Ich bin mir aber nicht sicher, daß das seine Richtigkeit hat. Können Sie mir da weiterhelfen?

  64. Theo says:

    I also got a letter from The International Lottery Board S.L , posted in Portugal but as sender the Board in Avd. Juan Real 25 C.P 28002 in Madrid, signed by Don (ha,ha) Antonio Pedro. The snail mail letter on cheap paper said that I had won EU 915,810.–. My wife immediately said this is scam as we never entered a lottery, but I filled in the requested form however not giving my bank details but told them to send the certified cheque. I found it suspicious but they did not asked for money yet so I went for it untill I thought let’s see if I can find out more through the internet which I did and found these warning mails.
    It is now clear to me that they found my address simply in the phone book of Cape Town.
    Absolutely great that you have this site.I wonder how come these scumbacks are still in bussiness, the authorities must be aware of this and also the legitimate lotteries. Nail those bastards.!

  65. Azz says:

    i got one too…

    Dear Email Owner,

    The Board of Directors and the International Promotion Department of Euro Millions Intl wishes to congratulate you on your success for being one of our lucky prize winners of ?735,110.17 (Euro) in our NEWYEAR CRISIS SOLUTION PROMO. This notice will come to you as a surprise, the results of the 2009 electronic online email sweepstakes is out, and your email ID won ?735,110.17(Euro) in category 2A, attached to Qualification Number EF/2709/EUSA and lucky winning Number 25/33/36/38/42/6/7

    This is a program aimed to help families with the current Global crisis and aimed also at encouraging Internet users, hence no ticket sold. We request you pay attention to this notice and follow, the Steps and conditions below to claim your prize. To file for your claim contact the appointed paying finance agent on the telephone number and email given below.

    Mr. David Williams
    Tel: +34 634 153 636
    Valencia, Spain
    Email to: &

    1. Quote your Qualification Number, winning number, your full name, Address, Country, Telephone, Mobile, Fax number and occupation via email to enable the process of your winning.
    2. All lucky participants would be required to obtain the Legalization Task Clearance document from the Local Government of Valencia for endorsement of your Winning Certificate of ?735,110.17(Euro) on your name.
    3. You are also to notify your Claims agent above, on your preferred method of receiving your winning prize, if by a Cashiers cheque issued on your Names or via Bank transfer, as this are our 2 method of remittance.

    Congratulations in Advance!! We wish you the best of luck as you spend your good fortune.


    Mrs. Anita Pablo.
    Promotion Manager.
    This e-mail transmission contains information that is confidential and may be privileged. It is intended only for the addressee(s) named above.———————— ——————————————————————————————————-


    Copyright© 1994-2009 Euromillions Spanish Online Lottery Inc.
    All rights reserved. Terms of Service Guidelines

  66. Richard Henry says:

    I’m from MALAYSIA, the other end of the globe to Spain, i just received a letter postage from ITALIA (Roma)

    look like i just won euro 1.2M, even though i didn’t enter or by lottery

    what i don’t understand is, how the hell did they get my address ???

  67. dimitra says:

    i just got an e-mail from the spanish lottery international saying that i won 1,200.00.00 euro . after sending my info i contact their bank and said that i have to open an account in their bank (costing 800 euro) in order for my money to be transfered. i had no idea about phishing.the mail was from Mr.Andre Rudolf Coertzen. and the bank that i have to open an account is Swiss&Grenfell Private Banl&Trust , operations manager Garret Kloos .PI Vincente Iborra 5-6 . 46003 Valencia, Spain. what should i do?

  68. James says:

    Another name being used, be aware:

    International Lottery Board S.L
    Romano no 19 Planta
    28011 Madrid, Spain

    I won EUR915950.00!!!!!!!!!! Lucky me……..

    Letters arrive by post, signed by Don David Antonio, VP, Lottery Award Board!


  69. Rose says:

    Hi, I have received the letter saying I’ve won. They told me that I have to release the fund with huge thousands, some I have already paid. I think I have made a big mistake in my life, I didn’t know about the scam. Please help me how can I get my money back now.

  70. Andia says:

    Many thanks for your detailed info….. I wish to tell to all of you that I received a LETTER by mail entitled to me and with the same matter….I’m the winner of the lottery and I should send by fax all my data and copy of my PASSPORT!!!!!

  71. Keeble Walker says:

    This is Keeble walker: Um here two clam my Spanish Euro million dollor lottery, and the, contact clame aget is where, ive been contacted by the Spanish Lottery saying “I’ have won

  72. Jane says:

    Hey Sophie,

    That is the trick of it, they pick out real people that have no idea of what is really going on and use them to work their scam.

    Don’t fall for it, you will end up the loser!

    Just forget about it, so many people have lost so much already.

    Good luck!

  73. Sophie says:

    Hi, I have read all these comments..
    I received an email about 5 days ago, however the format was different to the examples given here. I have actually spoke on the phone with the ‘claims director’ to try and get some information out of him, and have been emailing a guy at the ‘bank’, basically just stalling them until I do my homework! but all the information they provide is real – phone numbers, contact details, websites, I have even found out the names provide off staff members DO actually work at the bank that is stated in my emails. I have not provided any information at all, but I am 50/50 as it seems fairly authentic. And if you look up this particular Spanish drawn online, they do it once of twice a year via email accounts!

    I don’t know what to do!

  74. Denise says:

    I’ve just got one of those emails as well. I knew straightaway that I’d not entered such a lottery so therefore couldn’t have won anything. I sent them back a letter thanking them so very much for their email and gave them a sob story on how it’s come at such a desperate time in my life and I look forward to receiving my cheque – obviously not giving out any of my private details. Can’t wait to see what their reply will be!

  75. Jyothi says:

    Today my father also got a letter from spanish lottery commission stating that he has won 819,950 euro dollars.
    N askd him to give all his personal n bank details.N he has also given one
    If u give a search, it results in no website.

    ALL BIG SCAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. FRETHZ MARTHIN .MT says:



    thanks you

    best regard



  77. Dr.Jagadeesh says:

    Hello, today I received a post saying winning prize money from the Spanish lottery commissio international s.l . I didnt respond yet.whether I have to send reply r what ? If it is found scam why no action has not been initiated against the culprits ?

  78. Walt says:

    Hi I have been monitoring these e-mails for years now so please
    everyone listen up .

    just so you understand there is “no such thing as winning the lottery from whichever country the notification came from ….if you did not buy a ticket “you cannot win – hope we are clear on this as this is probably the most important thing you should remember when being confronted with these armature scams which usually originate from Nigeria and South Africa , but in case any of you are still in doubt here a few pointers that will help you weed out these stupid ..and I really mean they are stupid Scammers.

    1. Any lottery contacting you will and can only do so via their registered offices (State Law) and in the cases of e-mails sent to you (which they do not send) you can tell if it is a scammer because the e-mail address is usually a free one available to all like (aim is the favorite) or AOl etc if you see anything that is not linked to the user name and state lottery official site … then its a scammer – usually these people are so greedy they never bother checking any of this.

    2. If you did win the lottery there are no middle people “just the lottery” so there are no charges for postage or insurance this is the second biggest give away why would you have to pay when your about to be handed over a fortune? so basically anyone asking you for money against a lottery win is a scammer.

    3. Perhaps the best way to spot these scams is – when they ask you to send money to them – why are they giving you their private banking details? if the bank or the lottery has asked you for money why would you send it without thinking to a private individual

    4 Last point (but there are hundreds of mistakes these scammers commit ) but by far the most funny is that they give you a mobile number to contact them that is on a pay as you go service ie they always run out of credit if you keep them talking too long how many state lottery employees do you know that will conduct business on a cheap mobile sim card oh! and their fax number is usually a public access one . usually found in shops or library’s – How do I know this you may ask simple really I like to give these bandits a taste of their own medicine –

    By the way just one more thing these scammers are so greedy they even con themselves by selling your name and details to other twats like them, they call these lists “Stupid lists” referring to all those poor souls that have been duped by these parasites this is why you will always be bombarded by this crap and why you may end up getting two or three of these e-mails per week so my advice is keep keep clear of those e-mails.
    hope this helps you all

  79. terry says:

    got letter saying i had won big , they even spelt it ” millons”
    who do i send this scam letter to
    anyone know

  80. Suresh Kakkar says:

    I received this mail informing me about my winning a lottery of 25,000 Euro.I have sent them my Name,Address & Tel.No.Now after going thru all the feedback I got from your site I think this is a big fraud.Can it harm me? To whom I should report this spam?

  81. Angela from South Africa says:

    Received notice today via post of my fantastic (sic) winnings of 915 810 Euros. I have never entered and clearly they have got my details through the telephone book listing.

    Whilst they claim to be from Madrid in Spain, the letter was supposedly posted from Portugal. Names used therein are “Teressa Moreno” and “Don Antonio Pedro, Vice President”.

    God will punish these guys one day for trying to scam people of their hard earned money.

  82. ali says:

    i am from pakistan
    i receive this mail can you tell me it is scam or right
    ” Euro Spanish Lottery International
    Dear Winner,

    Congratulations,Your email have won you 25,000.00 Euro in cash.Contact Mr ……..?
    via Official Email/Fax: claimoffice @ with the following details,

    Once again, congratulations on your award.
    Online Lottery Coordinator,
    Award Disbursement Center.(C)2009

  83. MIKE says:

    I too received a letter dated 29th June 2009. Informing me that I had won £539,516.00. I thought fantastic, then reamism came in. I had not purchased a ticket, and why would they buy one on my behalf, and why wouldn’t they keep the money for themselves, why pass it on to me.

    I feel very sorry for those people taken in by this scam, thinking that their dreams had come true. Only to get ripped off. The Fraud Swad and International Police should get involved. These people should be fully investigated.

  84. tweety says:

    I receive the letter from Euro Million Espanol Lottery Commission, Espanol Madrid.
    I receive it in 2nd of March 2009.
    I don`t know what can I do?
    thank you

  85. frethz says:

    i am from jakarta indonesia
    i get email from euro lottery total amount won euro can you please inform me
    my name : frethz
    address; warakas vii gg 8/14 tanjung priok
    north jakarta indonesia

    until now iam still waiting .

    thanks so much your kindly

    best regard


    jakarta indonesia 14340

  86. Jack mendenhall says:

    I recived award notification on the 24th.of march 2009 on my paper his name is miguel lopez vice prisident lottery award board no way will i sendany information

  87. ERNESTO says:

    A similar thing came to me that i have won 1.7 million dollar, immediately i contacted the so called DR BEKKENS EDWIN, he could not speak but i noticed he kept beeping me. THANKS A MILLION FOR THIS ASSISTANCE…

  88. LIZZI says:

    I did a google search and found this site. thank god. i thought it too good to be true. i haven’t entered any overseas stuff at all. i need money – but had the mind to check. doesn’t it piss you off that these so called people keep getting away with taking from people that are in the most need. they don’t give a hoot about anyone – they are in for the kill. one day before too long the governments might just do something about it. until then i do hope that people take care.

  89. roya says:

    Hey guys, i have got an e-mail from EURO MILLIONS SPANISH LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL. I gave them my bank account number, should i be worried about it? please help me

  90. Alamgir says:

    Like another people I have got an e-mail from “EURO MILLIONS SPANISH LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL” informed me that I have have won 960.000.00 euros.

    How much is it true i don’t know.

  91. niki says:

    Thanks for this page, we were also tricked.

    We didn’t get a mail this time but a letter was sent from “international lottery board’ to my grandfather (who consequently is 80 years old), saying that he, as a “dependent client”, has won the amount of 915.000 euros! As you can assume they keep decreasing the prize in order to be more believable! – so, look out for your loved ones as well, especially if they are at an age that can be deceived more easily…

    Thanks again, because as a dreamer myself I was shocked for being so lucky out of the blue and ready to send my personal information.


    Received an e-mail about winning a lottery I never played ! (Trinidad WI )
    The letter head read ‘EURO MILLIONS’ C/GUZMAN EL BUENO, 437 28003
    MADRID – ESPANA / TEL : 0011-34-630-163.855.
    The letter looked cheap and signed by Miguel Caraballoeda Antonio.
    The overall appearance was fake and even my 13 year old daughter was not impressed!! My first suspicion arose when they attached a form asking for details of my bank account /swift code etc. Being a banker I know how dangerous it is to give out this information to unknown parties.
    Please don’t be fooled by this scam. Some are so cheap even a child can detect it!!!

  93. margaret NYBØ says:

    Hey! now I have the details.Lotteria Apuestos.BANCO SANTANDER was the bank the winnings were deposited in my name.
    Rita David was the person we sent the money to.
    Another address lotteria Primitiva,c/Virgen de los Peligros 13 CP 28013 Madrid-SPAIN.
    tlf 0034-692-894-736.
    Persons we had contact with (1) SEN ALVAREZ (2)OSKA MARTINEZ FAX 0034911-311-807.
    Another bank mentioned…La oriental de Seguros.
    Good luck to these losers!!

  94. victoria says:

    hi i got a letter yesterday, it looked so real, but it is a scam, i called the fraud busters and they told me that they are on there list of scams and that they are working with the Europe police to bring them down! i have also contacted my local news paper ,i urge people to do the same and bring these low lifes down!

  95. margaret NYBØ says:

    These guys are professional svindlers.Can’t imagine they can do a thing like this and get away with it.It was obviously a group of them working together because different people rang each time.I d not have all details with me to show but have kept them.They claimed that the money was in a bank in Spain in my name.

  96. margaret NYBØ says:

    received a similar letter from Spain saying that I have won 5 million euros.I fell for it and send my bank details as requested.Then they wanted a fee for transferring the money which I sent.When they got that they then claimed a huge sum saying that it was compulsory by Spanish law to pay this government tax declaration before the money could be transferred out of the country.They even sent the document concerning this.It all looked so official and real.We hesitated a while then the agent came up with the idea that he would pay half the amount for us.So we went ahead and paid the half.After they received it we had several phone calls saying that the bank will not accept the other half from them.that it had to come from us.We told them that we do not have that kind of money, and requested that they refund the money we had paid.They have not contacted us again.We have reported the matter to our police dept.More than a year has gone and we have not heard a thing.They also insisted that we use that known US. MONEY transfer co.but we had to use our own local bank as none of those places exist here.(WESTERN UNON)

  97. steve kahunas says:

    It’s a scam. want to know how i know why? Can i ask you all if you play the lotto in your home country? How many times have you won a major prize? Hmmm,let me guess-probably zero times.Well,guess what I’ve apparently won 8 times having never bought a ticket with these Spanish lotto firms that buy tickets on behalf of Internationals. Not bad eh? Oh,guess what-they never chased me to claim the money when i didn’t respond to any e-mails or snail mails.What they do is drip feed you to get information then they ask for cash for “transfer” fees.

    These people who operate these scams are criminals and will either use the information you give for identity theft or sell the information to someone else who WILL use it for identity theft.

    Be careful everyone!

  98. Ben says:

    Name I put is never my true name, address, phone or other contact are never to be given by anyone to these rogue, scammers or fraudsters or black monkeys from West Africa. They are cunning educated tricksters and twist around like sneaks and will use your given names, addresses, contact nos. for their own purposes which can land you up into trouble and tarnished your good name.

    So be wise, never to give your names, address, contacts and other particulars to anyone as these black vicious bastards will destroy your reputation and swindle you bit-by-bit as you get along and can finish you up by millions.

  99. Brider007 says:

    I to got 2 snail mails on the same day I must have entered 2x! I love that they wasted .78 euro on each one sent, I feel that I have gotten my moneys worth already :)

  100. annie says:

    hi i also recieved an email from

    Euro Million lottrey award 2008.
    Pol.Lasao, Area Anardi
    155, 28090 Madrid.
    Spain Branch.

    i emailed back my id and all that infos about me(tel#,fax# & cel#,home address with my signature & id picture) im really worried right now,i was so stupid not to check first before replying..was it possible that they may use my infos on creating another scam..pls response…


  101. ankit says:

    thank you for informing us.i was about to respond them and dive into a sea of troubles.THank you once again.

  102. J Kulzz says:

    i got a letter from Euro millions Desk of Managing Director,
    Calle Don Carlos 11 No 145
    29090 Zaragoza, Espana
    Tel: 0034685 279780

    I actually played. The application was in a magazine. They said i won Euro 585, 510.
    Legal fees I paid Euro 700. Now they need Euro 1650 for the transfer fee.

    I actually played for it. Now that you guys are saying this. Im confused please help me to confirm before I pay the transfer fee if it is real. My wiining money is sitting in the Caja Madrid Bank in Spain…..Help!!!!!

  103. JO says:

    thanks for the information… i also recieved an email like this dated OCT.05.2008@8:35pm….
    how could we stop them?

  104. Marian Khamo says:

    I received a similar letter yesterday, 4 October 2008 from International Lottery Board S.L informing me that I have won 815,810 euros from the euromillones International Lottery Promotions Programme held on 23 August 2008 and also advising me to tell no one, but to contadct Don Luis Garcia, Foreign Operations Manager on 0034-690-246-940, or to fax within one month of the date of the letter.

    Surely something can be done to stop these people ripping off innocent people.

  105. Shooter says:

    I receive email also. Funny though they could not get “BACO” or BANCO correctly.

    Address: Avda .Del Petroleo 222 Polig
    Madrid Spain.
    TEL: 34 652 063 073

  106. MJMD says:


    No you can’t get the information back.
    Yes you have been tricked.
    You will not get any “taxes” you have paid back.
    Any information you sent can be used for:
    – Sending you more and better scams.
    – Identity theft where they purchase in your name.
    If you sent any $, contact your country’s federal police with details.

  107. priscila c. serrada says:

    hi i got the same email here is the message
    Euro Million lottrey award 2008.PLAZA DE LA REINA 2C.P 28090 Madrid.Spain Branch.Ref. N? ESM/WIN/008/05/10/MA Batch. N? EULO/2907/444/908/08.YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS WON THE LOTTERY AWARD 2008 AWARDWe wish to congratulate you over your email success in our computer Balloting sweepstake held on 18th AUG 2008. This is a millennium scientific computer game in which email addresses were used. It is a promotional program aimed at encouraging internet users; therefore you do not need to buy ticket to enter for it. Your email address attached to ticket star number (34234) with 20serial number 51622 drew the EUROMILLION lucky numbers 7-17-20-30-66 which consequently won the draw in the Second category. You have been approving for the star prize of $1.7M (One Million Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars Only).CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are advised to keep this winning very confidential until you receive your lump prize in your account or optional cheque issuance to you. This is a protective measure to avoid double claiming by people you may tell as we have had cases like this before, please send your Full Name, Home and Office Tel & Fax Number, Mobile Tel Number and your winning ticket number, reference numbers and amount won information for processing of your winning fund to our registered claim agent inaddress below: VASCO SEGUROS SADr. Cook DavidAddress: Avda .Del Castellon 42 Madrid Spain.TEL:0034 665 137 Be informed that the appointed agent will be required to swear affidavits of lotto claim also remember, all winning must be claimed not later than 30th AUGUST, 2008. Please note, in order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, remember to quote your reference number and batch number in all correspondence. Furthermore, should there be any changeof address do inform our agent as soon as possible. Once again congratulations. Your email address has brought to you this expected luck. Mrs. Maria Burgos Pedro De La Ros Martinez Mark,(Lottery coordinator)

  108. cel ck says:

    hi got an email too but i jst send them my info. jst thinking it must be a scam dn i try to search this site. my God, how can i get it back. help me pls.

  109. Kate says:

    16th july 2008
    Hi..i too got 2 emails from EuroMillions Lottery Award 2008 Madrid Spain ..sounded too good to be did google search and decided not to bother with them..however had replied earlier with my details like full name, house n tel n mobile no……n if they should reply n ask for $$ to be remited to get the lottery winnings…that’s the run n get out fast signal bell of danger…get smarter from such experience….god must get these scamsters….to avoid people from being cheated of thier hard earned $$$$….help!!!!!!

  110. Buggu... says:

    use common sense guys….if u won 1$ millions then why first you need to pay $1000 dollers….try enjoy ur lifes with the little money u already have…

  111. Therese says:

    Wow!!! It’s kinda funny but I wish it’s true. Imagine, I was supposed to be winning $1.7M? I had a feeling that it’s all a scam, though. Thank you for all your comments (help). Gee, this has been happening for quite sometime already, why did the authorities did not do anything to stop these people?

  112. yousef says:

    dear all
    hi rokayya
    i received that email from lottery spain
    i email them
    i know it is a fraud
    i emailed them
    then they sent me the legal papers from high court of justice in Madrid
    and the check from Cam bank in spian, and the certificate that i win,
    every thing is signed by judges and accountants and courts and every thing have my full name
    so what do u think?
    remark please roukaya.

  113. cecilia says:

    well i was also send the same mail on the 2nd of June and i really thought i did win but off course i can now see its all a scam. the sad part is that it felt so good, but i wish we can put a stop to loosers like this. thanx a lot for this page you have saved me some heartache

  114. Gleb says:


    “Dear winner,

    Your e-mail address was selected as winner of the Spanish Email Lottery International,
    Spain. You have won the sum of 415,810.00 Euros (Four Hundred And Fifteen Thousand, Eight Hundred Euros Only),
    credited to lucky number NDL/619331247/03.

    To file for your claims, contact Francisco Pedro of NEW DAWN S.A.SPAIN
    on Tel.:+34 645 666 610, Fax. +34 911 817 562,
    (Mon – Fri: 10am-8pm, Sat: 12noon-5pm)

    N/B; This is the final notification

    Congratulations once again from our staff

    Yours sincerely
    Mrs. Jennifer Alvaro
    Secretary,Lottery Board.”


    Nice, nice, nice. How many euro millioners in the world now after that emails? :)

  115. Bill says:

    I just won too!! I was so happy…. Then came the reseach thre is a euro millions lotto just not them. If you get mails like this do your homework. Maybe I won though and we should all spend our money somwhere hot. (like spain)

  116. malika says:

    hello, i received an email of them too. They called me every day 5 times. Than a Mr. Morris called me and said he is the manager of the bank. So I have to pay 1500 Euros for the transfer. Directly I have called the western union bank to inform me.They said this is scam. Because why should wie pay for the transfer, wenn we have won so much money?

  117. Liam Bauress says:


  118. Tom Hanhart says:

    Oh yes I agree with Margareth its fine that you guys are giving this effort here. Normaly I spoil such crap but seeing this Euromillions email today I was little unsure a moment. Thank you!

  119. be thuong says:

    thanks for these websites i almost believed it. i wasn’t going to give any private information so i’ll delete the mail. thanks for these sites anyway.

  120. Margareth Berentzen says:

    Jippi. I won one million euro in the SPANISH LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL, and i didnt belive it was that easy to win so i search on internett and found these pages. Thank you for putting up pages like this for people like me that almost belived it.
    this is a scam

  121. Margaret Cabral says:

    Euro Lottery
    dated 2/22/2008 says I won 787,248. euros but it says else where I won 787,240. since so many people said it is a scam I am
    going to assume it is, and take it to my bank and ask them to see
    who these people are.

  122. enis kenny says:

    just recieved a letter from euro millions lottery commision s.l i have phoned them and they said to fax it and i told them i would have a cheque as no way i would give them my bank detials i do buy eoropean lottert tickets but is this one a scam

  123. Yuri V.O. says:

    received the same email story from a British Online Lottery. thanks to you one can see how many winners you get around the world! i’m impressed.

  124. MIK says:

    I have recieved letter with blank proforma from EURO MILLIONS ESPANA S.A/L.A
    Ave. UNIVERSIDAD-13,28980 GETAFE MADRID SPAIN.dated 11-01-20008
    detailing Refrence no, Batch no, ticket number and Security file number.
    It has reported that i have won amount of 799925 euro & urged the name, bank account
    number and swift code of my bank in and to dig out the factual of the matter.
    Resultanting A.I.M Consultant.S.A Comissoin Agent, sole Represantative CALLE MAQUEDA.55
    BAJOIB 28026 MADRID SPAIN, Demaded 550 euro as the name of MABEL PAUL finacial controller
    with same address for insurance premium Vialocal western union money transfer.
    kindly clearify it is FAKE or otherwise its true then why the won amount is not Transfer
    through Embassy of Pakistan.

    Name of the persons,

    Programme Director
    Mr.Manuel Ferro Tana
    A.I.M Commission Agent/ Transfer Manager
    Mr.Carlos Fernondez

  125. Sedat Demir says:

    Is is not possible to catch the people who send these e mails? Is it so easy to take the hard earned mony of the people?

    These people must be followed by INTERPOL I think. They must be stopped.

  126. Dr. Yasir Iqbal Mirza says:

    Respectid Sir
    Receiently we receive your letter in which you info us that we have win your lotery which are held on 4th Jan 2008
    batch No 0198/2008
    winner of lottery JEHANGIR KAYANI
    from Pakistan
    please send me back your truely & comlete information

  127. Solly says:

    I had an e-mail about Euro mega millions promotion,

    My bet was sending my information: Bank details and Identification. I am so scared that those people can make anything with my details.

    I never did send them any money as they say it is for eligibility letter from the minicipality.

  128. jayalakshmi rao .s says:

    i have received an email about Euro million Spainesh lottery .Is it True.

    Poetess S.Jayalakshmi Rao

  129. Annie says:

    For any of you who gave out your bank account information. I would close that account as soon as possible, and inform your bank as of why you are doing this. You can open another bank account. Never, ever give your banking information, especially your bank account number to anyone!!

  130. sarb says:

    hi i also got a letter from this euromillion lottery. after receiving d letter i started searching on internet if i really won money even i didn´t bought any ticket. thnx for information. i also thought that they r frauds n so they are.

  131. Yaelyney says:

    I got a letter too.
    i gave my infos,is it ok?
    i do have a bank account but it doesnt contain large amount of money.
    is there anything to worry about my info?
    pls i need an advice.

  132. janaka says:

    hi. I am a sri lanakan and I got a similar email. I googled the names and found this valuble website of yours.

    thanks for the good work!!

  133. Marcin Gornik says:

    Hello I have received the same e-mail I can not think that there will be so many people winning this thing.I just wanted to know what’s really up with these guys.Thank You for Your input to this matter.If I were You I would keep my information private.Especially that these people work from abroad so they are safe and hard to locate.
    Have a good day Everyone and Marry Christmas.
    Marcin G

  134. vid says:

    I just got the letter and phoned the agent……..sent the scanned attachment with just my personal info on it,,,, checked send cheque with official……….. now I am sort of scared because all personal info can be used for other things….called the agent back… he told me he would call me back on monday………..

  135. tzachi says:

    I got a message from

    22892 MADRID-SPAIN

    consultsa S.L that I have won the e mail award from lottery international. Is this is a fraud or real? I faxed my info. There is anything to worry about?

  136. Muhammad Murtaza Rashid says:

    Online Cyber Lottery
    20 Craven Park, Harlesden
    London NW10
    United Kingdom.
    Ref NO: EH 9590 OG 0612
    Batch NO:563881545-NL/2006

    Attn : Muhammad Murtaza Rashid,

    Top of the day to you. We are in receipt of your mail and your information as given. Note that your information have been forwarded to our Paying Bank for Immediate transfer.

    Below is the contact information of our paying Bank. You are expected to contact them today as regards to the transfer of your won funds to you.

    61 Queen St, London, EC4R 1AF, UK
    Contact Person: Mr. Jürgen Ebert,
    Online Banking Division,
    Tel: +44 703 590 0344
    +44 703 184 5860

    We would want you to contact our Paying Bank today and make enquiry as regards to the transfer of your winnings to you with you winnings informations,

    * Batch Number
    * Refference Number
    * Your Full Name
    * Your Home Address
    * Tel: and
    * A Scanned copy of your ID for proper identification

    Do update us as regards to the transfer. Thank you for your understanding.

    Yours faithfully,
    Mr Pieter Henk
    Dispatch Officer
    Phone: +44 704 574 2495
    +44 701 113 0937
    Online Cyber Promotion

    Confidentiality Notice: This e-mail message, including any attachments, is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and contains confidential and privileged information. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure, or distribution is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply e-mail and destroy all copies of the original message.

  137. Hindo says:

    I got a message from fuenete consultsa S.L that I have won the e mail award from euro million email lottery international. Is this is a fraud or real? I faxed my info. There is anything to worry about?

  138. Angie says:

    I got that letter too. And I also faxed my info. include my bank’s name and account number. but that account do not have any money. I guess it will be ok. did they rely you yet,jojo?

  139. jojo says:

    I have just got the same letter that included the same information as well. However, I was so stupid.I have sent them back the form that they asked me to fill in with all information about myself, even my bank’s name and my account number. So what can i do now to solve the problem?
    Thank for your help.

  140. himani says:

    i got the same mail of winning on 15th november ,i made a made a mistake of giving them my name, address, phone,please help me what should i do now?is there is anything to worry about?

  141. kristen says:


    I got a snail mail scam letter from the ” Euro Millions lottery international promotions program” today. It tries to be clever and says my agent ( a complete mystery) bought the ticket for me…etc etc etc. They don’t ask for money but I read a post on here that if you respond in any way they ask for an administrative fee of 1000 euros….

    All they have is what is listed in the phonebook about me which is a huge drawback of being listed I guess…

  142. kim gumfory says:

    on october 17 i got a letter saying i won 900,000,000 in a drawling they said my name was attached to the winning ticket an i had till nov 27 to responed this was a scam i responded not knowing and they tryed to rip me off i hapend to close my account so just throw all lotterys away that u never enterd

  143. irma says:

    Yesterday 10/23/07, I’ve received the notification of a euromillion lotery That I’ve won $950,000.00 I was stupid to let them have my name and my address. I knew it could not be true, but I did it. That’s all they’ve got from me. Thank You for this site that inform the naive ones.
    Can we report this to the authorities? To who should we addressed this scams$
    Thank you again, You have save my money and I do not what else more.

  144. chang lee says:

    today 22-10-2007 i receved a email in my inbox that u have won the EURO MILLIONS SPANISH LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL . soooo what i do . can u help me …. by

  145. Jeon H Y says:

    Wow i have won International lotto commision S.L But i have received mail today but it said all prize funds must be claimed not later than 15th oct 2007 today is 18th oct what shoud i do
    1.Full Name:Hea-young jeon……………………….
    2.Address:3/15 ……………………..
    3.Marital Status:Yes…………………
    4.Occupation:house wife……………………
    7.Nationality:………republic of korea……………
    8.Country Of Residence:……Australia……………….
    9.Telephone Number:……0402 314103……………………
    10.Fax Number:………………………………
    11.Batch Number :…17/7024/IPD………………….
    12.Reference Number:…EGS/0007459015/03………………
    13.Alternative email address if any……………..

  146. Javi says:

    My e-mail (today):

    We are pleased to inform you of the result of the Euro Million Spainsh Lottery Winners International E-mail programs held on the 15TH OF AUGUST 2007. Your E-mail address attached to ticket number 653-908-321-675 with serial main number 345-790-241-671 drew lucky star numbers 34-32-90-43-32 which consequently won in the 2nd category, you have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of Euro.(One Million Euro)

    Again, this email from the Euro Millions Spanish Lottery is a fraud and it is designed to steal your hard earned money. Do not respond to it.

    This Euro Millions Spanish Lottery was posted for your review and to warn those thinking about jumping into something like this of the fraud. It’s a phishing attempt and nothing else.

    Written by Administrator

    Ok. Thanks, for the explanation.

  147. jjjjjll says:

    It is quite clear that this is a scam. What are the chances of all of my friends and I winning this at the same time? As a matter of fact, we compared out letters and they all seem to contradict one another. In addition to that, the grammar is horrible! I don’t remember playing this or having an agent, let alone even heard of this program. These guys can just get lost and good luck paying for all the paper, stamp, and ink supplies.

  148. SAVIOUR says:

    I kinda like had the above snail mail too, i know they are a scam, i replied though but fed them up with the wrong info, they later sent a mail to me, ahh! congrats Saviour, ur there the funds have been processed and all that but it was just one little thing they had to confirm, however, they enclosed a bill of 1000 Euros am to pay to their office for all Legality issues be complete…I just responded as thus:
    Dr Luis, tell ur legal guys to get the 1000 Euros from the 1,000,000 Euros that ur stil processing, including anything thing payable and file me the balance…

  149. amr akl says:

    hi first i had reseaved like the all messages u had reseaved and after searching on ur sit i find that every thing is false
    thanks and bye

  150. Snitter says:

    The EURO MILLIONS SPANISH LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL is a total scam and if you get an email or snail mail, it is all the same. Just stay away from it and know that you are on a spam list that will probably see more tricks like this!

  151. Sinnan Fazwani says:

    Well….i got a snail mail for this Euro Millions Lottery…..i just want to confirm that is this thing true or its just a scam…..

  152. John D. Goulden says:

    Wow, I got an absolutely beautiful snail-mail version of the Euro Millions Spanish Lottery in the mail today. It’s so purty I think I’ll keep it. It was mailed from Madrid, Spain with the equivalent of a buck-fifty US for postage.

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