Wow! I won yet again :) Here is the phishing email attached below – do not respond to this, they will only take your money from you!


TEL: +34 652 327 251


We are pleased to inform you today, the results of LA PRIMITIVA LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS,
held on 27th of July 2007 as part of our yearly bonanza and results official announced on 7th of Sept 2007 .
Your email is attached to

Ticket no: 01-2633
Batch no: 83305-0
Ref no: 152-06060311-040
Winning no: 03, 11, 23, 27, 42, 41

Which consequently won the LA PRIMITIVA LOTTERY on the 1st category.


Your winning amount is Eight hundred and fifty nine thousand, six hundred and sixty one euros and forty nine cents ($859,661.49) in cash, to be paid through one of the following payment options,


This promotional program is a conjoined effort of the Euromillones lottery, Hispavista lottery, and the United nation under the auspices of the La Primitiva Lottery International Promotions.

Your winning amount is insured for security reasons and will be released for payment by THE INTERNATIONAL LOTTERY BOARD after datas clearification and verification.

The La Primitiva Lottery Program internet draw is held once in a year and is so organized to encourage the use of the internet and computers worldwide.We are proud to say that over 200 Million Euros are won annually in more than 150 countries worldwide.

All winning addresses were randomly selected from the worldwide website through the Microsoft computer ballot System with a batch of 50.000 international email addresses , FROM CITIZENS OF USA , CANADA , AUSTRALIA , ASIA ,MIDDLE EAST AND EUROPE .

Due to mixed up of names, we urge you to keep this award CONFIDENTIAL until your claim has been processed and your cash remitted to your desired OPTION OF PAYMENT as this is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming or unscrupulous acts by non participants taking advantage of this programme.

For claims processing and remittance of your prize money to a designated account of your choice, kindly contact your FUDICIARY AGENT INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION:

Tel: +34 617 626 539 FAX: +34 912 919 751

You must contact the appointed agent with your Full Names,Contact Telephone Number via
email to process the immediate payment of your prize.

Remember that all LA PRIMITIVA LOTTERY prize money must be claimed not later than 31stof OCTOBER 2007, after this date all unclaimed winning amount will be returned to the MINISTERIO DE HACIENDA as unclaimed.
Note: If there be any change on your address do inform your Agent as soon as possible.

Congratulation once again from all staff and board members



Remember, this is nothing but a scam!

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  1. niedo florante says:

    i receive a mail from la primitiva lottery a last 22 this month that i won 1mellion euro, please send me a mail to confirm if this message is true? qualification#14-20-9-11-4-8-10/ winning ticket#UK012/44/234/

  2. Mirwais khan says:

    Sir i got an e mail yesterday 26 may in which they were congratulated me that you have won one million eauru is that true or not please sir confirm me for god sack i am very excited

  3. RUKMANI THAPA says:

    I also received same post, mentaning ref no. : BBM/1LC127799/09/EU, GOD KNOWS WHAT IS THIS? SO PLEASE SUGGEST ME, WHAT TO DO???

  4. Nicki says:

    I received a very similar letter and like CJ said it looked fake with the ‘clip art’ and all.

    I like everyone am surprised cause I didn’t play so how did they get me home address all the way here in the Caribbean (Trinidad to be exact)

    This isn’t funny cause some people can be experiencing financial difficulty and playing with their emotions or trying to rob them of their money is just cruel.

  5. Jean-Maurice Thauvette says:

    My husband just received a letter from La Primitiva Agencia de Espana for a winning of Sven Hundred and eigty five thousand five hundre and ten euros. Sure looks genuine and my husband could easily have been led astray but I decided to check on the internet and was very happy to find these comments. Always said that if something is to good to be true; it is not true. Let”s all be aware and careful of scammers.

  6. Tina says:

    Hello! I am from Finland too! Today I received this letter. It was same, but they claimed they got my name from my plane ticket number! Be ware! I was just in journey and somehow they got my homeaddress… By the way my winningprice was 785.510 € (!)

    In my letter they wrote:
    “Participants was selected from city councils, airlines offices and the private sectors around the world trough a computer ballot system drawn from 1,000 000 names from around the world as part of our promotion programme which we conducted, to promot tourism.”

  7. pate says:

    I got a letter where it says that I have won 785.510 € I live in Finland, how they can get my address. Does this letter to be taken seriously?

  8. J.S. says:

    Received letter today re: Loteria Primitiva ,Award Notification for 985,950,00 euro’s. Very official looking, but obviously a scam. They wanted me to contact the claim agent immediately, a MR EMMANUEL JOHNSON foreign service manager on 0034 634 035 103 ect and send I.D.
    The envelope which was bought from Tesco’s, was hand written, and sent with a second class stamp from Royal Mail Birmingham Mail Centre at 01:46 20:03:2010. What sad people. Went straight in the bin.

  9. T. T says:

    I too, received a letter, and shocked to know that they had my address as I only just recently moved to Australia. I am not even registered on the Phone Directory, so how they knew the address really mad me see red.

    No one receives nothing if they didn’t buy a ticket as the saying goes, you get nothing for doing nothing. These people should get a real job and leave those alone who are trying to make ends meet the proper way. Keep away from scams like these. I threw my letter in the rubbish without a second thought. You should too.

  10. clare says:

    i received a letter from the same people here in sydney ,that i won 950,000.00 EURO dollars( thinking to myself i dont know anyone in spain, but the thought occurred to me that it was another hoax), thank God for the net that we just type and google it.

  11. I Tiwari says:

    TODAY 2 of fab. i got letter excalty kike you guys and dicription also same but some of the contact name is diffrent but number is same. i called back to them. one guy pick up the ph but he act like i didnt hear…. then i open the site thay written on ltter but google couldnot read it. again i tried from the name. was like many ppl won same thing 3rd catagory or blahh blahh ……but i wonder how they got my adres i just moved new house couple of week before even my overseas family doesnot know it.
    All my friend should i replied to them or report them to hight commission.

    i am at melbourne now ..

    pls give me advice….

    kindly apprciate your advic…

    I Tiwari

  12. elenoa says:

    i just received the same letter lucky for me I have learned a lesson after being ripped off on a similar scam not long ago and lost $2000. These people need to be stopped there is such thing as karma so just they watch they may have the time of their lives now but they wont go far!!.i hope they choke on the money they scammed off people!!

  13. Nir F - Isarel says:

    Apparently they continue sending these letters.
    I just got a letter from them saying i won 950K euro and that i have to claim in in one month otherwise it will be cancled (“will be returned as unclaimed”)
    i wonder if they change the name of the contact agent.

    “To begin your lottery claim, please contact your claims agent SNR. ALFRED ALFONSO. Foreign operation manager, GLOBAL LINK SECURITY S.A on TEL N:+34-648-820-561 and FAX N : +34-917-903-799, +34-911-414-236.”

    if they change the contact person too often it might be a warning sign.

  14. Jhem says:

    and the i replied…. please read their response…..

    28008 MADRID SPAIN.
    TEL: +34 603 143 299.
    FAX: +34 911 817 678.
    DATE: 27/01/2010.

    Dear Jhem Alinas,

    Congratulations from members of our staff, we acknowledged the receipt of your email with request to file for your winning prize. We write to clarify and explain our mode of service that we render to client on lottery claim related issue.

    Firstly, our ultimate aim is to ensure that the Prime Winner receive his/her winning prize. You are required to print and fill the CLAIM / PROCESSING FORM in capital letters and return back to this office via Email attachment for verification from the Lottery Company along with your photocopy of identification.

    The processing of your claims will be completed in one – two working days and subsequently you will receive your winning prize. You are advice to complete the forms in capital letters and return to us to enable us verify and commence processing of your winning prize.

    Your winning prize is covered with HIGH INSURANCE POLICY which is in accordance with article 34b subsections 132 of the International Lottery regulations as amended in the 1996 constitution this is to Protect the Prime Winner of his / her claims and to avoid misappropriation of the funds
    Be assured that in line with our principles of efficiency, transparency and customers satisfaction, we will handle all verification with the highest level of professionalism and discretion to ensure you receive your winning prize within shortest possible time

    Due to mix up of some numbers and names, we ask that you keep your winning information confidential until your claims has been processed and your winning Prize have been remitted into your nominated account. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some participants.

    You are advice to call SR. HUGO HARRIS, Director of Operations on telephone number + 34 603143299 as soon as you return the Claim / Processing Form through fax or by email attachment for confirmation.

    Once again congratulations!!!

    Best regards
    Sra.Hacien Hamenda.

  15. Jhem says:

    Please look email below from LA PRIMITIVA AN HOUR AGO…. IS IT REAL????

    Piso 36, calle Carlos Ortega
    28002, Madrid, Spain.
    REF NUMBER: EGR/417331247/03
    BATCH NUMBER: 72/50685/MMH
    We are pleased to inform you of the release of the LA PRIMITIVA LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL E-MAIL PROMOTIONS PROGRAMME held on the 30th of December 2009.Your email address was entered with Reference Number:EGR/417331247/03 and Batch Number:72/50685/MMH.
    All email addresses entered in the program were presented by our international marketing department in conjunction with world residential white pages, humanitarian organizations,
    and the help of Embassies and chambers of commerce of countries in Europe, Australia, North and South America, The Pacific, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Your reference attached to ticket number: 0016-359142-07, with serial number: 52201-61 drew the lucky Winning numbers: 3-11-24-37-47-4. This subsequently won in the Third category.
    You have been approved for a winning payment of €615,810.00 (Six hundred and fifteen thousand, eight hundred and ten euros only) in cash credited to file REF.NO: EGR/417331247/03.This from a total cash prize of 13,871,320.00 (thirteen million, eight hundred and seventy one thousand, three hundred and twenty euros) shared among the
    seventeen international winners in this category. CONGRATULATIONS!!
    We ask that you keep this award away from public notice until your claim has been processed and your fund remitted to you. As this is part of our security measures to avoid double claiming or unwarranted taking advantage of the situation by other participants.
    To begin your claim, please contact Snr.Hugo Harris, of COURIER DIPLOMATIC SEGUROS on tel: +34 603 143 299, EMAIL: or for the processing and remittance of your fund.
    We congratulate you and thank you for being a part of our international promotional programme.
    Dr. Antonio Gomez.
    Vice President.

  16. ALEX LONG says:

    im pissed off cause, they said im supposed to get my mill on the 3rd of this month, and they want me to set up an off shore acc, it all seems real, but im not holding my breath, unless its in my hand, just spelt perfume to me ha!ha! thats why i have no credit card no bank ill play along, but i wasnt born under there flag lol>

  17. kim hopkins says:

    i recieved the same e-mail
    i also responded hoping it was no joke. i am a single mother of 5 boys and have struggled all my life.. how dare people crush hopes and dreams!!
    something has to be done. if its not against the law and its ok to do such wrong to people. SHAME ON THEM

  18. i.s.dhillon says:

    hi guys,
    plz be aware from dis fake”la PRIMITIVIA FOUNDATION”.few days back i receivd dis letter saying i hav won a lump sum pay of 950,000.oo euros.i never applied for any loottery how the hell i can win it.these guys sitting in SPAIN are all bullshit.,spoiling the name of their country.i would never in my life think of going to spain.
    these guys will even call you with a polite tone like i talked to sum ALFRED ALFONSO.they all are scammres,idiots.god will punish them for their by mistake i hav snd them the fax with some details.i hope i m safe.

  19. George says:

    Que creyeron, que la gente es pendeja o que? por favor nos encontramos en el siglo XXI, la gente esta cansada de recibir spam y no se cuanta porqueria similar a esta en nuestros correos electrónicos, para serles sinceros, es la primera vez que recibo algo asi en mi buzon de manera tangible… Ojala pudieramos darle in click en un boton que diga BOUNCE pero no se puede, asi que lo voy a guardar solo como muestra a mis alumnos de los que significa SPAM, BASURA, SCAM…

    y a todos los que estan involucrados en mandar estas porquerias, dejense de tanta mamada y ponganse a trabajar en serio, en lugar de estar madando papelitos al azar que solo ayuda a detereorar mas nuestro planeta con tanta BASURA!!

  20. Sam says:

    Please be aware from the fake!!!
    Today, i just got the similar letter from “La Primitivia Foundation Promotion”. It is has been said that a …….lump sum pay of 950,000.00 euros (NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND EUROS)…..

    I have never applied for any lottery, how can i win. They find the address from internet or somehwere.

    Be aware!!! Be aware!!! Be aware!!!

  21. Stella says:

    Wooow…thank you very much people, my uncle just recieved this kind of letter..and fortunately i just googled it… Thankk you very much for your help, it really helped me to understand a lot of things!!!!!! hihihhihi bye bye

  22. CJ says:

    Yeah, I got a letter from them with crappy clip art on it. They can afford to send me 950,000 euros but they can’t hire an artist to design their letterhead. It’s amazing anyone would fall for that.

  23. C Atutahi on 11th, December,2009 says:

    I received a letter today. they say I have won 950,000.00 euros, 3rd prize thanks guys, nearly sent all my details. Thank goodness my daughter google this site.

    Everything I have read on this site is exactly correct, the stamp from spain etc etc.

  24. N says:

    we just got a letter today. thanks to this website now i know its a scam !! thanks guys for ur feedback. who should i contact to report about these scammers?

  25. S.Thambyaiah says:

    I received one yesterday. I live in kitchener, Canada. they say I have won 785,000 pounds(British).Silly me fax the copy right away with my date of birth and phone #.After sometime I realize that It could be a scam and I google it and i am right…Now I worried about the fax I send it to them. Can they do anything with that information?


  26. golonka says:

    Auch ich habe heute eine e-mail von LA Primitiva bekommen.Siw schreiben mir , das ich als einzigster eine Summen in der Höhe von 777.00 Euro gewonnen habe. Brauch aber bis jetzt keine Daten angeben.Ich werde denen was husten Bankdaten anzugeben. Fals ich noch mehr E-mails bekomme werde ich diese meinem Rechtsanwalt übergeben.

  27. John Kalume says:

    I got one too from Madrid, Spain. Dated October 28th. Postage stamp reads Darwin and Portugal.
    For 950,000 euros.
    Thank you for helping me stay away from this nightmare!

  28. Bienne says:

    I received a letter too from La Primitiva Foundation promotion that I won 950,000.00 euros, wining the lottery in the 3rd category.
    I checked the website but could not find it or access it. It looks pretty scary and unprofessional.

    When I did my search online, I have found all these people here experiencing the same thing as I do. I believe therefore it is not spam or phishing letter, aiming at deceiving people for money if we are greedy for money and believe their lie.

    Thanks for others helping us to see it through, lest we might be taken in.

    I got the letter to me written on 28th of October, 2009, with reference no: )J8792275 The place was posted from Mardrid Spain.

  29. Lesila Fukofuka says:

    I received a letter from LA Primitival Foundation Promotions that I won 950 000 euros , 3rd Prize, I called the number that was on this letter and this Gentleman anwered the phone calmly….I am shocked that people do this to their own kind…I feel sickening that people wants money from their own kinds in such a way.. They should make known for the benefit of others.

  30. GRIVARD says:

    My mother lives in Windsor Ontario and she also just received a letter from la primitiva lottery in Spain. The letter appear like a legal document and says that she won 950 000 euros and to send a copy of her ID and bank account #.

    They do have a website that I checked out already and you can’t log in apparently until they receive a copy of your ID. Help!!! should I report this to authorities? Thank you!

  31. majid ahmadi says:

    I recived email from your office about winnig as below spicificaton:
    attached tiket number 5-11-13-34-35-40
    serial ticket number : 2113-05
    Bath number : TRW/1290/556/WE


  32. Barbara W. Littlejohn says:

    I received a letter from the La Primitivia Lotteria and it stated that I had won a lottery that was held on July 22nd 2009. I really wantede to believe it. I recently was a victim of scammers. I wish I had known what I know now. My sister and my husband tried to tell me, but I didn’t listen. I am now without any money, and we a going to be struggling for a while. But it is okay because we know God will see us through. There is a purpose for everything that God allows His children to go through. I would tell anyone that wants something like this to be true, search the “Truth”. God will not steer you wrong.

  33. Deepak says:


    How are you? let me share with i am in Sydney, Australia and I received a letter in post from Spain. and write in the letter saying that you won 950000 Euros, third Prize, and you don’t believe they have website too of this Lottery , (LA PRIMITIVA LOTTERY) and i call on the number as well. they told be we are Genuine and this lottery also. i dont know what to do.. i checked on website of this lottery located at MILI-EONLINE.COM

    What if we ask them to send us Cheque on our postal address, Anyone can have our address, date of birth, e-mail address etc. What if we fill the form and ask them to send us a cheque.

    How can they cheat us and take money from us?

    Please suggest.


  34. cintra says:

    today i got one of this letter by mail. I am from Trinidad, it appears the stamp on the envelope is from Portugal. If this is a scam as you said i am going to sent it to the Spain High Commissioner and they will definitely look into this hoax. Also it will be forwarded to CRIMESTOPPERS here in trinidad. You cheater look out cause you will be caught.

  35. C????? says:

    Guten Tag! Ich bekam den Brief des ähnlichen Charakters schon.
    Nach allen Anfragen meiner Dokumente mir haben angeboten, zu Spanien für das Erhalten des Preises anzukommen. Für die Fahrt zu Spanien wird die Einladung gefordert. Nach ???????, mir die Einladung abzuschicken
    Der ganze Verkehr hat sofort aufgehört. Bedeutet das alles einfach den Betrug.
    Ich will jeden wer sagen kann mir im Erhalten des Preises helfen
    Wird geldlich 50.000 bekommen. Schreiben Sie auf meine elektronische Adresse.

  36. Beth says:


    That site appears to be nothing but a scam! It’s hosted on Free Host IA (sign #1), the internal links are not functioning (sign #2), their is not real contact or company information (sign #3), the domain name was registered for only 1 year (sign #4), email address is at Yahoo (sign #5), and on, and on, and on….

    Here is the information on the domain:

    Domain Name:
    Registrar: Spot Domain LLC

    Expiration Date: 2010-02-11 05:56:52
    Creation Date: 2009-02-10 22:56:52

    Name Servers:
    Unival Infotech Ltd
    Unival Infotech Ltd Unival Infotech Ltd
    47, siluko road, oliha qtrs
    Phone: 234.2348023452325
    Email Address:

    I’d stay far away from that site :)

  37. Khan says:

    How are you? let me share with i am in Cyprus and i received a letter in post from Spain. and write in the letter saying that you won 950000 Euros, third Prize, and you don’t believe they have website too of this Lottery , (LA PRIMITIVA LOTTERY)
    and i call on the number as well. they told be we are Genuine and this lottery also. i dont know what to do.. i checked on website of this lottery located at MILI-EONLINE.COM

    Guys, please help me and tell me is this true or fake, scam too..
    Waiting for your response..
    Your friend

  38. Celina J. Pinto says:

    I got emails from Britain, offering 500,000 GB pounds, equivalent to about 750,000 USD. At first I was almost sure it was a scam but as more elaborate emails came in I was more and more inclined to bite. I guess I was lucky to have been so broke I couldn’t send them the approximately 750 dollars that would cover their courier expenses.

  39. Hilde Marie Zuschneid says:

    Ich habe von LA PRIMITIVA PROGRAMM eine Email bekommen, day ich 733.105.85 Euro gewonnen habe. Ich sollte meine ganzen Daten , Kontonummern,und Ausweis-Dokumente Copien faxen. Habe ich gemacht. Heute hat ich Probleme mit meinem Laptop. Dateien waren weg usw. Was kann ich machen, day nicht weitere Schäden auftreten?
    Wer kann mir helfen?
    Hilde Marie Zuschneid

  40. Sara says:

    I received one such letter today, from “La Primitiva Intl” and it was only franked two days ago in Spain, God knows how it arrived so fast through our letter box. Maybe Superman delivered it?? Or helicopter courier? Things like this put me in a red-eyed fire-spitting rage. There are so many people out there who are in need of money, who might fall for a scam like this. I really, sincerely hope the senders of this letter will get the punishment they deserve. I hope they get gangrene of the gonads.

    They are running these things out in color on cheap, thin paper, and when I investigated the letter online, it seems that there are billions of them in circulation.

    These people need to be caught by Interpol or some government body in Spain. I phoned Mid Sussex District Council today and reported it. They say that they can keep a note of who is receiving thse letters in our area, but really the Spanish authorities have to be told as well. I have no idea who to contact in Spain. This makes me EVEN MORE ANGRY!!!!

    I might put a copy of the letter on the notice board at work with SCAM written across it, so that everyone can be made aware of it. But a whole weekend will have gone by first, so someone, somewhere, might get caught out in the meantime.

    Die scammer, die.

  41. kel says:

    i just friggin got one, and im pissed off. These idiots need to be punished. I have a letter right here probably with the scammer’s fingerprints on. i have a good mind to track them down and rob their office(which will be a grotty little bedroom somewhere). They ought to be careful they don’t know who they are messing with.

  42. Steve says:

    Yep, just received one by post today, apparently won 615.810E…. NOT!

    Wish we could Sting them.

    I’ll be sending the letter to the appropriate authorities but whether anything happens is another matter.

  43. davudus says:

    Hey, i also receive this simmilar message and i send them back and write that i want 5 million dollars :)

  44. Lynne says:

    Heh, I received a very similar letter just recently, too. I’m glad people are so vigilant about reporting scams like this – it means that anyone who takes a moment to google things like this will have no problems!!

    Thanks guys – please keep reporting nasty people like this – there are still people being sucked into these obviously, or the scammers wouldn’t bother.

  45. Dale says:

    hei there

    just about got sucked in! it pays to check on the website Phishing Blog to know that this La Primitiva Lottery Board in Spain is a hoax… dont be fooled… always GOOGLE the place. If you didnt buy a ticket, you didnt win…

    be safe people… love n light…

  46. IQBAL BUTT says:


  47. evie says:

    These vexers are collecting addresses from the telephone directory. Now, they changed their manners a little bit. They want 10% of the prize. But they will ask about 15oo euros, and your bank datas, and a copy of your ID or your passport in advance. Do not send it!

  48. Muhammad Yoserizal says:

    I after receipt the letter like this !

    they are lie…………..

    they want, I pay the tax goverment 1.100 euros before I recept Winner Amount.

    Becarefull, All friend

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