Emily Olivier Jackman

Yet another scam, this time from a troll claiming to be Emily Olivier Jackman. Scam email is included below:


I am sure this mail would come to you as a surprise since we have never met before and you would also be asking why I have decided to choose you amongst the numerous internet users in the world. I cannot say why I have chosen you but don’t be bothered about this, for I come in peace and something positive, which will affect your life and the lives of others for good. The internet has made the world a global village where you can reach anybody you have not met before.

Before I proceed, I am Mother Emily Olivier, 87 Years old and the wife of Late Sir Jackman Olivier who died in a Plane crash on Monday the 7th of September 1998 GMT 14:22 UK while flying from New York to Geneva. You may confirm this from this link:

After the death of my husband, I headed his investment and now that I am old I have decided to spend the rest of my life with my family and relatives whom I never had time for during my active business life. Before the death of my husband, we had plans to use the last days of our lives to disburse part of our resources to serve the needs of the less-privileged and whatever left for ourselves and relatives. But unfortunately, my husband is not alive today to do this with me, hence I have decided it on behalf of my late husband and I.

I have willed out half of our assets to charities in different countries.In addition to the agreement between my late husband and I to give aid to the deprived, we resolved to positively touch the life of an individual we have not met in life, the reason being that when we were younger we received help from an unknown individual, whom we have not met till this day. The impact we got from such gesture made us to do same to you now.

I am sorry to inform you that you will never have the chance to know me because I have just concluded the assignment which my husband and I have agreed upon before his sudden death and you happened to be the beneficiary of our last WILL, irrespective of your previous financial status I need you to do me a favor by accepting our offer that will cost you nothing.
I have deposited a Check valued at 5,800,000.00 British Pounds with FedEx to be delivered to you upon your contacting them. So, contact FedEx now with the contact details below to know when your package is scheduled for delivery to you to avoid the expiration of the due date for cashing the cheque before the delivery to you:

Contact Person: Mr. Mark Robins
Email Address; fedexdelivery-london-uk@msn.com

For your information, I have paid for the delivery Charges, Insurance Premium and Clearance Certificate Fee as required for the Check showing that the fund donated to you have no link to Drug-trafficking or the sponsorship of Terrorism in your Country. The only charges to be paid by you are 195.34GBP, as security keeping for the check so far. This would have been paid by me, but the company insisted that I should not, since the time you will contact them is not certain and to avoid accumulated security keeping fee. Try to contact the company fast on receiving this email to avoid further delays. Remember to ask them to provide you with the method of paying security keeping fee.

You are to reconfirm the below information to them to avoid any mistake on the Delivery.

Postal address;
Full Names:
Direct telephone number;
The Security keeping code of the cheque: (SCT/0433/c)

Note: Neither should you thank me nor my husband, just invest wisely with the money given to you and do same to the life of another someday as this is the only way we can better our world. Also, I will no longer be reading my emails as I have retired completely to my ranch. Note that all further correspondences should be between you and FedEx Delivery Service London.

Mrs. Emily Olivier Jackman

Notice: The above is a scam posted for your awareness only!

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  1. Marlon fernandez says:

    True it is a scam just received it today it say 58000,000and few lines below it says 800,000haha caught u there Mrs Jackman

  2. Jason says:

    I got a similar one but now she is 67 and gonna get her attorney/barrister to wire me the funds no charges they just want my information. Funny thing is that I am flat broke so there is nothing to steal from me. I mean nothing to loose here right?

    Mrs. Emilly Olivier Jackman Today at 8:06 AM
    Message body

    This is a Bequest notice.

    I am sure this mail would be coming to you as a surprise since we have never met before and you would also be asking why I have decided to chose you amongst the numerous internet users in the world, precisely I cannot say why I have chosen you but do not be worried for I saw your profile on the Internet, which has made me accomplish my request. May the almighty God bless and see you through with this mission if you can carefully read and digest the message below.

    Before I move further, permit me to give you a little of my biography, I am Mother Emilly Olivier Jackman, 67 Years old woman and the wife of Late Sir Jackman Olivier who died alongside our only child in a Plane crash on Monday the 7th of September 1998 GMT 14:22 UK while they were
    flying from New York to Geneva. Please see site below for more information. cnn.com/WORLD/9809/swissair.victims.list/index.html

    After the death of my husband and son ,I became the Head of his investment and just recently, the doctors handling my health issues at Cancer center: Christie Hospital NHS Trust UK, have said I may not live beyond the next two months after my next surgery,but before the death of my husband we had a plan to use the last days of our lives to donate half of what we have worked for to the less privilege and charity homes and the other half for ourselves, family members and close friends, and it is so unfortunate that my husband is not alive today to do this with me and I am very weak with cancer and coupled with the recent announcement from the doctor, hence I have decided to do this philanthropic work on behalf of my late husband and I.

    Presently, I have willed out almost half of our assets to several charity homes and to some of the less privilege in different countries. Despite the agreement between my late husband and I to give
    aid to the deprived, we also agreed to render support to an individual we have not met before in life due to the fact when we were still young in life we received an anonymous help from an individual we did not know and which we have not been able to know till date, the impact we got from such gesture made us to do same.

    I am sorry to inform you that you will never have the chance to know me because I have just concluded the assignment which my husband and I have agreed upon before his sudden death and you happened to be the beneficiary of our last WILL, irrespective of your previous financial status, hence I need you to do me a favor by accepting our offer.

    I have presently instructed my attorney to assist any person I will introduce to him as the beneficiary to the last will in the sum of Ten Million United State Dollars ($10,000,000.00) with my bank. I decided to do this now and unconditionally knowing that my days are numbered.

    To conclude with this bequest, please provide me with your Data to fully advise my attorney that you are the appointed beneficiary of the deposit.

    Full Names:
    Physical address;
    Direct telephone number

    Note: Please I do not want you to thank me, same gesture was shown to us, all I need you to do is, When you get this fund, use %50 for your self and the rest to assist the less privileged in your community, this is the only way to immortalize us when I am gone.

    Yours Faithfully
    Mrs.Emilly Olivier Jackman
    Cancer Centre: Christie Hospital NHS Trust
    (Manchester, UK) North West of England

    mrsemillyolivierjackman1998 at —–

  3. rafey mohammed afroz says:

    I’ve also received this Scam Email just a few minutes ago. Seems to be a pretty much repeat (copy/paste) kind. Going strong. I’ve even received attachment’s with the email which I’ve just deleted. Cyber Crime Laws must be amended & made more stronger. Thank you for posting this!

  4. Holly says:

    I’ve just received this email, too. I caught on that it was a scam instantly because of the way her name is used in a certain order, and how her supposed “husband” ‘s is in a different order that doesn’t match last names. Also, someone mentioned that she was 87 in one email. The one I received says that she is 67. Hardly weeks away from dying. I hate how people do this.

  5. Brandon says:

    I received this email a week ago. I always write back just to aggrivate the people who are aggravating me. This time she us on her death bed. Even sent pictures. Normally after 3 or 4 evading emails they go away but this one is resilient. She didn’t ask for money wanted me to contact her attorney and she wouldn’t answer the question about how she got my email. Just said from the database, like I was suppose to know what that is.

  6. Melanie, Chicago says:

    I have received this scam email on 8/21/2014. It’s really crazy this is still circulating!!

  7. natty paul says:

    22/05/2014 i also received this mail i am waiting for them to tell me how much money to send two can play this game.

  8. fiona says:

    Olivier Jackman was a dear friend of mine back from the European school in Brussels. He was on that famous flight from NY to Geneva. He would have been 39 today. I just happened to be googling on the internet to see if i could find a photo or something of him, when I fell on these mails!!! There are no words that convey how utterly shocked and disgusted I am. I hope justice prevailed. We are 2013.

  9. Norman says:

    May, 26,2013

    I received this nearly similar one on the 21st of April 2013. I didn´t react. Now in these days 5 weeks later, I wrote a reply to Mrs. Emily Olivier-Jackman´s request, and they answered immediately, as if they´d already been waiting for someone to step into their trap. Of course I exactly knew at once this could only be a scam. And I can only tell those others who´ll get similar Mails, do the same as I ever do, go and google those names or addresses and you will find more concrete details, and may ever find out, those are cheaters and has nothing to do with real ambitions but bad staged SCAMS. In my case I had to contact with “The Delivery Director from DHL” UK – a Mr. Stephen C. Clark, and they only needed my cheque of 165,- €. But won´t get. Scam is a wide spread way to make any fast money for those who practice, to be found in Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory coast, Dakar Senegal, Kenia and so many others. But in UK, Germany, Russia, America, we can say spread all over the world. Always fantastic stories, sometimes real sad, always bothering you, and always insisted to make your money flat for nothing !!!! Don´t give into those stories.

  10. Eddie says:

    It’s 3/29/13 I just got the same email. I wonder do people really fall for it? Is there a site where actual people have fallen for this incredible life changing no one you’ve ever met… Ha ha!!

  11. Charlotte says:

    I have recieved this too!! I am in England so them obviously tempting myself with us dollars is a giveaway they don’t even know which country I am in!! Rubbish, just feel sorry for the frauded out there, as I know there are people with a variant of disabilties who could easily fall for this, its terrible what some people will do!!

  12. ken, Nigeria says:

    well, l guess the moment l saw this text, right inside of me l knew it is a scam, but the bitter truth is that some desperate ones will fall for it. lets make the world very uncomfortable for people like this; such people will never see the old age they are mentioning.

  13. Onah Ifeanyi says:

    Where on earth do these people get my info. The mail is finally here in Nigeria and am so sure Nigerians will fall for it.

  14. Katrina says:

    I too have just received this scam email 1st October 2012!!!! They are tricking hard working people out of their hard earned cash. As if you are going to be randomly selected by someone you don’t even know and would receive thousands of pounds in cash. Maybe in your dreams yes, but in reality certainly not. I don’t know how these scammers sleep at night I really don’t.

  15. Lea says:

    OMG I received the very same email today dated 28/9/2012. Can’t believe this is still circulating, given the oldest post is 2009

  16. K Mwamuka says:

    I have received the same e mail several times. I am shocked that people stoop so low and send scam e mails just to cheat the children of God. Hope one day it will dawn to them that life is not about money.

  17. trish says:

    i recieved this email today 7/6/2012 and a $890 postal fraudulent money order in the mail how do they get all this info

  18. Carmen Wallis says:

    I got the email today, July 6th 2011.
    It finally reached Venezuela, South America! The only difference is the change of courier, which now is DHL, and a letter in the security code…

  19. Rune says:

    Just received a similar wording in a mail to-day, but now the sum is up to £ 5.8 million and the initial fee is up to £165

    Who do they think they are fooling?

  20. Dellatodd says:

    Still going as of 9th sept 09. Just received the same email but she hasnt stated she wont be checking her emails. Maybe the retiring to the ranch just didnt work out for her??!!! An 87 yr old who is good with technology.. its a rare find! ;-)

  21. JEAN WRIGHT says:



  22. Cynthia says:

    8/17/09 I received this very scam this morning. I find it hard to believe that an 87 year old person could speak so fluently at that age. Usually it is hard for someone of that age to speak clearly but needless to say some and very few could. Always there is a fee to pay WARNING. I noticed the statement on June 10 of where do they get our email address. On me I was succoured out of 2,000 dollars here and there and they put me on their list of contacts. I don’t know if you had been scammed on sending through Western Union. I was in 2005. Always check out their names and see if there is anything against them. I did look up this man that so called crashed his name is not there. I believe the person that sent this is probably in their 30’s.P.S. at age 87 who even gets on the internet?

  23. susan Szerlag says:

    We received this on June 10 2009. Nobody is that blazin’ stupid, right. We do want an unrestricted internet, so we as users must sort out the good stuff from the crap. What I would like to know is where do they get your email address?

  24. r JACKSON says:

    What can be done about this……………..why cant anyone put and end to this madness.

  25. lillian says:

    I also have recieved this exact e-mail today. The date 5-6-09 and the security code of the check is a couple of letters different.

  26. cheesypoofs says:

    Just got this today.. I didnt even open it, suprisingly my yahoo spam filter caught it and put it where it belongs.

  27. aimee says:

    i had same e-mail on 25/04/09 do they really think we are that stupid to fall for such a thing. some people make me sick the internet should me a safe reliable place but its not its full of pedo’s, scam artists and just sick people for heavens sake, grow up and get a real job will you!

    I wish these scammers would quit wasting tax payers money by sending out scam e-mails that cause others grief!

  28. Melody says:

    Well, Jim and Diane, she is still surfing around the internet as of April 23 since that is when I got the email. I get so angry when I get these emails. It upsets me knowing that some innocent person who really needs money will fall for this. Ooooo, it gets me so riled!! I forward every spam email that I get to govt agencies designed to help in the fight against internet fraud. If they catch even one, I will do a happy dance! Emily Olivier Jackman can bite me!! ;)

  29. Zoria on April 1st, 2009 says:

    Funny I’ve received it on Day of the Fulls. Very symbolical! My best wishes to her/his/their “retirement”.

  30. jim says:

    i just received this scam mail. Funny that a woman who isn’t on the internet anymore on the 19th of march is still sending the same e-mail out to folks on the 30th of March. I have seen many of these scams in the last few months and generally ignore them, this one just seems to ring so blatantly false that i had to google it and see more info. I’m glad i’m not the only one.

  31. Diane says:

    I have received the same scam e-mail on 3/19/09. Unfortunately many people will be sucked into these types of scams. As the e-mail states “Be also notified that I will no longer be reading my emails or surfing the internet as I have retired completely from the outside world to my ranch” Come on, who writes this in an e-mail, that says SCAM all over it!!!

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