I noticed an ad (couldn’t help myself : ) today on MSNBC.com that said:

Muskegon Mom Lost 47 lbs Following 1 rule!
I Cut Down 47 lbs of Stomach Fat In A Month By Obeying This 1 Old Rule

Here is an image:

MSN Weight Loss Ad

One simple rule? I had to click on the link and was taken to rachelrayblogs.com, which then went on to say:

My name is Alyssa Johnson from Muskegon, MI and I wanted to share my weight loss story with you. I am no celebrity, fitness fanatic, a person that has tons of money for a personal trainer or someone like that. I am just a wife/mom who figured out a system that worked better than all the famous diets, work out programs, etc.

First off let me tell you a little about myself. My husband Adam and I have been married for 15 years. We have 2 boys and a girl. Our oldest Brent is 13, then Taylor 9 and Ashley 5. Brent and Taylor were doing baseball together, however recently Taylor started soccer instead.

Which basically means our lives are more hectic with me chauffeuring around the kids and remember which day is which practice and who goes where. Hopefully my story can inspire you to try what I discovered and lose some weight!

Here is an image of the Muskegon Mom who lost so much weight:
Muskegon Mother Losses Weight

I followed some of the links and they all pointed to rachelrayblogs.com/r.php?o=1 which then takes you to rod.tntracking.com which then takes you to acainutraburst.com/index.php?AFF=1628&AFFSUB=51282, a page about Acai Nutraburst.

All a bit too organized to be a real testimonial, so I decided to try it from another computer in Englewood, Colorado and this is what I received from MSNBC.com:

Englewood Mom Lost 47 lbs Following 1 rule!
I Cut Down 47 lbs of Stomach Fat In A Month By Obeying This 1 Old Rule

Again, I followed it and this time I was taken to the same site, same content but the location changed. Here is an example:

My name is Alyssa Johnson from Englewood, CO and I wanted to share my weight loss story…

…and here is the image of the Englewood Mom who lost so much weight:
Englewood Mother Losses Weight

As you can see, the picture is the same, but the text is tailored to reflect your location, all made possible by your computer’s IP address. When you connect to the internet, your internet service provider provides you with an IP address (it’s a must and you can’t communicate without one). This IP address is registered and shows the city you are located in (not always 100% accurate…).

So, in the example of the RachelRayBlogs.com (which by the way has no affiliation with Rachel Ray), they use a popular celebrity with a testimonial that is completely fake but tailored to your location to get you to buy a product.

The website is nothing but a scam. They make money by taking out an ad from Microsoft, which costs them .10 cents (guesstimate), you click the ad and they trick you into believing someone locally had success with Acai Nutraburst, you decide to give it a shot and visit Acai Nutraburst’s website where you end up buying the product; RachelRayBlogs.com ends up making $10 (guesstimate) from the referral.

Notice that above I mentioned the link acainutraburst.com/index.php?AFF=1628&AFFSUB=51282? That AFF=1628 And AFFSUB=51282 are how the affiliates are paid.

It’s all a high tech way to trick you into buying something that may or may not work – Personally, I would never try something that used fake testimonials as advertisements!

If you want to see this in action for yourself (before they take it down), then cut and paste the following into your web browser:
Then try it from another location outside of your area (or ask a friend to try it and compare).

Rachel Ray probably has no idea this site even exists!

FYI – Here is the rest of the sites sales pitch:

Yep, that was me at my heaviest and right before my life changed when I started using NutraBurst Acai and Col-n X. I found out you can actually try them for free. Here’s the trick! These offers are expiring on Tue, Jun. 23, 2009! So hurry for they’re gone!

How I got my few extra pounds. : ) Ok 47 lbs is a little more that a few extra, but anyways.

I used to weigh 127lbs. I was never runway model skinny, but I was slim. I had a little booty. And my husband always made me feel fantastic. After my first son was born, I gained about 15 lbs. But then I slowly lost if over a 2 years. Just being active and running around.

Then I got pregnant again. So there I go again, I gained back my weight and then some. This time I did not just drop off the weight. This time after Taylor, I never got below 142. But hey, I had two kids. And I still looked young. Finally, after Ashley was born, I gained a total of 47lbs.

I weighed 174lbs and felt uncomfortable in my own body. I stopped going out with friends. I felt ugly. So I decided to start dieting. I tried all the brand-name diets like Atkins, Jenny Craig, Slim Fast, Nutri-slim, South Beach, bought diet products advertised inside Shape magazines, etc.

You name it, I tried it. Even the one that Anna Nicole Smith was promoting for awhile. But none of these products had real results that lasted.

Yes, I would maybe lose 10-12 lbs or so then I would gain it right back up. I was so frustrated with these programs that basically made be go up and down in weight without lasting results. So, I just gave up. I started eating more and more because I just did not care. I was in a downward spiral. At my heaviest, I weighed 182lbs.

Most people think that overweight people got that way because they are lazy. Truth is, many woman gain extra weight because of life. Kids, work, school, driving around running errands. It all takes time from our day. And it is all so exhausting.

Who wants to come home after a full day of work, then drive our kids around to their practices or help the kids with their homework while cooking dinner, put kids to sleep, and then try to make a dash to the gym? That is insane. And I am like most Americans. I am not superwomen. I need to do what I need to do and then prepare for the next day.

This has nothing to do with laziness. People have lives and that may not necessary include going to a gym. I tried all the diet programs that people have swear by. I really did try them. But nothing that worked. I felt hopeless that this was just the way I was going to look forever. Then I saw one TV show that changed my life.

The TV show that turned my life around!

It was one Oprah TV show that changed my life. I would not say I owe my life to Oprah, but I would say that if I had not been watching when a Dr. Mehmet Oz came on to talk about a new superfood called Acai berry, I would probably still be fat.

Dr. Oz was a pretty credible guy. He is vice-chair and professor of surgery at Columbia University. He had authored over 400 original publications, book chapters and medical books. And I trusted Oprah not to have shady doctors on, so I had a feeling this was not one of those too good to be true products.

Dr. Oz raved about a new berry from the Amazon Rainforest called Acai (pronounced ah-sa-ee). It is more powerful than pomegranate or red wine. And they can be put into easy to take supplement capsules. But the part that hooked me was when Dr. Oz explained how Acai helps you lose weight by reducing hunger and raising energy levels.

Acai seemed like the product I had been waiting for all along. Plus, after I saw that show I found out that even CNN, ABC, CBS and the Wall Street Journal have been covering the health benefits of Acai berries.

Even Rachael Ray herself has used this diet and was successful. She looks hot now!

Then the very next day I saw Dr. Oz on another show talking about another extremely effective way of losing weight as well. Dr Oz explained that how cleansing your colon or a Colon Cleanse is a great way to lose unwanted weight. I do not know all the medical details, but basically he was explaining how years worth of gunk and junk get trapped in your colon and trap in all sorts of toxins.

It is a thick slime like tar and it also ads a few inches to your waistline. And basically there are some products out there, again that come in a supplement pill form. And that all you have to do was take a pill and it will naturally clean out your colon.

Dr Oz explained that, you can do all the exercise you want and not lose weight without the right supplements to clean you and energize you. I thought, Maybe thats why all those diets failed for me. Dr. Oz said that cleansing out this sludge would automatically make you lose weight in ways dieting and exercise can not.

I liked Oprah and Dr. Oz because they themselves were not trying to peddle some product themselves. Oprah and Dr. Oz was trying to get the public understand the health benefits simply taking either an Acai berries or a Colon Cleanse supplement pills. And Rachael Ray did it herself!

The Acai & Col-n X combo diet that melted my fat away like magic

These were the two amazing products that Oprah and Dr. Oz spoke about: Acai berries and Col-n X supplements. Typically they are sold separately by two different companies. But, I had my idea to combine these two methods, I needed to find a way to test it without spending lots of money.

I searched for a few days and found some great free trials of products to test.

The two products I found, and still use, are NutraBurst Acai and Col-n X.

Here is how I combine them so effectively:

Step 1:

NutraBurst Acai is the first and most important part of my routine.

NutraBurst Acai helps me:

* Super boost my energy by giving me more vitamins and nutrients than any other food on the planet
* Cause me to lose my hunger pains. You just do not feel hungry anymore.
* Stabilizes my metabolism
* Revitalizes my skin cells. So when I lose the weight my skin will be tight around my body. This also tightens skin around my neck and face. Basically tightens your skin throughout your body. I just look younger, because I am tight everywhere.

I got a free 30-day trial of NutraBurst Acai and I simply love the fact that I can take the Acai 1 capsule in the morning and one at night.

Step 2:

Col-n X is the second important step in my routine. While NutraBurst Acai gives me energy, revitalize my cells and helps suppress my hunger, the Col-n X:

* Removes walls of aged sludge in my colon. This sludge goes away down the toilet and out of your body.
* Now that my colon is completely cleaned out this intern allows my body to actually get rid of the fat by dumping the fat out through my now cleaned out colon. It is amazing
* And then since the colon is now clean, my body will actually able to absorb the NutraBurst Acai even better
* This allows even more fat and toxins to be eliminated through the colon, including toxins built up in the liver, gal bladder, pancreas and even breast tissue
* This becomes a revitalizing cycle that keeps on benefiting my body over and over. I become beautiful again from the inside and now it will begin show on the outside.
* This will drop pounds of retained water and fat, tighten your skin, make you look and feel 10-15 years younger, boost your energy, regulate your mood, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels

I got a free bottle of Col-n X and I take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening when I take my Acai. They are the perfect weight-loss combination, helping drop my ugly fat from everywhere and cleanse my system of harmful waste build up.

The results of MY OWN diet routine

During my trial period I lost 32 lbs! I continued using both products and lost another 15 lbs. (That is a total of 47 lbs in 3 months!) I am back to 137 and am just 10 lbs away from my pre-mom weight!

I feel healthier and more refreshed than ever. My husband is so proud of what I accomplished and I have more energy to do fun activities with my kids. But best of all, I look and feel sexier than I did in my twenties!

I hope my story provides at least some motivation to help you lose weight. Just do not give up, because losing weight really will change your life in ways you never imagined. You will feel things you have not felt since you were 20. Most importantly, you will finally be happy with yourself for tackling your weight once and for all.

I really recommend my method; it worked wonders when everything else failed. But the best part is that the products I found have free trials, so you can test it out and see if it is right for you.

Try my diet if your stuck in a rut!

Be sure to order both NutraBurst Acai and Col-n X if you want to get maximum results. Both products have amazing free trials with a full money-back guarantee. I just paid shipping (less than $5.00 for each).

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