There is nothing like Michigan Ice Fishing and the best spot in Michigan to ice fish is in Muskegon. Record fish are caught here every winter and as you can see from these pictures, it’s a city on ice!

The picture below was taken on 2/23/08 just before noon.

Michigan Ice Fishing

This motivated ice fisherman moved the entire contents of his home out to the ice!

Moved Inn

On top of the channel to the great lakes! A little risky, but a rope tied to the lighthouse provides extra safety.

Ice Fishing on the Channel to Lake Michigan

Two friends hanging out and enjoying an awesome day of fishing; with a temperature of 31, it doesn’t get any better!

Ice Fishing in Michigan

Think you have a great shanty? Check out these ice fishing house plans!

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  1. Jim says:

    For those of you looking for an excellent ice fishing guide in Muskegon and Whitehall, check out Ernest Miller – I have personally used his service more than once and I can tell you that I’ve been blown away each time. I have no idea what he does that brings in so many fish, but he does it every time.

    Image of Ice Fishing in Muskegon MichiganFor White Lake and Muskegon ice fishing, he uses new Frabill heated ice shanties (read comfortable), provides all the equipment and bait – not to mention his proven techniques.

    Fishing with Earnest is both encouraging and discouraging. Encouraging that if you do it right (like Earnest does), you can pull up great fish in no time; discouraging when you go out by yourself and try to duplicate what you learned from the guide. Turns out there is a lot more to fishing than drilling a hole in the ice and dropping a line – where you drop it, when, weather conditions, bait, color of bait, fishing technique, and much more all determine your success.

    Earnest offers tips at – If you have questions, call him – he’s all about fishing and always happy to tell you were the action is!

  2. Rudy Farnswick says:

    Great pictures…I tookmy 3 year old boys ice fishing yesterday and it was the coolest thing for the two of them. We came across a couple of real nice fisherman who were using tipups and offered us some of their open holes to fish from as we had not brought a ice fishing auger. These guys were a real nice and even had a bonfire right on top of the ice. The elder fisherman informed me that the ice was at least ten inches thick and the fire was nothing to worry about. I am sure glad to have ran into these guys as they let me use some of their bait fish to use as “caught fish” for my boys. (They tangled their lines in 30 seconds and as the sun was already set there was little chance of catching the real thing.) These baitfish (pulled from ice hole as the boys were reeling in line by dad :) brought great happiness and pride to two young twin boys who continue to talk about their great ice fishing trip with Dad and the really nice guys we met on that great winter day. They cant wait to go again.

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