About three weeks ago, we needed an ambulance due to an emergency. We called 911 and a few minutes later, the fire department arrived. By the time the ambulance from Pro Med showed up, bandages had been applied and everything stabilized.

Note: I usually see Pro Med waiting at the local park for calls, unfortunately, they were out on another call that day.

Everyone did a great job handling the situation, but today I was blown away when I received the bill.

Pro Med, which really just shuttled us from one location to another (no lights, etc) sent us a bill for $772 for the visit. The insurance paid everything except $50 – still, that is a lot of cash for a ride! *I’m glad the service is available none the less!

Here is the bill:

  • ALS1 Emergency, ALS Perfprmance $620
  • ALS Mileage (8 Miles) $19 per mile for a total of $152
  • Total bill: $772

Pro Med is a great service, but it’s not cheap – I’m glad I have insurance!