Chitika has been aggressively pushing their ad service and in my case obtained my contact information from a whois and used that to solicit my services. I decided to give Chitika Premium a try hoping that the results were as they suggested. I had tried Chitika standard and the performance was horrible on a number of my sites.

I picked a site to stick the Premium ads on and let it run for a time. Excited, I then logged in to check out the performance after a few weeks and here is what I saw:


Unfortunately, the performance of Chitika Premium was very disappointing. It takes time to test new products and this was time I wish I had spent elsewhere!

Below are a few of the emails I received:

Hi Jim,

We noticed that you signed up for a Chitika account some time ago, but have had no recent activity. To provide some incentive for you to start using Chitika, we will match every dollar you make with us – up to $100 – through March 31st as part of our new Valentine’s Day ‘Share the Love’ program!

To get started, all you need to do is put the following code in your website template:


(Or you can customize your code by logging in to your Chitika account with your user name: [snip])

In order to qualify for the ‘Share the Love’ program, you must add this code to your page by this Friday (January 18).

Just in case you forgot who we are and what we do, Chitika is the world’s largest on-line blog advertising network, now showing over 1.5+ billion ad impressions per month. We offer:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising pays you on each click!
  • Huge Revenue opportunities – Publishers just like you are earning up to $80 eCPM.
  • Large inventory of US and International advertisers – we will monetize more of your traffic than most other ad networks.
  • Completely customizable ad units – match your site’s “look and feel” to increase your click-through rate and cut down on the clutter.
  • Show targeted product ads on your site- Build your brand, not ours, by showing targeted products which will complement your site content.

If you do not activate your code, it will simply sit there, sad and lonely on Valentine’s Day, not making you any money at all. Is that how you want your code to spend this holiday? ‘Share the Love’, and earn $100 for free at the same time!

Best Regards,
Chitika Support

PS – Have questions? Email us at, or reach us by phone at 1-866-441-7203

Matt to domainspam


I’m hoping we could connect at some point this week about hosting Chitika ads on your site. Chitika is an ad network of 10’s of thousands of merchants and publishers. We help monetize your site by placing targeted/product specific ads complementing your product content. I only reach out to sites that I know will generate a considerable amount of revenue using Chitika. Some publishers make $80 eCPM rates with us!

Please shoot me over an email when you have a moment.

Thank you!


A couple of days ago, we contacted you regarding the Chitika | Premium challenge. To date, about 1673 new publishers have taken advantage of this offer and a bunch of publishers have contacted me asking if the deadline for the challenge can be extended.

I am happy to announce that the deadline for the Chitika | Premium challenge has been extended to the end of the month (June 30th 2008). In case you missed it, Chitika will match every dollar you make with Chitika | Premium — up to $100 — through July 31st 2008 [Yeah — you need to put up the code by Monday, June 30th — but your earnings match continues through July 31st]

To take advantage of this offer: Grab the Chitika Premium Code from the code panel.