Remember the Windows 95 installation CD and that cool video included on the disk?

The music video was by Edie Brickell performing Good Times: With Ambient Sound and Alain Duplantier, Brian Cresto, Robin Burchill (C) 1994 Geffen Records.  Life would not be fun without the bad times – it may sound strange at first, but it’s so true! Enjoy!

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  1. Tom (Old Man in the Woods) says:

    It is one of those songs that you get in your head and listen to all day long. Same for the mental images of Edie.

  2. Rob says:

    I have been wondering for years who sang this song. I found it on the CD but no name. Anyhow Edie Brickell is on FB.

  3. Mark Taplin says:

    Haha, this is truely awesome ! This song reminds me of the summer of ’95 when, as a LAN Systems Engineer, I had to set up an ATM network to demonstrate how video could be simply transported from one machine to another without interruption. This video was the only one I had access to at the time and I had it continous loop for 3 days during the show in Birmingham, UK. The song was burned into my head by the end of the show and I don’t what inspired me to search for “Geffen Records Microsoft” today but the memories came flooding back in an instant. Thank you.

  4. Ken in Sweden says:

    This was the first. whatsoever, video I experienced on a computer screen – after installing the MS Win95 for the 1st time, onto a Pentium 33 machine for the kids, back in the mid 90´s.

    As for most comments on this page, it awakes memories of when the kids were smaller, when you still were considered a natural parent authority in their eyes, – and, of course, reinstallations of Win95.
    Those were the times…

    Nowadays, the kids now more about the computers, SSD-disks, motherboards etc, and they help their father when needed.
    And about the parent “authority” ?
    Well, authority, smauthority…

    They still love their father – you now, with that kind of forgiving love, realizing that, the old fart can´t do so much better, but at least he can explain some analog techniques – whenever that is needed…

    And Edie Brickells “Good Times, Bad Times” will live forever.

  5. Anna says:

    Love that song and 95 installation CD allowed me to download it to my computer-which eventually crashed.

    Still invisiion the video and song-it is a feel good and uplifting song –

    want to get it back for my daily uplift!

  6. Galuh says:

    Yesterday, on our way home from the office, my husband asked me about this song, “who sang that song? do you remember?”….I was just at elementary school when I heard that song, I love it so much, and I said to my husband “I don’t know the singer, I just love the song…he..he..sorry, love”….and now I found who’s the singer, and when I watch this video this morning, I moved my body, enjoy this song so much…and my boss asked me “are you okay?”…….oh sir, this is my good, good, good time!!!!!

  7. Tony says:

    Listened to this song again and went back to happier times in my mind. This song has been in my head for ………. yeah that long, and why did I never find more of Edie’s songs – fantastic voice. thanks for the memory trip. Tony

  8. Silviu says:

    Thak You…. Today I open an old Win95 CD. I found, ad I lisen the song. I search internet to find who was the singer. Thanx!

  9. Mevalemadres says:

    My oh my, been looking for this song for more than a year, trying to find it under the artist’s name, lyrics, but nothing and suddenly, today… BAM! Magic, your site comes up, exactly how I was thinking that I could find the song (by the Win 95 installation disk).
    Today, my friend, you made a person seriously happy!

  10. Carlos says:

    I listen her and feel like a shivering in my body,i back to eighties and love that feeling…..i remember the first time i saw her….that voice,that face,that mouth,those lips,those clothes,i was terribly in love with her,and i listen her now and i feel the same that those days…i would love that eighties come again….LOVE YOU EDIE!!!!

  11. Candace Carson says:

    This is Bob Carson’s and mine favorite song. It reminds us of married life, good times and bad times, we play it in both. Such a wonderful voice and song…………

  12. Jim says:

    Edie Brickell sings that song on her Picture Perfect Morning album released on Aug 16, 94 by UMG Recordings, Inc.

    You can download it for .99 cents from

  13. dusty says:

    fantastic reminds me of all those installation problems with win 95. gee was it that long ago? man getting old…

  14. Bob Carson says:

    My friend Grego send it to me and it is the best i like–all the songs–thanks greg mullin

  15. Tom NYC says:

    This song/video was worth reformating my old computer for! The song, the video, reminded me of those hot spontaneous rains we used to enjoy getting wet by, now i have it downloaded on my ipod!

    Thanks Edie!

  16. Archer says:

    I’ve been looking for this song since… well, when Windows 95 was released. This DEFINITELY brings back memories. I thought I was the only person in the world that knew about this video.

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