Going fishing? If so, plan on some Worm Grunting the morning before. It’s a technique fisherman have been using for years to stock up on worms and involves placing a wooden stake into the ground and rubbing it with a steel rod.

The worms, upon feeling the vibration, evacuate the earth and surface immediately. Amazingly enough, that little brain is making the assumption that a mole is on the prowl and hot on their trail; since moles don’t eat from the surface, they know being on top is the safest place, regardless of what might be waiting up there!

It is said that hundreds of worms will surface within a 12 meter radius of the grunting, which makes more than enough for a day of fishing.

A few facts about Earthworms and Grunting

  • Worm grunting usually begins before sunrise
  • One acre of land equals one million earthworms (at least in Sopchoppy FL)
  • Sopchoppy is the international hub for Earthworms
  • Earthworms have a total of 16 hearts!
  • Earthworms hatch from cocoons smaller than a grain of rice
  • Earthworms keep the earth soft and plants healthy
  • One acre of earthworms can decompose 10 tons of leaves in one year
  • There are approximately 2,700 different kinds of earthworms
  • Largest Earthworm ever found is 22 feet
  • Worms are 82% protein and edible (rinse before eating)
  • You can reduce your cholesterol by eating earthworms

In case you’re having a hard time visualizing this, then watch this worm grunting video. The video is based around the Revells who make a living from selling worms.

Worm grunting, what a great experiment for a science class!