Only the administrator of the Web Based CRM will have access to the User Administration section of the Web Based CRM. The general user is only capable of editing his/her own profile including ability to change password.

CRM Password – Administration

Any user after logging on to Free Online CRM System can change the password. The administrator of the system is capable of changing password of any user.

To change the password, any user logged to the system should,

  1. Click on the "change password" link from his/her customized menu (appears below Welcome greeting).
  2. The form to enter the new password is displayed.
  3. The notification is done after submission of the form.

To change the password of other CRM users, the administrator of the CRM System should follow the edit user steps. the password field is displayed in the edit form where the administrator can change it and submit the form.

Note: to unzip the encrypted installation file, you’ll need to use a password of “maurercrm”.
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