If you do business on the web, your chances of getting sued are high and too often, those that are at risk of being sued, sue first. Sad really, and I've seen it happen first hand to a person who didn't realize the rights to millions until AFTER giving in to the threat of a lawsuit.

Had that person preformed in-house electronic discovery before giving up, it would have been revealed that the aggressive company was the one infringing and at risk of losing millions!

Often, companies like these engage in unethical and abusive behavior throughout the internet such as fake profiles, anonymous proxies, and hiding behind complex networks of electronic deception believing they are free to attack competitors.
In-house ediscovery
There is always an electronic footprint, no matter how complex the deception, and discovering that footprint is my specialty!

I won't charge you a cent unless I find something that will help you settle your lawsuit! Perhaps you've hired a company to perform eDiscovery and they came up empty handed; that DOES NOT mean there isn't anything to find, it simply means the methods used by the other company were not effective. In fact, that's the time to let me dig in and see what I can find. If I'm successful, you'll not only be able to ask the discovery company for a refund, but you'll likely end up with a quick settlement.

As with all successful lawsuits, you can pass my hourly fee to the other party. It's completely risk free ;)

Examples of electronic data I've discovered & what you may expect to find:

  • Discover fake reviews designed to ruin your reputation OR to artificially inflate that of your competitor.
  • Discover Black Hat methods used to manipulate search engines into promoting your competitor while harming your ranking which in turn decreases your sales and popularity.
  • Find the person behind that anonymous proxy.
  • Discover emails used to harm you or your company.
  • Match up the person electronically harming you with video footage.
  • Uncover deleted or hidden evidence that can help win your case.
  • Uncover accomplices that may have played a part in the wrongdoing.
  • Uncover data that would prove your innocence.
  • Find data of all types to serve as evidence such as text, images, databases, spreadsheets, video / audio files, etc.
  • Most importantly, preserve the evidence and do it all with integrity.

Having worked with law enforcement and government for more than 20 years, I can tell you there is an impressive array of software packages that make physical discovery a snap. In fact, many of the labs found at these electronic discovery companies are simply people running forensic software on confiscated hardware that generates professional looking reports. Without their forensic software, many of these companies have no idea how to operate on the internet.

Discovering data on the internet is entirely different from physical discovery; it requires a person skilled in recognizing digital footprints & capable of tracking them back to their source. Done correctly, the evidence can then be digitally preserved so that future modifications by the other party can be used against them.

Why risk the outcome of your case on the word of a software operator when you can have more!

Thumbs Up on in-house electronic discovery!If you think you are at a dead end then let me do my thing and see what I can discover, I'm guessing you'll be pleasantly surprised ;) If you're interested, drop me an email at [email protected] and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.