Bernie O’s is one restaurant that specializes in Pizzas and Subs and let me tell you, they really are as good as people say! In fact, they have the “Delicious Guarantee” which states, “If ever your BernieO’s isn’t delicious, we will make it right, no questions asked”.

I am a big fan of their subs, especially their Turkey and Bacon which comes with roasted turkey breast and crispy bacon under melted cheese, topped with may, lettuce, tomato and Jalapeno.

They also have an awesome Pizza called the Twist that includes a special sauce covered with Bernie O’s cheese blend, breaded chicken chunks and bacon strips. The pizza is finished after baking with fresh pineapple, tomato, yellow and jalapeno pepper with homemade ranch.

Bernie o's

Bernie O’s delivers locally if you have an order of more than $10 (a small delivery fee of up to $4 is added). They also accept debit, major credit cards and checks.

If you are looking for great subs or pizza in the Muskegon area, then this north Muskegon pizza factory is for you! It has a hometown atmosphere, friendly employees, great service and exceptional food!

Here are what a few of the locals have to say about Bernie O’s
Mary Johnson: On September 12th, Berneos took the challenge of making the best pizza in the Northeast, and guess what, they ranked #3! Wow! That twist pizza that we all love, it did the trick and many say that had the pizza Bernie O’s been allowed to cut the pizza in squares, rather than the traditional cut, they would have won 1st place!

The Top 5 pizza makers will compete in the International Pizza Challenge at International Pizza Expo in early April 2008. The best pizzaioli in the world will return to Las Vegas to compete against Pizza Today’s best, and that is were Bernie o’s will be!

The winner will receive $500 and a roundtrip to International Pizza Expo 2008, to be held April 1 – 3 in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, the winner will represent Pizza Today in the second International Pizza Challenge.

The Northeast Pizza Challenge is sponsored by Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

Bernie O’s Pizza
321 Center
North Muskegon, MI 49445
(231) 744-4900

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  1. Liz says:

    It’s good at first, but it’s like having pizza on top of pizza and get’s old after 3 or 4 times. Just too much grease! Should mention parking is limited, take out best bet.

  2. Lueanne says:

    Not to be a health nut, but did you know that one (1) SLICE of pizza has 15 g sat fat per slice and 1,480 sodium. That’s a days worth of saturated fat for every slice you eat!

    Worse is a kid’s mac and cheese (California Pizza Kitchen) has two days worth of saturated fat 35g! Restraint mac and cheese is notoriously bad , it’s a white refined noodle, full fat milk, cheese and butter!

    Truth about Pizza!

    Think before you eat and ASK about the saturated fat!

  3. michael jenkins says:

    i love bernie o’s but they dont deliver to us it is a pain in the butt so we go to skrubs i love skrubs they have the best clam frys any way so BERNIE O”S PLEASE DELIVER to us and get clam frys and we will order from u frist

  4. Amy says:

    Does Bernie O’s have wireless internet at the restaurant? I know a bagel shop that offers this, but they don’t have pizza. A slice of Twist Pizza, Coke and wireless internet would be great!

  5. Fay Ridtis says:

    Bernie o’s recently held a contest with the grand prize being free pizza for a year.

    If you haven’t tried the twist pizza, I highly recommend it!

  6. J. Bodalatti says:

    Great site! Look forward to trying out some of your suggestions. The number of Muskegon restaurants has certainly increased the past couple of years. I would like to see a review of the Holiday Inn restaurant and their new chef I heard about.


  7. Brian Clincy says:

    I’m a fan of Bernie O’s and I really enjoy their pizza, but if you ever want to satisfy feverish senses you need to try their grinders. I had them cater at my job and at Nelson School’s Teacher appreciation where a teacher asked if I’d tried their ribeye’d sandwich (which he so greedily ate all of them)? I tried it and I’m hooked.

    Stuff to perfection this sandwich is seasoned and the mushrooms cooked with green peppers toasted to complement perfection. I’d say jus try the sandwich and see if it exceeds your standards as it’s exceed mine.

  8. Jen Cross says:

    Bernie O’s is awesome! It’s very cool that they have put a new “twist” on this all-time favorite food! Love that they are local, young entrepreneurs bringing out their ideas and innovation to Muskegon. Fun atmosphere, friendly service, high quality ingredients! two thumbs up!

  9. Christy Mack says:

    Bernie O’s is the first ever gourmet pizza I have tried – and I’m hooked. The Buffalo Wing pizza is absolutely delicious – a perfect combination of buffalo sauce, chicken, celery and ranch dressing – DELICIOUS! Plus, it’s all on a PIZZA! My favorite! :)

  10. Brian S says:

    It is a pleasure to dine here. I go there for lunch. Not only to get a great meal but to utilize the wireless internet. Each time I try a different meal and have been satisfied with everyone. The staff is always friendly. It is easy to be loyal to this restaurant. Thanks for the great food and service!

  11. Jane Oliver says:

    THEEEEEEE BEST!!! IF you want a REAL TREAT you owe it to yourself to get to BERNIE O’s !!!! Clean, friendly, unique and these folks KNOW how to do it!! The ingredients are fresh and delicious, I still can’t pick a favorite “I LOVE THEM ALL!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMM” GREAT!!!!

  12. Jimmy O says:

    Bernie O’s is simply the best pizza I have ever had. I love the hot wing pizza. Still waiting for the Tre Chi Pizza: chorizo sausage, chihuahua cheese and chipotle peppers.

  13. Cindy L says:

    Before I experienced Bernie O’s I was always the one who ordered traditional pizza (pepperoni,mushrooms etc. ) Now I am hooked on their specialty pizzas! I really can’t explain the taste in writing. You just have to try for yourself. Get out of your old pizza box and order one of these. You will be happy you did!

  14. Jason Scott says:

    Bernie O’s Pizza, located at the four-corners in North Muskegon, posses that rare combination of great service, unique atmosphere, a varied menu and outstanding food. Rarely do you find gourmet sensibilities (i.e. texture & flavor contrasts, unique & fresh ingredients, unexpected & stimulating combinations of flavors, dedication to excellence, etc.) applied to the creation of something as seemingly humble as pizza and subs. But Bernie O’s brings it! They bring it with every item on the menu.

    Bernie O’s is outstanding for many reasons. One taste of any menu item is all it takes to understand and become a believer. The food simply speaks for its self. But in my opinion, what really makes Bernie O’s unique and special, is their innovative and daring concepts in flavor, texture & ingredients. Bernie O’s are opening peoples eyes to flavor possibilities they may have never before imagined, or thought possible, or believed they would actually enjoy. And in doing so, Bernie O’s is expanding their patrons minds.

    Friendly & helpful service, a varied menu, inviting atmosphere, high concept food executed to perfection and a mind expanding experience!? Ya. Its that good!

  15. TOM ORGAN says:

    Bernie o’s has a very good pie. I love to eat independent pizza and this place is definitely one of the best in the state.

  16. DJ says:

    A great new addition to the growth in Muskegon. Love the mixture of unique flavors and textures. Keep up the good work. When and where are you opening your 2nd location??

  17. (Brother) Nate Oliveron says:

    In an ever changing and highly demanding market of today’s economy, business owners must be very careful of how they choose to invest.

    Ever since I can remember, my brother and sister and sister-in-law have always wanted to be in the food business. Not sure why but if one is to be in business, one must invest in what works. Fortunately, pizza, next to rice and corn, is one of the most common staples of food, regardless of where one is on the planet. In other words, what better business to be in, but to be in one that is accepted by nearly all walks of life and society.

    However, marketing food that has been experienced over and over by the consumer is a challenge in itself. Similar to riding a bike, wearing a pair of shoes, playing a guitar, etc. Most consumers can find similarities amongst most any product. For instance, the performance of most running shoes are very close usually light and comfortable. Only a very serious individual and/or professional will know the difference and advantages from one brand to the next.

    Now in the case of pizza, I think most Americans would consider themselves PROFESSIONAL food consumers in this subject area. We know what toppings, crust, and service we want, and we expect to have it done right, with no questions asked. Hopefully, most business owners realize this, and do all within their power to create the product and experience that brings the consumer back time and time again.

    Which brings us to Bernioes. Not to be biased towards other great pizza shops or chains, but if anyone is interested in trying a product and service that will have you coming back over and over. get wise, get to Bernioes, and have your expectations met as a PROFESSIONAL pizza and food consumer.

    P.S I dare you to try the TWIST, so your taste buds can reestablish the standard of what you would call “Now THIS is good pizza!”.

    P.S.S.. For Pizza and Sub addictions/problems ¦please dial 231-744-4900

  18. Breana says:

    Bernie O’s in the best pizza I have ever had. I have yet to try something that i don’t LOVE! The staff is amazing with their excellent customer service. They are friendly and make me feel right at home. I highly recommend you go there…over and over again. :-)

  19. amanda says:

    My boyfriend and i love Bernie O’s. It’s two minutes from the house in NM and we get a pizza and hang out in bed watching movies all day. It’s the best kind of Valentines day.

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