The Bear Lake Tavern, referred to as the Muskegon BLT is known for its perch dinner and massive burgers. Their burgers weigh in at almost a pound each (3/4) and are guaranteed to fill even the biggest of bellies!

BLT Muskegon is located on a channel that connects Bear Lake to Muskegon Lake, then onto Lake Michigan and is the perfect place to dock your boat and fill up with food and drinks.

There is a hometown feeling to the tavern that puts one at ease the minute you walk through the door and staff are as friendly as they get.

BLT Muskegon

The Bear Lake Tavern is once again under new ownership. Restaurant Partners, Inc. purchased the BLT and also own Alleyways (home of the deep fried burger) and made a number of changes. We visited the tavern soon after it opened and the food was good and the manager was on top of everything making sure the service was top notch.

I always say, the best restaurants always seem to be the establishments where then owner is personally involved. Although I didn’t see the owners running the shop, the manager had a handle on everything and after talking with him, found that he was just as concerned with the successful operation as the owner would be; it is more than just a job to him, something you don’t usually find. The Bear Lake Tavern has great food and great service; stop by Muskegon’s BLT and test them out for yourself, the price is right and you’ll love the food!

BLT used to offer free wireless service and I’m unaware if that service is still available.

If you see a sign that says 4gr8food on a billboard, that would be Restaurant Partners, Inc promoting their tavern.

Bear Lake Tavern

Bear Lake Tavern
360 Ruddiman Avenue
Muskegon, MI 49445
(231) 744-1161

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  1. Jim says:

    We headed towards Docker’s after the concert by boat, but found out they closed at 9:00pm, so we decided to call bear lake tavern and see how late they were open, which was 11:00pm.

    We stopped by and had a fantastic 1/3 lb. charbroiled burger with Bleu cheese crumbles and crisp bacon on a grilled Kaiser roll, fresh hand cut jumbo onion rings breaded and battered along with tender beer steamed mussels.

    Absolutely fantastic and I have to say, the onion rings are the best I’ve had yet!

    I’m glad we checked out the BLT! They have changed things up, and for the better! Stop by and check out the bear lake tavern menu, it new!


  2. Nellie says:

    I enjoy Bear Lake tavern, and yes, at times yes maybe people may be grumpy…but tell me you have never experienced grumpy service anywhere else…and about the food? I’ve been to other places that i hated what i ordered its not BLT’s fault its no ones you as a person just did not agree with the flavors…..don’t sit here and tell people that BLT is not the place to go because of one bad experience if everyone that had a bad experience at a restaurant told people not to go there everyone would be eating at home!

  3. Randy says:

    My wife and I drove from the Hudsonville area last evening with another couple looking forward to a great dinner, and hopefully our first of many visits over the summer as we enjoy boating on Muskegon Lake. What a major disappointment. First, our waitress didn’t seem to want to be there. The special $2.99 drinks we ordered were horrible…… we should have left ! We didn’t. I ordered the beer battered fish which was okay, however whatever they call “tartar sauce” was the most disgusting sauce I have ever had. It was like a dill sauce and left a horrible aftertaste. Fried fish without a good tartar sauce is like buying a Mercedes without air conditioning !! My buddy Larry concurred. After a few bites with I gave up. My wife’s steak had absolutely no seasoning or flavor. Did our waitress check up on us ? Answer no ! When someone from our large group of boating friends suggest Bear Lake Tavern….. no way. I can still taste that horrible excuse for a “tartar sauce”.

  4. Local says:

    From last week… It was 9ish and we were going to stop in to Main Street (down the road from the BLT) to relax and catch up on life but when we pulled into the parking lot, there was nothing available! The entire lot was full! Looked like fun, but we wanted an atmosphere were we could hear each other talk.

    We decided to check out the Bear Lake Tavern, and sure enough, it was quiet. There were only a few people there. We ordered our drinks and started to relax when to our surprise, the blond short haired waitress went over to the open sign and turned it off, then started wrapping things up!

    We asked her if they were closing and she said they were closed. Needless to say, we packed up and went elsewhere! It’s no wonder the place was dead!

    If you are looking for a place to hang out with friends, Bear Lake Tavern is NOT it!

    If you are on a boat, then check out the new restaurant next to the Shoreline Inn (was called Rafferty’s). I hear they are going to have drive up service (food, drinks, etc) for boats, open grill and more! Best of all, I don’t think they will be closing at 9pm!

  5. Larry says:

    The waitress that use to work at the bear lake tavern is now working at the Alaskan Broiler as the manager.

  6. Toni says:

    There are no steps and anyone with a walker should be able to get into the restaurant with no problems, also the BLT was and is still famous for the burgers and perch, and of course the beer..

  7. Toni says:

    The Bear Lake Tavern is open again and i have been there twice and the food just gets better and better. The only difference is the wait staff and cooks and they painted the restaurant. It is really worth the trip to the restaurant you wont be disappointed. !!!

  8. Gabe Smith says:

    For me personally all the excitement of a new better B.L.T. is over in disappointment. I was hoping for unique high quality menu items however making a Reuben with perch is a sad attempt. The quality of meat is sub par. Its like applebees moved in. “corporate” is how I would describe it. Luckily (for the corporate interests that now control it) few people in this area seem to know the difference or care about true quality.

    Location, location. A few more beers some cigs and who cares what it tastes like anyways right people? I will give credit for keeping your kitchen open until 11. However even though I live within walking distance, convenience is about the only reason I would try a fourth time (since the new opening) to spend good money on poor food quality. Even the perch just wasn’t good, thick and chewy. At least the previous management tried to be creative. Bo Thrasher is doing a much better job down the street. so far its well worth the drive. I sure wish this all wasn’t the case. BOO

  9. Antionette says:

    The BLT is now owned by the same people who own Boone’s Long Lake Inn in Traverse City, MI. Looking forward to seeing what they brought with them as far as menu items. Boone’s is known for their seafood and prime rib….let’s hope BLT ends up being known for them also!!!

  10. T Ranes says:

    They will have a full liquor license on 5/27 and have a temporary one until then – come check it out!

  11. Dave says:

    They are open – I have not been inside, but it’s good to see business going again!

    Hours as I understand it are M-Sat until 10:00pm and Sunday until 9:00pm.

    The North Muskegon Rumor Mill reports they are working on the liquor license, a slight hang up from the previous owner; the situation may be resolved soon, but by June 1st for sure…

  12. Jeanie Campbell says:

    Is the bear lake tavern open now? What are your hours? Are you smoke free? My mom is on a walker – will she be able to navigate the entrance (steps??)? Thank you!

  13. Pat Sikkenga says:

    Could you send me a copy of your menu or do you have any low-fat food that would go with weight watcher’s? Thanks!
    Pat Sikkenga

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Are you accepting applications for the bear lake tavern and if so, where can I drop it off?

  15. Adam Bell says:

    BLT has indeed been bought by Jeff Lobdell. We are excited to add this Landmark Restaurant to our family of restaurants.Opening spring of 09

  16. Jim says:

    You can contact Jim Moyes who I believe ownership of the BLT has reverted back to. Rumor has it that Jeff Lobdell is looking at buying it. Lobdell has a proven track record of turning around businesses like this – Time will tell, should be great!

  17. Amy and Ted says:

    Who do we contact if interested in purchasing? We called the number on the door and received a disconnected message.

  18. Jim says:

    As far as I know, the business is still for sale. Although the doors are closed right now, I’m guessing that springtime will motive a few buyers :)

  19. Larry says:

    I stopped by the tavern and there is a sign on the door that the business is closed and under new ownership but no other information was given.

    Main Street Pub & Eatery is where everyone is going to now which is just up the street. Well worth the visit!

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