I just purchased this phone a few weeks ago and had to do a Uniden D1680-4 Review! This thing performed horribly! When you picked up the phone to answer a call, there would be a few seconds of silence resulting in the calling party thinking it was a bad connection (you would say hello, but they would not hear you!). Turns out, the problem stems from the handset searching for the base unit regardless of your location!

To make matters even worse, the phone would also randomly drop the call during the middle of a conversation; that can get real irritating when you've been on hold and have to call back again!

You might think distance would be the key, but that was not the case; these problems would happen even when I was next to the base!

uniden d1680 cordless phone review

Specs for the Uniden D1680-4 include:

  • Answering system
  • Can grow to 12 handsets
  • Digital DECT 6.0 for superior clarity, security and range - which didn't seem to work at all!
  • Silent mode quites all ringers by simply touching a button
  • English, French and Spanish

Of all the reviews I found, the majority were all negative! Uniden emphasizes not returning the product, but to call their service line - not a chance, if it's malfunctioning like this now, I'm getting a different brand! I returned it for a full refund!

My review of the Uniden D1680-4 is a big fat zero! I DO NOT recommend you buy this unit! BTW: I paid $79.99 at Meijers and had no problem returning it - just make sure you have all your packaging!