Sometimes you run into something that is so common, yet goes completely unnoticed (it did me at least). Mr. Clean Magic Eraser cleaning sponge is my new tool of choice for cleaning my boat! Seriously, it is really that good!

Have you ever tried to clean your boat only to find that you have to scrub forever to get anything off? Take dried bug juice or scuff marks for example; you’ll be scrubbing all day to get this grime off!

Cleaning Sponge

Purely by accident, I tried the Mr. Clean Magic eraser and with almost no work, the dirt and grime came right off. I have no idea what is in this cleaning sponge (it’s safe) or how it does the job so efficiently, but I’m now a big fan!

So, if you own a boat and are looking for the perfect cleaning sponge, then get Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – at my local store, it is about a dollar per sponge.