An email has been floating around this week informing people that their bank has been seized by the federal government with instructions on downloading software to protect your assets.

Do not download any such software! The FDIC is not going to send out such emails. The software, once installed, will collect all your personal data and report the information to a malicious website!

Here is the email:

Sent using email address of [email protected]
Tries to appear from: "FDIC"

Subject: FDIC alert: Check your Bank Deposit Insurance Coverage

You have received this message because you are a holder of a FDIC-insured bank account.

Recently FDIC has officially named the bank you have opened your account with as a failed bank, thus, taking control of its assets.

You need to visit the official FDIC website and perform the following steps to check your Deposit Insurance Coverage:

1) Visit FDIC website:[email protected]&id=215
[note: the website is, not!]

2) Download and open your personal FDIC Insurance File to check your Deposit Insurance Coverage

Notice: Discussing this with others is strongly discouraged, doing so may cause panic and the inability to withdraw your funds. Act now before it's too late!

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Beware of phishing attempts such as these!