When you do something that saves you money over the long haul, it's considered Bankable Savings and this one website specializes in just that, tips that any person can use to start saving money right now!

HMBS.net is the site and their recent series of articles focus on phone applications that pay you back. Check out iPhone payback #2 which lists 12 apps you can download free of charge that will save you almost $800.

bankable savingsOne of the coolest applications for the small business owner is the Jot iPhone App From Chase Ink Credit Card. When you (or someone else) make a purchase with the Ink Card, you'll receive an instant notice on your phone of what was purchased, how much and where. All this is recorded in your app and can be exported to Quickbooks or other popular accounting software.

What I like most about this site is the listing of pro's AND con's - for example, in the Jot application, the author points out the downside of having to log into the application each time which can be an annoyance.

It's not just about technology, it's about how to increase your savings using a number of methods, such as buying a home vs. renting or paying with cash at the pump rather than using a credit card.

The site is filled with tips so take time and check out HMBS to see if you're missing out on bankable savings!